Gas vs Electric Vs Wood fireplace

Gas vs wood vs electric fireplace : Which Fireplace is Best for You?

Many people dream of curling up with a good book by the fire with a nice cup of tea. When you want to make this fantasy a reality, you need to know which type of fireplace (whether it be wood, gas, or electric) is best for you. This article is thorough in the information you need to make the selection that will be right for you and your home. From safety to cost and even how environmentally friendly it is, you will have the information you need to decide what type of fireplace would be the perfect choice for your home.

Electric Fireplace Vs Wood Fireplace Vs Gas Fireplace: In Details Comperison Between Them



A gas fireplace unit burns propane or burns natural gas in order to function. There is two types of gas fireplace- vented and ventless/vent-free gas fireplace. The price range of a vented fireplace will be between a minimum of 1500$ to a maximum of 10000$. The price of vented fireplace will be vary depending on brand value, size, shape and features of the specific model. Remember that the price of venting pipes is not included with this initial price range. So, install it properly you have to hire a professional. The overall installation cost including the cost of fitting materials and the labour, you have to expend an additional 4000$ to 8000$.

On the other hand, a ventless gas fireplace will not cost you a bigger amount than a vented gas fireplace. A gas fireplace that is vent-free will cost around $400 to 1500$, but keep in mind that when you add the price of hiring a professional so that you can get a gas line installed or a connection to a propane tank, it will add another $1,000. So, it is a more cost-efficient option compared to vented fireplace. Nevertheless, vent-free gas fireplaces are prohibited in some areas. So, it is your own duty to check the legal codes and guidelines of your area before purchasing a ventless gas fireplace.


Like a gas fireplace, installing a wood-burning fireplace isn’t cheap at all. Installing a wood fireplace you must keep a budget which will be between $7,000 to $10,000. The cost is so high because you may need a professional mason to install it properly, need to buy a good quality wood fireplace insert, also need to buy vent pipes, fresh air kits and other essentials as per the requirements of the mason you hired. They will need to lay the groundwork for a foundation that is able to hold the weight of both the firebox and chimney if there is no existing wood fireplace available at your home. So there is also a cost of building a good chimney itself.


The prices of electric fireplace models usually start from $400 to $1000. As long as it is a portable unit, it is the total cost because it is ready to go once you take it out of the packaging. However, if you choose a package that includes a mantel, be ready to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,600. Also, the electric fireplace doesn’t need any installation cost as it’s very easy to install. Follow the installation guideline of your purchased fireplace in the user manual or online and you can fix it within a few minutes.

✪ Maintenance Cost


Having a gas fireplace will run you about seventeen cents an hour on your utility bill. It will need an annual service check and a chimney inspection, which will run you about $100-$150. If the fan malfunctions on a type that spreads heat, call an expert. It will only cost you between $40-$150.

The average price of natural gas connection in residential areas in the US in 2021 was around $10.58 per thousand cubic feet. Converting it into therm equating to about $1.00 per therm. That means that a 40,000 BTU gas fireplace costs approximately $0.40 an hour to run.

The price of nature will fluctuate sharply depending on international market price of gas and in which state you are living.


To maintain a wood fireplace, you must need a fair budget to clean the chimney because you must need to recruit a professional chimney cleaner from nearby service centre. A typical chimney cleanner may take at least $300 for a session. But, if you take regular service and if you do regular maintenance of your wood fireplace than the cost can be down to under 100$.

Also, It also needs to be checked three times a year to make sure it is burning down the wood and logs more efficiently, cleanly, quickly and safely. It costs an average of $445 for troubleshooting problems (nationally).

Now, let’s discuss about the cost of burning wood in wood fireplace. The price hardwood varies depending on the season, quality of wood, type and the state or province where you live in.

In the southern states of U.S., during the time of off season of fire wood (in the spring and summer), a cord of hardwood might cost $150 to $200 and in the winter the cost will rise between $250 to $300 . As opposed to the prices of hardwood in northern states of united states could range from $300 to $400, depending on supply in local market and the season. Next how many cords of wood do you need in a month. Well, we can’t give you a particular answer to this question because the consumption of wood in fireplace greatly varies depending on the type and size of your wood fireplace. For example, if your wood fireplace is open type, than you may need 1 cord of wood in a week. But, if you fireplace model is catalytic, it will use only 1 cord per season if you have very high efficiency models.


An electric fireplace does not need regular maintenance and cleaning work like a gas and wood fireplace. Beacuse, you don’t need to deal with real fire and electric fireplace don’t need chimney system of exhaust. Only you have to clean outside of your electric fireplace which is superb easy and safe that you don’t even have to think about hiring professional for this.

Only it will increase the utility cost of your house as electric fireplace need electricity to operate. Many ask as how much I have to pay for running a electric fireplace. Speacking the truth, it will not too much because electric fireplace doesn’t consume huge amount of power. There are Energy consumption calculation on the internet that will help you figure out roughly exactly how much $ you can expect to pay depending on where you are and how often you have to use your model.

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✪ Look and Realism


There are many types of units that are now available that have logs that look so authentic that it is difficult to tell the difference between these and the real deal wood fireplaces. It also creates real flames. Because of the insulation of a gas fireplace, as long as you have access to a gas line or a propane tank you can put your model anywhere in your home.


Nothing looks more convincing as far as fireplaces go! This gives you the authentic flame view. But you also need to check with your county or city’s building department to ensure that you are up to code regarding all aspects of your fireplace, which limits your options on where to put it. Luckily, most of the codes you will need when considering where to place your fireplace are online. Also, consider where you are going to store your wood. Don’t place it against the house because it is a fire hazard, but make sure it is within a convenient distance.


There are sound effects available that sound like a real crackling fire. Also, technology has made it possible for these types to look convincing with LED lighting, videos of wood burning and even hologram imaging. You can choose between having a wall mount, which will give you more of the look of having an inserted fireplace in your home, or a portable one that you can have placed anywhere in your house.

✪ Efficiency


It all depends on how well your house is insulated. However, given that a fireplace with a BTU of 40,000 would be enough to heat your family room or a large living room. There are also high-efficiency models that can go down to 12,000 BTU, which can heat the average dining room or your bedroom. However, if watching the flames is the main reason you want to get one, don’t buy one that has a BTU that is too high of a capacity for your house. This is because they are efficient enough to operate for a short amount of time and then shut off after raising your room up to the right temperature.


It depends on the size of your fireplace to determine how many BTU’s it will produce. However, most run in the 20,000 to 40,00 range. That is about an average of 1,000 to 2,000 square feet. Although glass fireplace screens are a great way to keep your house warmer with fuel efficiency, be mindful of safety when you are keeping the fire going.


BTU output is more limited because it depends on the electric current that is available. However, it will be labelled with the BTU that will give you an idea of how much area it is able to keep warm. The maximum ability for a 120v outlet is 1500 watts, which is about 5115 BTUs, which will warm up around 500 square feet. You can leave it running all night, but you may want to consider turning it off at times just for safety concerns.

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✪ Environmentally Friendly


This fossil fuel is less harmful to the environment and is a huge improvement over past types. It still creates greenhouse gases and is not a renewable resource.


A “carbon neutral” fuel, is considered environmentally friendly because when the wood burns there it doesn’t release any more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than what a tree would naturally expand during its lifetime. It is also a renewable resource.


The process of getting fuel to the electric current releases harmful levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is a non-renewable resource. However, depending on where you live there is more electricity that is being created by alternative means. If your electricity comes from those sources then this is the most environmentally friendly type to choose.

✪ Safety


Gas fireplaces produce no random sparks, and you don’t have to have your hands near the flames to keep the fire going, so there is little chance of being burned. However, the main risk comes from possible gas leaks that are due to improperly vented gas exhausts. This has the potential to release carbon monoxide indoors. If these units are regularly maintained and installed correctly, there is little cause for concern.


There is a greater chance of fire or injury when it comes to wood varieties. There are risks you need to consider when it comes to wood fireplaces and keeping them properly maintained and keeping you and your family safe. These include flue obstructions, the buildup of creosote on the inside of the chimney, and sparks that can pop out of the hearth to flammable materials. You also need to be mindful of not getting burned from accidental contact with flame or fireplace equipment.


There are no more risks regarding the safety of electric fireplaces than any other electric appliance. Since the flames aren’t real and there are precautions such as cool-touch glass, the prospect of a contact burn is minimal, making it safe for kids. An added bonus is that most models come with an automatic shut-off that turns it off in case it overheats.

✪ Convenience


These turn on and off with no messy cleanup. The fireplace will still provide heat if the power goes out, so you don’t have to worry about powerful winter storms.


When you have a wood fireplace, you have to be aware of the fuel available in your area. For instance, you need to be well-stocked up on wood (somewhere away from the house, but still convenient for safety’s sake) for the winter. You also need to consider all the steps it takes to start, maintain, and put out a fire.


Electric fireplaces are nice because all you have to do is push the button and the heat starts. The only maintenance that has to be done is what you would do with any appliance — check the plug and cord. However, unless you have a backup generator, do not count on them when the power goes out. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be wise to rely on them during winter storms when you need them most.


Gas Vs Wood Vs Electric Fireplace

Wrap Up

Every option here has its merits, and it’s up to you to decide what is best for your home. Whether you are looking at your budget, convenience, safety concerns or even ambience, there are many great options that will suit you, no matter what your choice is. Consider what has been said in this guide, and enjoy your fireplace!

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