best fireplace grate

Top 6 Best Fireplace Grates To Keep Your Fire In Right Place

best fireplace grate

Do you dread the cold weather? Tired of maintaining the fire? Need more warmth during the winter season? Or do you want to have a lovely fire burning to make the ambience in your home cozier and more comfortable?

If you agree to all of these, then having a fireplace grate is the answer to your problems.

A fireplace grate can help you get the most out of your fireplace. It is a piece of essential equipment to maintain and evenly distribute the heat to your house. Here is the best fireplace grates review to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Quick Sneak Peek At The Premium Fireplace Grate Picked By Our Editors

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What Are Fireplace Grates?

A fireplace grate is an additional open fireplace accessory that is typically kept inside the floor of a wood-burning fireplace where woods or other solid burning fuel can be piled to start the fire for burning. Basically, they are rectangular or square in shape and they have holes in the base. The holes can be in form of mesh or grille like the design so that air can easily flow to the below gaps of fireplace grates. Furthermore, this specific feature of the fireplace grate also allows the ash to pour onto the floor of the fireplace. There are usually four legs in each corner of the fireplace grate. They will allow the grate to stand still on the hearth taking the weight of the burning fuel.

Why Do You Need a Fireplace Grate for Your Fireplace?

A fireplace improves air circulation, which makes it easier for you to light the fire and keep it burning longer. Getting a fireplace grate can give you these other benefits:

  • It helps protect your fireplace floor by elevating the firewood, which can also help with the longevity of your fireplace.
  • It keeps the fire fumes and makes the smoke go straight to the chimney instead of polluting your home.
  • It cradles the firewood, which makes it easier for you to manage your fire. You don’t need to poke the fire and move the wood, just add more logs if needed.
  • You can light the wood easily and manage the fire more effectively.
  • One can add fire lighter like useless paper below the grate. This is cost-efficient since you don’t have to buy logs and kindling to light the fire.  
  • Using a fireplace grate prevents the movement of firewood. The edges of it are curved so no more moving wood in the fireplace.
  • The heat of the fire can damage the hearth of your fireplace. Fireplace grate protects this important element of fireplace from heat damage. Constant exposure to the heat of fire gradually damages the hearth over time. So using a fireplace grate extends the lifetime of your fireplace
  • Collection of residual ashes of wood becomes very easy since you can place an ash pan or tray or ash dump beneath your fireplace grate.  
  • You can manage the open fire more quickly and effectively.
  • Fireplace grates improve the circulation of smoke. The airflow beneath the fireplace grate directs the fume and smoke toward the chimney rather than spreading it inside your home.  
  • The holes let the air come into the fire.
  • It improves the ventilation system of the fireplace. Thus, using a fireplace grate will reduce the amount of smoke produced by the fireplace.
  • Increases the fire starting capability of the fireplace since the fireplace will get adequate oxygen.
  • Help the fireplace to keep fires in a certain area.


Top 6 Best Fireplace Grate for Your Fireplace

With the numerous types and models on the market, it can be a challenge in choosing a fireplace grate. To help you in your predicament, we narrowed down your options to 6 of the best-rated fireplace grates for you to choose from.

Number 1: Pleasant Hearth Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grate

Pleasant Hearth Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grate

If you are looking for a sturdy and quality fireplace grate, then you can rely on this premium solid steel fireplace grate. This heavy-duty equipment uses solid steel construction with ¾ inches of solid bars. You won’t face any sort of difficulties placing this on your existing fireplace as it is available in six different sizes (21 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 30 inches, 33 inches, and 36 inches).

It’s ideal for most wood-burning fireplaces and is designed to ensure the safe containment of your firewood.

The height of the Pleasant Hearth also helps in enhancing air circulation. This provides you with a longer burning fire and the best possible heat which can be evenly distributed in your house.

Being heat-resistant with a black finish, the grate assures you that it will last longer than most fireplace grates on the market. This can help you save money, knowing that you don’t need to stock on several grates to last for the entire winter season.

If you are not convinced, this fireplace grate often offers a lifetime warranty, which guarantees the strength and longevity of the product.

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  • A lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer
  • High quality steel, making the product incredibly rigid
  • No requirement for assembly
  • Can be helpful in air circulation
  • Competent enough to hold a good chunk of firewood


  • Can sag in the middle after long time us


Number 2: Amagabeli Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate

Amagabeli Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate

The best fireplace grates should be reliable and efficient in providing you with warmth during the cold season, and that’s what Amagabeli Fireplace Log Grate offers. Its wrought-iron design assures you of the strength and durability of the product.

Due to the weight and heat of the firewood, some grates sag. But not this one! It’s so reliable that you can use it daily to burn fire without fear. Also, it is built to hold the embers, thanks to its wide bars guaranteeing you a hot, complete burn of the logs.

You won’t be bothered to replace the fireplace grate for the Amagabeli product underwent an electro-forging process ensuring you that it is made to last, providing you with a lifetime fireplace log grate that you can enjoy without any limits.

Its aesthetic design can also be used for outside burning fireplace tools that do not require you any assembly.

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  • Well built wrong iron, reliable for heavy use
  • Enough height to provide uninterrupted air supply
  • Do not accelerate unnecessary wood waste
  • Suitable design for wood and log to remain in place
  • Flexible pricing, therefore affordable
  • Have some issues with the coating


Number 3: Grate Wall of Fire Model M-5

Grate Wall of Fire Model M-5

One of the best grates for the fireplace is this Model M-5 manufactured by Grate Wall of Fire. This unit offers you a smoke-free home without sacrificing the comfort and warmth of the fire, thanks to its patented vertical grates.

The vertical grates of the Model M-5 are highly efficient, which provides you with an increased output of heat. This allows the embers to develop at the base of the grate and slowly control the burning of the firewood on the top.

Also, the patented vertical design of this model starts a self-feeding fire which gives you a cleaner, yet, hotter burn.

It helps to force the smoke to hug the rear wall of the fireplace, which keeps the smoke away from your home. The Model M-5 can surely keep the room very cozy with its effective heat output and cleaner air, which lets you enjoy the fire more.

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  • Effectively warms the room, without smoke issue
  • Less possibility of smaller logs coming out
  • Strong and clean fire 
  • Durable and at the same time aesthetic
  • The price is too high


Number 4: Amagabeli Fireplace Grate

Amagabeli Fireplace Grate

If you are looking for a grate that can complement any type of fireplace, then look no more, for Amagabeli provides you with another decorative fireplace grate that is strong, practical, and efficient.

With its 7 steel bars and V-shape rack that’s perfect for keeping the logs in place while burning, you’ll surely have a fire that will last for hours.

This 24-inch wide heavy-duty fireplace grate ensures the better circulation of air. This adds to the efficiency of the heat, which can give you longer fire burn and warmth.

The stylish fireplace grate only requires you to give a light stroke to rekindle the fire, which ensures you an even distribution of heat. It’ll be a smart decision to purchase this excellent fireplace grate that will keep you warm the entire winter season.

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  • Seven thick, yet solid bars for support
  • Grate legs are in the right position to hold firewood
  • Affordable price with premium product
  • High enough for airflow
  • Perfect distribution of heat
  • Can sag after long-term usage


Number 5: SteelFreak Heavy Duty Fireplace Grate

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Fireplace Grate

SteelFreak, formerly known as Heritage Products, offers you another heavy-duty steel grate product that is perfect for your fireplace or wood stove. It helps improve the airflow of the fire by lifting the firewood up off the bottom of the hearth, giving you a better burn and secured log holding.

You can also easily clean the fire ash, as it is light enough to move around. With its 1 x ⅜ inch flat steel bars, you can rest assured that you that the fireplace grate can last longer thanks to its durability.

Enjoy a nice hot, cocoa while savouring the warmth that the SteelFreak fireplace grate provides you as it perfectly fits a small wood stove. You won’t have any regrets in buying this product as it is designed to outperform its low-quality cast-iron counterparts.

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  • Perfect size for most small and medium sized fireplace
  • Less sagging issue
  • Complete burn experience due to good design
  • Stable and rigid the legs are well placed
  • Can melt out of concentrated wood burn


Number 6: Minuteman International Non-Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

Minuteman International Non-Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

A fireplace grate that provides you with a clean and efficient burn is not impossible for this non-tapered iron fireplace grate.

The manufacturer proudly presented you with a product that can keep your fire logs well-supported. And as an added durability, they created the grate using Diamond Section Iron, strengthening it to avoid sagging.

Minuteman International made sure that you have a longer runtime with the fire, by making the air adequately flow into the grates and allowing the ash to fall away – giving you a cleaner burn.

What more can you ask from a product that can give you longevity and efficiency? Surely, you won’t regret buying this!

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  • Middle legs were added to avoid sagging or shaking
  • Elegant outer coating, offering aesthetic finish
  • Best for bigger fireplace
  • Enough height for air circulation and coal sliding
  • Big, sturdy, and solid
  • Expensive product
  • Not suitable for smaller fireplace


Things to Consider Before Buying

There are many things that you have to consider when shopping for the best grates for the fireplace. It is essential that you think carefully before you decide on which grate you will purchase. Here is what you need to consider to ensure that you buy the right grate.


You need to take note of the size of the fireplace that you have in mind while buying a fireplace grate. Measuring this particular area of your home can determine what size of grate you will purchase. The bigger the grate, the more logs it can carry, which will keep the fire burning throughout.


Another thing that you should look at when shopping for fireplace grates is the material. There are various types used in making a grate.

Commonly used materials are porcelain-coated stainless steel, cast iron, plain steel, and stainless steel. Not all materials are good when it comes to handling heat, some can sag faster after using the product for a while.

For the best fireplace grate for heat, you should go for the one that is stainless steel, which is a bit better when it comes to strength and durability.

Bar Spacing

Next, you should put into consideration is the bar spacing of the grate that you want to purchase. Some are spaced further compared to their other counterparts.

To help you pick the right spacing, you need to know the materials that you will be burning. Take note that having an adequate spacing of the bars can help with air ventilation and is also vital when it comes to ash collection.

Easy-to-Clean Finish

Take note that fireplace grates can get clogged. Ash buildup may cause fire and damage to the grate. Fireplace grates may tend to have a shorter lifespan if they are hard to clean, for it is hard to maintain them in excellent condition.

Opt for the fireplace grate that is easy to clean, and it can help you save money and lengthen the lifespan of the grate. Thus, it can make you bear the cold weather with ease.

Type of Wood

Think about the type of wood that you will be using. You can use a steel grate or cast-iron grate while burning wood; however, there’s a tendency to hold the embers in the grate, which can hinder the air from reaching the wood.

On the other hand, you cannot use coal on the steel bar grates because of the bar spacing, which cannot hold the coal efficiently. Knowing this can help you decide on which grates you should go for.

Types of Fireplace Grate

Zero Clearance Style Fireplace Grates

  • They are specially made for the fireplace with a low profile and small combustion area like zero clearance fireplace.
  • Also, ideal for factory-made fireplaces. 
  • They are designed to promote efficient fuel usage. So, it will save your foul cost, and also it will keep your fireplace fire alive for a long time.  
  • Smaller than normal fireplace grates
  • They are lighter than traditional fireplace grates. 
  • Although they are smaller and lighter than other types of fireplace grates, the price of Zero Clearance Style Fireplace Grates is almost similar. 

Self-Feeding Fireplace Grates

  • Slope-style fireplace grate.
  • They are self-feeding
  • The slope-style design of the self-feeding fireplace grate helps the logs to shift the logs and woods automatically to the center of the pile. So, you don’t need any force to place logs in the center, the gravity will play its role to do it automatically. 
  • It will keep the logs sticking together in one place.
  • Boost the fire burning for long. Since all the logs are gathered at the center, it will not allow excessive air and oxygen to flow through the logs. 

Basket Fireplace Grates

  • As the name of this type of firep[alce grates suggest they are usually shaped like a wide but flat basket. 
  • The basket shape grates will ease the shifting process of logs to the center of the grate.
  • Small foul sources like coal can be used in this kind of fireplace grates. 
  • Basically, basket fireplace grates are made of cast iron. So, you have to expend a good among to get it. 
  • No complaint about the durability. 

Lifetime Fireplace Grates

  • These fireplace grates come with a lifetime warranty. We have found that almost every manufacturer of fireplace grate has at least one model that offers a “Lifetime Warranty”. 
  • They are the most expensive fireplace grate than any other type. 
  • It will withstand any kind of heat and is designed to resist the pressure of daily burning.  

Frequency of Usages

Rarely Use. If you are going to use your fireplace grate only on special occasions like BBQ parties, birthday bashes, weddings, Christmas parties, etc., you can purchase a lighter-grade fireplace grate usually made of steel bars.

Frequent Use. If you are going to burn it once or twice a month, then it will be perfect for you to consider middle-duty fireplace grates. You should choose at least a ⅝” steel bar fireplace grate for this kind of usage of fireplace grate. Do not buy ½” bars if you are going to them frequently. You have to remember that steel bar grates are not for hardwoods like Maple, Oak, Beachwood, etc. because they produce greater heat than softwoods. So if you use hardwood very frequently then it will create extra stress on your steel fireplace grates. Consequently, it will not last for long. Maybe you have to buy a newer one within a year.

Daily User. If this is you then you must have to choose the thickest and heaviest fireplace grate options available. You should increase your budget and go for one that offers a lifetime warranty. Cast iron fireplaces are one of a kind that is the heaviest of all fireplace grates. Also, the fireplace grate made of cast iron generally comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Do I Need a Grate in My Fireplace?

Answer: Though you can operate your fireplace without a grate, it’s by no means a suitable choice to do so. Grate provides greater possibility of efficient wood-burning, therefore effective fire and heat.

Air can circulate easily beneath the fire intensifying both the heat and fire itself. A grate provides protection to the fireplace floor, facilitating the management of fire and smoke-free aura. So, a grate should be used in a modern fireplace.

What is the Best Type of Fireplace Grate?

Answer: There are mainly three types of grates available in today’s market namely, steel, cast iron and grate heater. Cast iron grates can be considered the best among all three, for it can be used for both coal and wood.

Contrarily, steel grate is only suitable for burning wood and not for coal. And grate heaters are modern addition and they are best for spreading heat unconditionally throughout the room. 

Can I Use a Fireplace Grate in My Wood Stove?

Answer: Generally wood stoves do not need any sort of grate, for they work effectively without it. Even some forbid to use it in a wood stove regardless of any excuses.

But if you insist on using a grate, you can end up reducing the productivity of your stove, since they are designed to work better without a grate.

Why Does My Fireplace Grate Melt?

Answer: If your fireplace grate gets blistering heat, it can melt. There may be other reasons as well, but this is the most common one.

To avoid such nuisances, you should clean the ashes beneath, and ensure a fresh air supply. Moreover, fuel should be distributed accordingly and putting the fire out using water should be avoided.

Can I Use a Fireplace Without a Grate? 

Answer: Yes, you can. It’s possible, though not probable. A grate helps to improve the heat condition providing an extra edge for your room. Without a grate, the competence of a fireplace would be imperfectly lower. So, you should use grates in fireplaces.

How Long Should a Fire Grate Last? 

Answer: How long a fire grate should last is a relative question that can have varying answers. Usually, grates last around 3-5 years. However, it depends on the quality of the material. 

Some cheap ironed grates can last as little as only a year, whereas some best ones can last more than the expected couple of years. 

Warming It Up

Having a fireplace grate is beneficial during the winter season. It efficiently provides you heat and easier management of the fire. Reading this review can guide you in choosing the right grate.

Do not overthink, choose the best fireplace grates mentioned, and you will end up with high-quality and economical grates that will keep you warm and cozy in the cold weather.