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Top 6 Best Ceramic Space Heater And Buying Guide

Believe it or not, one of the hardest decisions that you should make is to choose among the best ceramic space heaters in the market. This is very important, especially when we talk about energy efficiency given the fact that around 30 percent of the energy used at home is for heating.

But with the appropriate heater, you can actually save a lot and reduce energy usage. Perhaps, it is the safest choice as well as the most versatile option of space heater that you can use, whether at home or work. If you are still in doubt about why you should opt for a ceramic heater, this guide will help you understand deeply.

6 Best Ceramic Space Heaters

In this guide, we will tackle some of the best rated ceramic space heaters that you can use at home. Here are the following;

Number #1: Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

If you want a model that is high-performing and at the same time great-looking for optimum comfort, this may be a good idea! With 3 quiet settings, built-in safety features, an adjustable thermostat, and convenient carry handles, you can easily determine what the best ceramic space heater is right away!

Featuring fan-only settings as well as low and high heat settings, you have wide discretion on the amount of heat you desire. It comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can keep the temperature setting you prefer. Not to mention, it is equipped with overheating protection that shields you from such unfortunate circumstances.

These features can give you peace of mind as well as versatility and portability. Since it includes carry handles, you can transfer it from one room to another with ease. Its compact design is an ideal choice for heating smaller areas, and you can place it just anywhere – bedroom, kitchen, or under your desk, just name it!

Number #2: OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

This ceramic space heater is an ideal option on a dry, level area being built with a thermostat that can keep your desired temperature as well as operate it with ease using electricity!

Featuring overheating and tip-over protection, the OPOLAR space heater is certified to be safe as provided in the ETL mark. With its quick heating function, you can feel warm in an instant. It comes with three modes, too, including high heat, low heat, and fan only.

Because the thermostat is adjustable, it can provide consistent heat depending on the ambient temperature and the thermostat setting. This means that you can choose your heating preference and stay warm the entire day or night. Much more, it only produces low noise around 50 decibels.

And this only means that using this won’t disturb your rest, work, readings, and even your sleep, making it one of the best small ceramic space heaters on the market.

Number #3: Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Featuring overheat protection, tip-over protection, fast heating, digital thermostat, and timer function, there is no doubt why it becomes the best ceramic room heater for users.

Using this heater is an efficient and faster way to provide heat without compromising safety. The employment of a forced-fan circulation allows quick and even warming in the entire room. Being ETL certified signifies that it is built to be safe so you will have peace of mind.

Features including auto fail-safe and overheat protection sensors are just a few indications of safety too. Anyway, if you purchase one, you are assured of optimum comfort, especially since it is equipped with a digital thermostat and time that prevent stuffiness and overheating.

Lastly, this can promote lower energy costs, so you don’t have to compromise your heating needs. It comes with an ECO mode, an energy-saving feature that makes heat adjustments.

Number #4: Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

This powerful unit can provide immediate warmth throughout your room. Using this 1500 Watt space heater can evenly distribute heat so you won’t get cold again.

With its glide-system pivot, you can direct warm air to flow in a certain direction. The heat actually comes from the cool air that enters from the bottom of the ceramic heater. Anyway, this is a cyclonic ceramic space heater, so the heat is spread evenly all throughout.

You can adjust your desired temperature using digital control settings. Its space-saving design allows it to be mounted in the wall. If this is the case, you can maximize your space as well as not hinder the way. This is safe to use with its built-in functions, including cool-touch housing and overheat control.

Number #5: Brightown 700W/1500W Ceramic Space Heater

Brightown Ceramic Space Heater

Weighing only 3.2 pounds, this ceramic heater can provide you optimum strength with two heat levels, including 750W and 1500W.

It is a mini heater that is portable enough to carry from room to room. This comes with a carry handle for added comfort. Anyway, using this is the most effective way to reduce your electricity cost without giving up on your heating needs. This is also the best option when you want to heat up only a portion of your house.

With the fan setting, it has multi-purpose use. This means that you can use it for winter and even summer.

Just like other heaters, the thermostat automatically turns off the heater in case it drops below the setting. It comes with a multi-protection safety system that is ETL-certified. Other features include durability, quiet, and fast heating.

Number #6: De’Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater

De'Longhi Ceramic Tower Heater

If you have medium to large-sized rooms, this tower heater may be good for you. It offers instant warmth, personalized comfort, peace of mind, energy efficiency, and a silent system, to name a few.

Being packed in 1500W means that it is a good idea for personal heating. The ECO function allows you to automatically make adjustments in its power and heat settings to ensure economical and comfortable warmth.

Much more, it consists of a thermal shutoff, so you don’t have to worry about internal tip-over and thermal shutoff. Also, you can personalize your heating needs using digital controls such as multiple heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. 

 Best Ceramic Space Heater Buying Guide

What Is a Ceramic Space Heater? 

There are various types of space heaters, and their main difference dwells on the mechanisms employed. Ceramic heaters are space heaters that make use of an internal ceramic heating element that can regulate its own temperature without any coils or wiring. 

Since it is self-regulating, the temperature is reduced from the time the desired temperature is obtained. This feature promotes longevity, reliability, and, most importantly, safety when heating your room. 

Ceramic space heaters are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. This also boasts its portability as you can easily transport it from one place to another. Although mounted ceramic space heaters are available, most of these feature portability. 

Basics of Ceramic Heater 

Basically, a ceramic heater is a space heater. Although it seemed like it functions the same, it has a unique way of giving heat. This is a consumer product that provides heat from a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic. 

A ceramic heater is considered a space heater that is normally portable and used for small to medium-sized rooms and offices. It usually offers a similar function to metal fan heaters. But these heaters are not the same.

The heating principle used therein involves a semi-conducive material, specifically a PTC ceramic. As voltage passes through it and when the desired temperature is reached, the power quickly decreases. It may automatically occur and may depend on the component found in the ceramic heater. 

When the heating element connects with aluminum fins, heat is produced. A fan inside the heater is responsible for spreading the heat throughout the room as it blows across the fins. 

This space heater boasts safety features because it rests below 200 degrees Celsius even if it keeps on increasing its resistance at 120 degrees Celsius. It means that it is equipped with a self-regulating temperature that can prevent drawbacks of overheating. 

Different Types of Ceramic Heaters 

The following are the different types of ceramic heaters. Read on to find out.

  • Convective Ceramic Heaters

If you place a warm object in a fluid medium such as water and air, convection heating occurs. The process of conduction heats the thin layer of molecules that are directly linked to the object. This also results in their expansion. 

During the process, they travel up and then move away from the object. The denser and cooler molecules above are then displaced. They are coerced to go down and link with the heat source so that they will become warm. This forces them to further expand and displace more and more air resulting in heat.

  • Radiant Ceramic Heaters

These are also referred to as infrared heaters. It functions when infrared radiation links with an object, causing it to warm up. This heater is responsible for heating things instead of space. Although it travels through the air, the infrared radiation is not absorbed, so the heat is concentrated in the place needed.

Radiant heaters are an ideal option if you want focused heating. The energy produced moves in the electromagnetic waves that are then absorbed by objects that block their path. It normally comes with a sleek design and has two types – the wall mounting and the stand and swivel. 

Different Styles of Ceramic Heaters 

Below are the different styles of ceramic heaters:

  • Portable Ceramic Space Heater

This is a perfect option if you have a smaller room and you want a heater that you frequently transfer from one place to another. A portable ceramic space heater is small and lightweight, so it will be easy for you to move it around. 

Although this is not designed for heating a larger room, it is highly effective for personal use. For instance, if you are watching TV, you can place it in front of you or maybe beside the sofa so the heat will directly radiate to you. This is an efficient and safe way to quickly give you warmth during cold weather. 

  • Wall Mount Ceramic Heater

If you want a permanent solution in heating your entire home or at least your room, you should opt for a wall-mount ceramic heater. From the name itself, it means that this type of heater can be mounted on the wall. Some models allow them to be established into the wall. 

Depending upon the design and the modifications you want to make in your room, you can either mount it or built it into the walls. This option may be a good idea for bathroom use and other damp areas as well. 

Not to mention, having a mountable ceramic heater is better and more powerful compared to portable counterparts.

  • Ceramic Tower Heater

This type of ceramic space heater is taller and narrower compared to other ceramic heaters. A tower heater is designed for more confined areas. This is a good idea if you want a heater that will not take up a larger space compared to more cumbersome bulky heaters. 

You can also use this in areas where you don’t want to keep the walkway warm. Tower heaters are typically equipped with an oscillation that is not found in usual ceramic heaters. 

Also, this feature allows the heat to spread quickly throughout the room. If you need to warm up the room with a few people inside, this may be a good idea!

  • Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

If you want a heater that can circulate heat evenly throughout your room, you should look for a cyclonic ceramic heater. This kind of heater, from the name suggests, involves a glide-system pivot that can provide airflow when needed. 

Perhaps, it is the most versatile kind of heater because it can be portable enough to transfer from one place to another or mounted on the wall. The main feature of this heater is its cyclonic heat action that can offer you penetrating warmth as well as adjustable warm airflow. 

Infrared Heaters vs Ceramic Heaters

Although both infrared and ceramic heaters are made for heating the room, there are some fundamental differences between them. Infrared heaters will warm the room by radiating heat. Due to their working method, these kinds of heaters are perfect for small spaces because they don’t use any blowers.

But, the main drawback of an infrared heater is if you need a heater for a large room, they may not be suitable for that. When it comes to ceramic heaters, they are useful for larger rooms. Because they spread the warm air all around the room.

On top of that, these heaters are specially designed to maintain room temperatures by applying the convection heating method. On the other hand, the infrared heater doesn’t warm the entire, rather it targets people or even objects located directly near to it.

Quartz vs Ceramic Heater

If you want to compare the quartz heater with the ceramic heater, let me confirm that quartz heaters are quite significant compared to ceramics one. But, there is a considerable drawback of quartz heaters. Their heating efficiency reduces significantly after a minimum distance.

When it comes to durability, ceramic heaters will give you the best solution. Besides, if you need to warm your whole room equally, you may need the best kind of ceramic heater to serve your purpose.

Ceramic Heater vs Oil Heater

Typically oil heaters are more dangerous than ceramic heaters. Because oil heaters need oils so that they can heat the room properly. As a result, these types of heaters are pretty much more massive and quite dangerous as well.

Now, if you are living with your family that includes pets and kids, you should go for ceramic heaters as they are safer than using oil heaters.

Besides, to heat the room by an oil heater will take a longer time as they don’t use any fan. So, they are unable to move the warmed air quickly as the ceramic heaters do.

Ceramic vs Radiant Heater

When it comes to heating an entire room, you should switch to a radiant heater. But, the only problem is the required time is quite long compared to a ceramic heater.

On the other hand, if you need an instant and quick heating solution, a ceramic heater will give you the most optimum solution because they work so fast and keep the entire room warm for a long time.

Ceramic Heater vs Fan Heater

Both ceramic heaters and fan heaters come with the capability to spread warm air into the entire room so that it can be heated. Fan heaters are specially designed by keeping in mind this excellent capability. But, you should remember one thing if somehow the fan of a fan heater loses its efficiency to run, then the room will not remain heated for a long time.

On the other hand, ceramic heaters come with the ability to preserve heat on the plates. Therefore, even if the fan isn’t working correctly, a ceramic heater will not stop heating the room. When it comes to heating a larger space, a top-quality portable ceramic heater could be an excellent option for you.

When Should You Choose a Ceramic Heater? 

If you want a heater that can quickly warm up small areas, you may opt for a ceramic heater. Using this allows the air to heat first, which is why it can warm up the room quickly. 

Although there are other kinds of spot heaters, you can choose this if you want to aim the flow at a certain area as it is made with a fan that blows and spreads the heat. 

Since ceramic heaters are usually portable, especially if not mounted on the wall, you can warm up a certain room, wherever you stay, and whenever you need it. 

When Should You Buy Other Heaters? 

If you are annoyed with noises, then a ceramic heater may not be a good option. The fan makes noises as it spins and pushes air. That is why when you are not used to it, you should opt for another type of heater. 

It is also challenging to clean the internal parts of the appliance, so you need to maintain it. To clean the entire heater effectively, you need to disassemble the parts as compared to when you have, for instance, a radiator – another kind of heater. 

Things You Have To Consider Buying Ceramic Heater

Before you should choose a space heater, you should consider the following:

  • Heating Capacity

Before you should choose a certain model, you should check the heating capacity of the space heater since, in the first place, you will be needing it to heat up your space. Heating capacity is measured by how much area it can cater to while maintaining its effectiveness.

Small ceramic heaters are usually designed for limited areas, while larger ones are created for multiple rooms or even the entire house. The heating capacity of the ceramic heater has some limitations, though. As a general rule, those heaters that are made for larger areas should not be used for a smaller one.

This is because of the possibility that the appliance will provide a lot of energy, thereby resulting in overheating. If the heat has no avenue to escape, it may cause fire and other disastrous events.

  • Safety Features

Since this tool is intended for indoor use and transportation from one room to another, it is crucial to opt for a model that is equipped with several safety features. This kind of heater usually comes with a level of protection due to the ceramic strip responsible for self-regulating the amount of energy that is converted to heat.

When it detects excess heat, it begins to minimize its conduction. Much more, some ceramic heaters feature auto-shutoff when it starts to overheat. This is a good idea to ensure precautionary measures against the dangers of fire. The auto-shutoff is vital to stop the melting of internal wiring, combustion, and other conditions.

  • Noise Level

Most space heaters are noisy because they are not normally equipped with sound dampening mechanisms to reduce costs and promote portability. But then, there are ceramic heaters that can provide a lower level of noise. Since it is expected to hear audible noise, you should look for one that gives off a reasonable sound.

Although smaller ceramic heaters are effective in smaller areas, they can be quieter compared to larger models. In determining the noise of the product, you can check the decibel rating. Since 60 decibels is the average conversation, this serves as a basis for whether or not it is quiet.

  • Design

You will have the benefit of an effective and durable heating element when you choose to purchase a ceramic heater. Since it is created with a ceramic shell that covers the heating elements of the heater, this is an ideal option if you want steady heat and comfort at home.

This is designed with safety features, so you will not expect that it will reach a combustible temperature that can be detrimental to your safety. Other space heaters employ reflectors or metal diffusers that can reach high temperatures, and that could be very dangerous.

  • Size

Ceramic heaters may not provide greater heat compared to their counterparts. In fact, this kind of heating system is made to be portable and smaller. But then, you should also consider the size of the ceramic heater when buying one for yourself. Having a larger heater usually means that it can warm up larger rooms.

Ceramic Heater Safety Tips

Although there are so many advantages of using a ceramic heater, it’s not out of danger. As this type of heater is powered by electricity, you must follow some safety rules while using it. Below I will discuss some useful ceramic heater safety tips for you.

1. Practice Smoke Alarm Safety:

Here are the first safety tips for you. Test the batteries of your smoke alarm at least once in a month to make sure that it’s working correctly. Besides, you must replace the batteries at a specific time interval like six months.

For ensuring absolute fire safety, you should change the alarm every ten years. If you disconnect your fire alarm due to a false alarm, make sure that you have reconnected it again.

2. Keep Flammable Items Away From The Heater:

You must keep all the flammable items away from the space heater regardless of its type. Make sure that there are no clothes, papers, furniture, fabrics, or other combustible items around the heater to ensure maximum safety from fire.

3. Keep The Heater Away From Children And Pets:

Make a zone of at least three feet and make sure that the ceramic heater is at least three feet away from any humans or pets. Never allow your child or pets to come close to the heaters. Otherwise, you may face unwanted incidents.

4. Always Plug in Correctly:

You should never connect your ceramic heater to an extended cord or power strip. Space heaters consume a lot of power which is beyond the capacity of extended cords. So, if you pug the heater to a power strip, it may cause dangerous fire hazards.

5. Other Safety Tips:

Along with essential safety tips, there are some other measures that you should take to reduce the risk of a house fire or other unexpected accidents from space heaters. You must operate space heaters in the correct location.

Besides, you may think of using a dedicated circuit. You should turn off the switch of the heater when you go outside of the room. Another important tip is you should not go for a gas heater to use in your house.

Cost of Using the Best Ceramic Heaters

Are you confused about the cost of using the best ceramic heaters? Let me clarify you first. Given that ceramic heaters are used as a supplementary heating resource for the house, it may reduce your accumulated expense.

The cost of using it can be varied based on the rate of electricity in your locality. You can calculate the cost easily by following these steps.

  • Stage 1: First of all, you must do Multiplication between the hours of use and the power your heater uses.
  • Stage 2: Do another Multiplication between the result of stage 1 by your locality’s electricity rate per kWh
  • Stage 3: Now, you have to divide the answer to stage 2 by 1000 to get the electricity cost per day.

To understand the calculation correctly, below is an example for you.


You use a heater with the power capacity of 1600 watts for 10 hours in each day. Your locality’s electricity rate is 0.15 kWh. Calculate your electricity cost per day.


  • Stage 1: 1600 X 10 = 16000
  • Stage 2: 16000 X 0.15 = 2400
  • Stage 3: 2400 ÷ 1000 = 2.4

So, the electricity cost will be $2.4 per day.

Final Words

If you want to obtain optimal heat, especially in cold weather, you need to have the best ceramic space heater at home. We hope that after you read this guide, you are already enlightened on the kind of space heater you want to purchase that will best suit your wants and needs.