Winter comes back again, and it’s colder than ever before, isn’t it? Snowing, dry air, cold, sickness, and many more fatal diseases also arrive in winter. During winter, sometimes the temperature becomes so much cold that even staying at your sweet home turn out very ticklish. Sound like a nightmare when all of a sudden a massive snowstorm hit in your state, and you are stuck in your home. Without a proper heating system, you can think to survive the hour. But adequate heating system at your home will turn you into heaven. You don’t have to be afraid of winter. Just stay relaxed, make your body warm and keep your house cozy.

Many experts will suggest you different heating sources for the house. The electric heater will be your first preference but what will happen if the power outage occurs as the weather became extreme. No heating appliance will give thermal satisfaction than the real fire. When it comes to an actual fire heating source, a pellet stove will be the best choice. Best pellet stove that available in the market must be very stylish in design, slow and clean fuel (wood pellets) burn, super portable, easy to maintain, safe & efficient compared to other stove and most crucial environment-friendly.

If you are new to a pellet stove, our team (editors and experts of try to bring the best information and buying guide about a pellet stove. Our editor will highlight the top-notch pellet stove that our experts find out on the highly trusted online shop (Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Home Depot). Our editor’s pellet stove review will help the newbie to find a high quality pellet stove without any hassle.


Wood Pellets are one kind of biomass fuel which was first used in late 90 as industrial purpose. But now, wood pellets have become familiar around the world as an heating fuel. In the residential and industrial area, use of pellets as burning fuel increased tremendously. Now, it is considered as the best alternative to wood, coal, oil, and gas. Waste wood, grass, cornstalks and sawmill waste, etc. are usually used to produce pellets.  The raw components of pellets are mainly come from furniture and industrial waste. What’s why, it is considered as one of the reliable source of renewable energy. Moreover, research on Pellets shows that they are energy efficient than wood, burn cleaner than wood, cost stable and eco-friendly as it emits less toxic gases other fossil fuels. In North America and some developed country of Europe, most of the families are very use to with wood pellet fuel. If you pay a visit in the remote state of North America, you will notice that many families are using pellet fuel as heating source. Many well known companies are producing high-quality pellets and supply it to nearby places.


Pellet stoves burn pellets or compressed woods and produce heats. In a pellet stove, the fuel (wood pellets) is stored in the hopper and a mechanical chain feed this storage pellets to the burn pot where the actual combustion takes place. The outer body of most of the pellet stoves are constructed with cast iron, steel or stainless steel. Since pellet stove now becoming popular, there is a massive change in the appearance, design, and size of the pellet stove. Because more and more reputable bands are producing pellet stoves, and they are committed to fulfilling the customers’ desire. 

Quick Navigation Of Top Rated Pellet stove Pick By Our Editors

Product NameHeating CapacityPriceEditor's Rating 
pleasant hearth cabinet pellet stove

Nember #1: Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Pellet Stove

50000 BTU$$$4.5/5

Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Nember #2: Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

35000 BTU$$4.3/5

comfortbilt pellet stove

Number #3: Comfortbilt Pellet Stove review

50000 BTU$$$4.3/5


Number #4: Pleasant Hearth Medium Pellet Stove

35000 BTU$$4.2/5



24000 BTU$$$3.9/5


50000 BTU$$3.8/5



50000 BTU$$$3.7/5

Note: $$$: Price is between $1500-$2000+;   $$: Product Price is between $1000-$1500;

P.S: The Top Products are Arranged In Particular Order



One of the most attractive features of the Comfortbilt HP22 is that its flames flicker realistically like those from a fireplace. This pellet stove fits well into a variety of environments such as log cabins, and modern and traditional style homes. The HP22 has the ability to warm up 2,800 square feet of living space even when it’s freezing outside in 10 degrees below zero weather. Another nice feature according to a pellet stove review is that it operates quietly. This may be important to you if you plan to keep your pellet stove as a main source of heat during the cold winter months.

The main benefit of the Comfortbilt HP22 is its dependability. It provides consistent warmth when it runs continuously. To generate more heat, simply move the exhaust voltage to a higher setting to increase airflow to the exhaust. Another benefit of the HP22 is that it’s easy to clean. A small ash vacuum is all you need to keep the stove clean on a regular basis. The small ash vacuum investment, typically under $100, makes it well worth it.

Put the Comfortbilt HP22 on your short list of pellet stove options as a reliable alternative to using a propane furnace. Use your propane furnace for short-term usage when you’re away for a few days. Then when you return, turn on your HP22 and enjoy your warm cozy home.



  • The pellet stove does not produce any sounds when it is running making it suitable for use even when people are sleeping.
  • It is easy to maintain since the burner is designed with a removable ash pan that you can remove to clean.

  • It is quick and easy to operate considering that the stove is packed with a remote control that enables you to control the heat disperse.

  • The hopper is large enough to accommodate enough pellets for burning.

  • The stove also comes with a one year warranty where you continuously receive help and other maintenance services.


  • When we compare the price, this particular stove pellet is relatively expensive.

  • The heat is dispersed quite high, and therefore I would not recommend the heater to be used in small rooms.

  • The stove also runs down in the case where the pellet goes down, and therefore you have to load more pellet if you notice the flames reducing.


Pleasant Hearth’s pellet stove with the 120 lb hopper and auto ignition heats areas up to 2,200 square feet. The large hopper is the main feature of this pellet stove. The benefit is the convenience of a big hopper enables you to fill it up with pellets and then forget about it for a while.

Long-term savings on heating your large home is the best reason to buy this Pleasant Hearth pellet stove with the 120-pound capacity hopper. One buyer stated he spent thousands of dollars annually on propane to heat up his home to a low 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When he purchased the Pleasant Hearth pellet stove with 120 lbs hopper, even the lowest setting produced heating up to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The setting doesn’t need to move up much higher to get warmer temperatures, say in the lower to mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit. That buyer saved more than $2,000 in heating costs per year when he switched from propane to this pellet stove.



  • The device is easy to operate
  • It is easy to assemble

  • Very good blower and works perfectly to distribute the heat around the room

  • It is easy to maintain and clean since it is made of sturdy and waterproof materials that do not rust or corrode.

  • The presence of the large hopper lessens the number of trips you will need to load the stove hence making it easy to provide continuous heating.


  • The pellet stove requires you to follow the cleaning and maintaining procedures as failure to this it may interfere with its heating performance.

  • You need to spend extra money to buy the vent pipe for safety and to use as a chimney.

  • The stove is not made with a fan for controlling the heat disperse, and therefore you are required to either minimise the temperature set at minimal if it is too high.


The Castle 12327 Serenity wood pellet stove is nice to look at. It has a heating capacity of up to 1500 square feet. With a clean glass front, you can clearly see the radiant fire glowing inside the unit. Another feature is the lift-out ash pan. The Castle 12327 Serenity comes with a smart controller too. Although this pellet stove doesn’t turn on and off automatically, its “smart control” allows you to set a timer for it to turn itself off based on hour increments. You can also program the pellet stove to stop operating up to four times in a 24-hour period.

One clear benefit is that it’s easy to maintain because there’s mostly large areas inside the unit to vacuum. The lift-out ash pan only takes a few minutes to empty. Castle doesn’t have any fake stonework which means you don’t have to tangle with decorations getting in the way during the cleaning process.

The Castle 12327 does what it’s meant to do: warm homes. Purchase it if you want no frills and consistent operation for years to come. One thing to keep in mind is that the hopper takes holds up to 40 pounds of pellets, so you’ll need to refill it every day if you use it every day.



  • The presence of the inbuilt fan makes it easy and possible to regulate the heat temperatures dispersed by the device.

  • It has a high level of heat disperse making it suitable for large rooms or rather any place that is around 15000 square feet.

  • It is quite easy to maintain since all you need is to clean the burner and all the inner parts of the stove to avoid ash blockage.

  • It is easy to maintain and clean since it is made of sturdy and waterproof materials that do not rust or corrode.

  • The device is much better compared to propane stoves since it gives a warm and good spread of heat all through the room and several stairs as well.


  • The device requires a technician to connect it especially if you have no idea of how to go about it.

  • The device does not have an auto off button, and therefore it goes down, and the rated feed goes to the lowest setting in the case where the pellet runs out.

  • The stove also sometimes overheats if it is used for long but it is manageable where you need to shut it off for a while.

NUMBER #4: Pleasant Hearth Medium Pellet Stove

The Pleasant Hearth Medium Pellet Stove heats up a 1750 square feet area. The quiet-running stove heats up very well even when it’s on a low setting. This saves energy because you can turn the temperature control setting a quarter of the way up and feel the heat coming from this pellet stove. To raise the heat level, adjust the exhaust air intake. Allow more or less air to facilitate high or low heat. The Pleasant Hearth is visually attractive as well. Its modern, clean design fits in with any décor including traditional interiors.

The main benefit of the Pleasant Hearth is that it automatically turns on and off to keep the room temperature constant and comfortable. You’ll likely save on pellets because the stove runs only when needed.

Since the temperature drops significantly at higher altitudes, a pellet stove that heats up fast like the Pleasant Hearth is a good choice. If you live in mountainous areas, this one may be for you. Some buyers say it beats gas and oil and stated that after they made the switch, this pellet stove has paid for itself within a couple of years.



  • Easy to assemble and to use
  • You can easily recycle the pellets

  • No risk of fire that can be caused by the ash leftovers


  • It will occupy substantial space in your sitting room

  • Time-consuming, as they require constant checkup and maintenance

  • It is a heavy model

NUMBER #5: US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent Pellet Stove

US Stove 4840 pellet stove heats up to 1,000 square feet. Its most notable feature is that it’s mountable. The US Stove 4840 is very sleek and modern. It resembles a heating furnace more than a fireplace and this makes it perfect for smaller spaces. What’s more, it’s easy to mount and to clean.

Not having to clean the pellet stove on a daily basis is a definite benefit. One buyer stated it’s possible to clean the pellet stove every two days if it’s set on the lowest setting. Another one reported only having to clean it weekly. The lower the setting, the slower it will burn; hence, the time to clean will be more sporadic. To easily start the pellet stove, use the Number 4 setting. After the pellets ignite, lower the temperature setting. The US Stove 4840 puts out enough heat to warm a one level home to a comfy low-, mid-, or high-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The US Stove 4840 is perfect for a garage, shed, or small home. It’s also a good choice for high altitudes such as 9,000 feet above sea level where it may be colder and snowy.



  • Features an excellent and unique design
  • It heats or warms a lot of space

  • Features a long burn time span


  • Uses a blower, and hence increasing the threat of fire

  • It is not secure and safe to be used as a floor heater

  • Requires constant maintenance

How to Decide Which Pellet Stove is Best Among our top 5 pick



Installation Ease

You may be hands-on and confident that you can install your pellet stove. It may be very simple for you to do. Keep in mind, though, all heating appliances, if installed incorrectly are fire hazards. Unless the pellet stove you’re considering purchasing comes with straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions, it’s a good idea to have it professionally installed. This applies to furnaces, gas stoves and other heating producing appliances too. Some pellet stoves are very easy to install, others not so much.

On that note, no heating appliance that requires installation goes smoothly for everyone. It’s not uncommon for buyers to have an issue setting up a new pellet stove they’ve purchased. There are many customer review listing problems on Amazon that involve either a missing part or issues with tweaking an adjustment on the machine. What matters most is being able to turn to a good customer service team. Know ahead of time both the manufacturer and store’s customer service policies before making your purchase.

Heating Area Capacity

You have to choose a pellet stove that has the capacity to heat your home’s square footage or the exact square footage of an area you want to heat. Purchasing one that is far in excess of the heating capacity you’ll use or one that can’t heat your entire home isn’t a good fit for your investment and could be a waste of money. Look for one that meets your needs and addresses the features and benefits you desire most in a pellet stove.

Pellet stoves that are appropriate for large spaces include the Comfortbilt HP22 and the Pleasant Hearth pellet stove with the 120-pound capacity hopper. The Comfortbilt HP22 can heat a home up to 2,800 square feet. The Pleasant Hearth pellet stove with 120-pound capacity hopper heats up areas up to 2,200 square feet. Both are great options if your home or a specific area in your home in which you want to heat is large.

For smaller and medium-sized spaces, US Stove’s 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent pellet heater is a great choice. It heats areas up to 1,000 square feet. The Castle 12327 Serenity is a good option as well. It heats up to 1,500 square feet. Pleasant Hearth’s pellet stove with a 40-pound capacity hopper heats up to 1,750 square feet.

Pellet Stove Prices Vary

Sometimes the larger area a pellet stove covers, the higher the cost of the unit. The Comfortbilt HP22 is more expensive costing around $2,000, whereas Pleasant Hearth’s 120-pound capacity pellet stove is around $1,300. I found the Castle 12327 Serenity priced at $1,000. Prices vary so check for sales.

There are exceptions to the “larger area heating capacity equals higher unit price” rule. The US Stove’s 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent pellet stove is a perfect example. The steep $2,000 cost is likely due to the fact that the unit is thin and can be wall mounted to save space. Since it heats up to 1,000 square feet, consider the US Stove 4840 if you have a small area you want to heat and space is at a premium. That is, select this model if making the most out of every square foot in your home is valued most.

Rolling Fireplace or Not

The look of a roaring fireplace without any loud noise is important to some buyers but not all. The crackling fire image can be soothing and calming on a cold day. The warmth from a pellet stove that is easy on the eyes is the icing on the cake. The Castle 12327 Serenty, Pleasant Hearth pellet stoves, and the Comfortbilt HP22 all have the look of a soothing fireside.

Select One that Meets Your Home Heating Needs

Other factors to consider when buying a pellet stove are how easy it is to set the temperature, how often you want to fill it with pellets, and how frequently you’re going to use it. The effort in cleaning your pellet stove is important too. Finally, to select the best pellet stove, take all of those things into consideration, and look at long-term savings over other heating methods such as propane, oil, and gas.

Pellet stove buying guides for newbies


✔ Availability of Fuel. First of all check online or shop that wood pellets are available in your area or not. If wood pellets are not available in your area or state then the cost of fuel will increase. Because either you have to import the fuel or you have to buy it with high price from the importer.

✔ The efficiency of the stove. While purchasing a pellet stove, carefully check the BTU rating of the stove. Usually, the expected BTU output rating of a good quality pellet stove is between 30000 to 50000 BTU. The efficiency rating is approximately 75% to 90%, and it will depend on the manufacturer or brands of pellet stoves.

✔ Size of the Stove. Though the size of a pellet stove is smaller than a wood stove, still it needs a considerable amount of space in your house. So before going to buy, make sure you have enough room in the home. The large the stove the more heat it will produce. But for the vast stove you need big space in your home, and also the stove will generate a significant amount of carbon dioxide to emit.

✔ Heating capacity. Check out carefully how much space the pellet stove can cover. There is heating capacity rating in the specific product you like to buy.

✔ The capacity of Pellet Hopper. If the ability of a hopper is minimal, you have to fill it more frequently. A large hopper can hold 50 pounds of pellets. A small size pellet stove can store 20-28 pounds of pellets. So you have to refill the hopper twice a day in a winter season.

If you are using pellet stove insert, it will be tough to fill the hopper frequently. It is tough to access in pellet stove insert as it is fixed in the fireplace.

✔ The capacity of the ash pan. A significant ash pan will make it easy to maintain the pellet stove.

✔ Transparent and Self Cleaning Glass. If the glass is open, it will look very good looking. You can also enjoy the fire sitting in a chair or while watching TV. But it is hard to clean the glass of pellet stove as the glass becomes clouded with carbon. So you must choose a pellet stove that has self-cleaning glass.

✔ With or Without Temperature Control. If you like to be hot, then you can go with traditional pellet stove. If you need moderate heat than buying a pellet stove that has variable temperature control.

✔ Pellet Stove VS Pellet Stove Insert. Do you want to place pellet stove in your loving place in the house? Then you have to choose a pellet stove as you can put this anywhere in the house. But if you already have a fireplace in your room, then you can buy a pellet stove insert.

✔ Outside Air Kit. The experts of pellet stove reviewed that outside air kit improves the efficiency of the pellet stove. This air kit uses the air or outside of the house, and this also reduces the draft and pollution of air in the room.

✔ Is your area is pollution free zone? If so, we suggest you buy an electric fireplace. Though the amount is little still pellet stove creates carbon dioxide. Some local area will prohibit the use of any fuel burning fireplace or stove.

✔ Consider BTU Rating. Check out the BTU rating of pellet stove carefully. You can use online BTU calculator to calculate the heat amount and cover space in square feet. The value will be varied according to the change of climate or condition.

✔ Freestanding vs Insert Pellet Stove. If you already have a beautiful fireplace in your house, then buy a pellet stove insert. Otherwise, we recommend purchasing a pellet stove.

✔ Automatic vs Manual Ignition Stove. Automatic ignition stove needs less maintenance than manual ignition. But the price of automated ignition stove is higher than manual ignition stove. So, think while making your choice.

✔ Heat Output. Heat output is one of high rating of a pellet stove. If the grade of heat output is high, space will warm the area more quickly and efficiently.

✔ Location of the pellet stove. Placement of a pellet stove is paramount. You have to place the pellet stove in the room where you need to get warm. But if you like to warm entire house, you have to buy a blower fan to circulate the heat in the room.

✔ Top Feed Hopper Vs Bottom Feed Hopper

Criteria of DiscussionTop Feed HopperBottom Feed Hopper
Chances of catching fire in the hopperMeagre chance as the pellets are feed from the top of the stoveThe chances of finding fire is very high
The grade of pellets neededPremium grade pelletsLower grade pellets can be used.
EfficiencyGreater efficiencyLower than the top feed hopper pellet stove


★ Eco-Friendly.Pellets emit less carbon dioxide than another fuel source like oil, gas, and petrol. A report of Environment Protection Agency showed that combustion of per ton of pellets reduces 1.5 tons of CO2 emission compare to the burning of per ton of oil.

★Cost Efficient. A typical four-person family burns 3 tons of pellets in winter seasons. The value is around $825. So per month cost is $69 and average per ton retail price is $275 only. The per gallon price of oil and propane fuel is $2.05 and $1.36 respectively.

★ High Combustion Efficiency.

  • The direct thermal conversion efficiency of pellets is approximately 80%.
  • Energy Information Administration substantiated that Direct Thermal Conversion of 3 million tons of pellets is equivalents to 356 million gallons of oil.
  • The energy of one ton of wood pellets is equilibrium to 2.8 barrels of fuel oil.
  • The ratio of net energy output and fossil energy used is called fossil energy ratio. An experiment of University of Wisconsin Green Bay calculates Fossil energy ratio of wood pellets is equal to 12:1.

★ Easy to Use.Pellets are easy to handle and transport as it’s small in size and lightweight. Also, they are spotless and comprise little to no dust & bark.

★ Convenient/easy to Store. You can easily store wood pellets in your house. No risk of insects and rats attack. So it safe to store in an apartment and outside.

★ Renewable.Pellets are mainly composed of waste wood materials. So this is the excellent source of renewable energy and many countries including the USA also promoting the use of pellets in residence and even industrial purpose.

★ Safe.Pellets are produced from biomass without using any chemicals. So there is no chance of blast or leak or poisoning.

★ Sustainability.The ash that produces from pellets can be reused as fertiliser to grow the plants


★ Easy to Use. Pellet stove is very easy to use, and the control is effortless. You can control the temperature by a remote control or a room thermostat. Some models of pellet stove can be controlled with a mobile app via a simple text code.

★ High Efficiency. The efficiency of  pellet stove is more than a traditional fireplace. The efficiency is 80%-90% and sometimes more than that.

★ Environment-Friendly. This stove is environment-friendly. It produces less carbon dioxide and less ash than any other fireplace available.

★ Infrequent Stocking. You have to store pellets once or twice a day in icy weather. Otherwise, you don’t have to think about the fuel. Just chill and make yourself warm and cosy through the temperature of the outside is below the frozen point.

★ Fuel Cost is Low. The cost of the fuel of pellet stove is meager. Pellets are available in many qualities in the market like premium grade or standard grade.

★ Easy to Place. Pellet stoves are small in size, and they are compact. So you can decorate and place a pellet stove anywhere in your house.


✘ The price of a pellet stove is the little bit costly than an electric heater. But if you think about the kind qualities like eco-friendly, low fuel cost, etc. then it will be worth the price.

✘ The maintenance of pellet stove is a little bit hard. You have to clean the ash box and refill the hopper regularly.

✘ It creates ash if you use low-quality pellets on your stove.

✘ Pellets are not available in some area. So they have to buy it with a little high price.

✘ Pellet stove is a little bit noisy. It is not a very big deal for anyone who buys it.


❐ Price Comparison

A standard model of wood pellet stove can cost around 3000$-4000$ including free professional installation. If you buy a premium model of the pellet stove, it will cut 5000$ for your pocket.

On the other hand, pellet stove reviews show that they can cost 1500$-3000$ and if you buy installation and other safety equipment, it can expend extra 1000$-2000$ for your bank.

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❐ Energy Consumption

Wood stove needs only woods as a fuel. It doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

Pellet stove consume both fuel energy and electrical energy to work it properly. You have to pay extra electricity bills to operate both auger system and blower fan.

❐ Emission of Gases

Wood stoves produce a high level of smoke and gases than the pellet stoves. If the wood is burned, it emits 0.00612 pounds per kilowatt hour of carbon dioxide.

Statistics show that pellets are much greener than wood as it emits the lesser amount of smoke (0.0035 pounds per kilowatt hour) compared to woods.

❐ Safety

If you agitate or move the woods of wood stove, it may create the spark of fire. Unfortunately, a significant flame comes out you home curtain or carpet, and this may create a hazardous accident. A pellet stove has self-cleaning glass to protect the sparking flame. Moreover, pellets generate fewer ashes and spark while you are burning it. You can enjoy the fantastic view of the glow of the fire safely sitting in a rocking chair or laying in your bed.

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❐ Maintenance

Both stoves need regular maintenance like cleaning the stove, hopper and ash pan. But, a pellet stove requires less maintenance than a wood stove as wood stoves are very big. Only you have to monitor the functionality of blower fans and the stove motor in weekly basis during the heavy using period. Sometimes you have to inspect the chimney and catalytic combustor 3-5 times in a year during the winter season. If you face some problem, you have to hire a professional in this field.



Poor ventilation in your house can increase the level of carbon monoxide. That’s the reason we recommend you to buy a gas detector. It will alert you when the level of poisonous gas increases dangerously in your house.


The power of natural resources can’t be underestimated. If woefully fire is caught in your home, you can put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.


This device will alert you to some sound if any heavy smoke is detected in the room.


The best pellet stove always comes with a blower fan, and some don’t. Circulation of hot heat wave produced by the stove can’t be possible without a blower fan or any high-speed air circulator. You must have to buy a blower fan if chosen stove model doesn’t have any fan for circulation purpose.

Sometimes standard fan (Ceiling Fan, Tower Fan, Pedestal or Table Fan) can help to circulate the hot air around your room or space if the room is not so big.

We suggest you first examine your home without any blower fan and check out carefully it circulates the hot air with average fan available at your house. After that, make a decision that you have to buy a blower fan or not.

Major Components Of Pellet Stove

Hopper is the mechanical part of a pellet stove, it uses to store pellet fuels for the stove. Typically its outer shell is made of cast iron or steel material, but the inner shell is hollow like a trunk or steel container. The empty space is used to keep the pellets to burn in the burn pot.
A long spiral leased with tube metal and that spiral connected with a motor. This total motorized chain system works to pass the pellets in the burn pot automatically. Obviously, this system utilizes electric power.

Some pellet stove doesn’t have built-in auger system. At that type of pellet stove, you need to replenish wood pellets in the burn pot with your hand. It is quite tough to refill the burn pot in the midnight. You will probably sleep at that time.

Usually, two blower fans are employed in a pellet stove. They are used for different purpose. One is known as combustion fan which accelerates lighting process of pellets.

Another type fan known as convection fan, it works to convey the heat outside of the burn pot.

It consists of two components: a. burn pot b. ash collection system. Fire Box crucial elements of the pellet stove.
Several electrical types of equipment are used like vacuum switch, heat sensors, and igniter.

The combustion of pellets takes place in this burn pot.

A small size drawer in the bottom of the burn pot that used to accumulate the ash that produced in the burn pot.


Pellet stoves convert the electrical energy into heat energy. When the pellet stove is connected to a standard electrical outlet, the stove starts to operate. All you have to place the pellets in the hopper. This hopper uses to store the fuel (pellets). The auger of the stove distributes the pellets in the burn pot. A long spiral sends a small portion of the pellet in the burn pot.

A blower fan provides air in the burn pot to produce the flame in the pellets. This blower fan is placed in the bottom of the burn spot. This combustion fan also helps to force the exhaust gasses to pass through the chimney. A convection blower fan circulates the hot air the heat exchangers and distributes the warm air into the living space. For safety purpose, heat sensor and vacuum sensor are equipped with the pellet stove. If the there is overheating problem caused by an error in electrical component or flame, try to catch in pellets in the hopper, the safeguard equipment work to prevent it.


Type #1: Standard wood pellet stoves are of two kinds:


Freestanding pellet stoves are designs such that you can place it anywhere in your home where you need extra warm in winter. But this stove is not suitable if you already have a fireplace. You need to build additional vent for this kind of stove. As this stove is not fixed with fireplace, they are very easy to access and maintain like cleaning.


If you have already a fireplace in your flat or home, then you have to buy a pellet insert. This stove is very easy to install. The not new chimney is needed for this type of pellet stove. This pellet stove is fixed in a fireplace. So extra precaution and training are required to maintain this stove.

Type #2: Depending on hopper location the stove can be divided into two:


The hopper feeds the pellets from the top of the stove, and the pellets are dropped down in the burn pot. This reduces the risk of hopper getting fired. This kind of stove produces ash. So this requires very high-quality standard pellets.


The hopper feeds the pellets horizontally beside or behind the burn pot. This horizontal motion removes the ash instantly for burn pot.

Type #3: Depending on ignition material the pellet stove can be classified into two:


It needs addition ignition like liquid or gel starter material to flame the pellets.


Just press the start bottom, and the pellets feed to the burn pot automatically. Self-igniter heat the pellets.

Final Thought

It is very difficult to find a perfect pellet stove for your home if you don’t have any knowledge about this type of stove. Because there is only a few top-notch pellet stove available in online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Homedepot. Since pellet stoves are very costly, you can’t though your money away on experimenting. You must have to buy the top quality pellet stove that is available. We have expended countless hours on lab and online research to find this best pellet stove that we have picked in this roundup. So, you can trust us.