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Top 5 Best Wood Pellets for Pellet Stove, Smoking and Grilling

When something, like grilling or smoking food, comes into mind, we always think of family gatherings. What better way to celebrate those summer nights get together other than having a BBQ night!

Just like cooking, grilling that hefty meat is an art and you do need the right ingredients for it. You do want your surroundings to be excited about the smell of the meat getting grilled.

However, smoking and grilling is one thing, developing the perfect taste for it is another. Herein, only the best wood pellet for smoking and grilling can get the job done perfectly and bring a core essence to the environment.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Wood Pellet for Pellet Stove, Smoking & Grilling

Now there are tons of brands out there in the market to choose from. And this article’s core objective is to provide you with the best. Hence, after going through hours of research, we’ve brought it down to the Top 5. Let’s have a look at those!

Number 1: Traeger Grills PEL331 Hardwood Pellets

Traeger Grills PEL331 Hardwood Pellets

The first one to arrive on this list is a very popular choice for all the grilling enthusiasts out there. It is due to their unrivaled and high-quality hardwood taste that they deliver.

One of the best features of this wood pellet is its robust flavor. The title “signature blend” says it all as it is a blend of tart cherry and savory hickory with sweet maple. This ensures consistency and also delivers that strong, smoky taste that everyone hopes to aspire.

It doesn’t end there, the premium flavor is a guarantee to make your food more delicious and also provides a lot of smoke to make sure the flavor stays well.

A major issue that everyone faces are one simple question ‘’Are there any chemicals or extras added?”. Fortunately, when it comes to this product, the answer is going to be negative. Because the brand knows that added chemicals can cause severe problems in your taste.

Hence, the smoking wood pellets are absolutely 100% natural, providing you with peace of mind ensuring an exquisite taste bud for you. Furthermore, they are completely manufactured and sourced in the USA to ensure more quality.

Due to all the features, this product is providing, at the end of the day, the smoky taste will go with any meat you wish to grill. Ultimately, it will develop your overall taste every day. And to put the icing on the cake, the 20 Pound bag provides quality in quantity.


  • Provides smoke consistently
  • Improvements in BBQ Food
  • Delivers premium hardwood taste
  • Signature sweet maple blend
  • 100% natural pellets


  • Some of the pellets tend to be huge and there could be some sawdust in it
  • The pellets might smell old and stale

Number 2: Cookinpellets 40 pm perfect mix smoking pellets


Next up in the list is arguably one of the best-branded smoking pellets out there in the market. The high-quality extracts applied in this product is a guarantee to give you a different experience while grilling for food.

It comes in 4 different & premium mix which involves a hickory base along with apple, hard maple, and cherry. This provides more flavor to your meat and ensuring you get more quality in the taste.

Something which is generally discovered in bark such as lignin binder will not contain in these pellets providing more effectiveness.

No matter what type of food you will be cooking or grilling, this perfect blend is a guarantee to give your meal a great combination of texture and smoking flavor it deserves.

Unlike some other branded wood pellets, this one will not void any manufacturer’s warranty giving you the peace of mind that’s completely necessary because small things like this can cause a tremendous amount of stress.

This product is a perfect example of great taste within a great value. The smoking pellets will ensure the perfect amount of blue smoke which will be consistent enough to give you a flawless smoking flavor taste. All of this is due to the wood pellets being 100% hickory made.

The best part about this product is its simplicity. It has no gimmicks, no high-quality packaging and certainly no distractions. They don’t even add no filler woods or oil. Just a 40-pound bag and pure premium pellets to give you the utmost satisfaction while you enjoy just another day at grilling.


  • A smooth finish
  • No bark provided
  • Absolute flavored hardwood
  • Suitable with any meal
  • No extra added fillers
  • Four premium hardwood mix


  • Kind of leaves a tad amount of ash after smoking
  • 40 pounds is a quite lot of pellets
  • A bit on the expensive side

Number 3: Camp Chef Bag Of Premium for Smoker 

Camp Chef Pellets

If you are looking for something made out of completely premium solid hardwoods, then look no further as this brand provides a very unique approach to grilling or smoking meat.

Formerly known as the Applewood smoking pellet, these pairs quite well with veggies and meat like poultry pork and cheese. While Apple can be called as the primary flavor of the product, the base wood applied in this is strictly made of alder for more precision.

The pellet sizes are a bit larger than any usual brands but the ash production is very minimal when it comes to the comparison of sizes. As the pellets feed through a nice burn, it provides a long-lasting smoke. Since ashes are very minimal, it gives you less hassle and more time to enjoy grilling.

Following up, the product itself provides a very low moisture content. You can easily say that it is an extra added benefit which provides you more satisfaction. And also leading up to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to smoking or grilling, leaving you with a very happy face in the end.

Speaking of efficiency, the pellets are completely clean virgin hardwood made. This doesn’t only provide efficient cooking but also adds a lot more flavor in your meals. So if your guests don’t leave your home, the brand will be held guilty.

To top it all off, there are no extra added oils, nor chemicals. It is a standard product for all the grilling enthusiasts out there. Hence, there will be fewer complaints about quality and more improvements in taste.


  • A perfect option for a smoky apple taste
  • 100% all natural applewood
  • 20 pounds bag weight, quality in quantity
  • Ultra-low moisture provided
  • Suitable for almost any meal


  • Not much of a cheap option
  • Might end up giving an acidic taste

Number 4: Lumber Jack Apple Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets

Lumber Jack Pellets

So far, we’ve heard of a lot of natural wood pellets, how about going for the one which is actually made out of trees and not just residual ones? This product is sure to give you quality at its level best. The brand is famously known for its specialization of wood pellets as its core product.

This product brings a different approach to grilling and smoking. The oak in the blend of this wood pellet is somewhat de-barked, so the flavor that comes out from the smoke has more intensity in it. Hence, it ensures more texture so that you can enjoy your meal.

It has a classic mom’s apple pie flavor due to the product being made of actual apple trees. 40% Apple Fruity Smoke and 60% Red Oak to be precise. This sure brings an authentic flavor in your meals that will be nothing short to reaching the utmost quality.

When it comes to BBQ Food, this product is the best choice to make. With their Apple Grilling BBQ Pellets, the wholesomeness will be clearly seen in your meals.

Probably one of the best features about this brand is the fact that they provide total quality wood materials and no extra added fillers. This will maintain the effectiveness overall and also keep your taste buds intact, unlike any other regular wood pellets which tend to mess up the taste.

Due to the pellets being made in a smaller diameter, the burns created while barbequing will be much hotter and there will be an increase in smoke due to a larger surface area. This will ensure the burns happening consistently and efficiency remaining intact.


  • Even during high and low temperatures, the burns will remain consistent
  • For your cooking applications, the authentic apple flavor it provides will be the best choice
  • Leaves very minimal ash after cooking
  • Exquisite flavor and high-quality wood with no bark nor bitterness
  • Something which is very rare, 100% Apple Tree Wood


  • It just might not be 100% Hickory due to some claims

Number 5: BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets

BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets

The last one to make it to the list doesn’t only provide versatility but also variety in many different ways. Starting from the fact that you’ll get to choose from some of the best flavors out there in one package so that you get to enjoy your BBQ meals with a different taste all throughout the summer vacation.

The 6 popular flavors included in this package are pecan, cherry, apple, hickory, mesquite, and the infamous Jack Daniel’s. Whether it be electric, charcoal or gas, the best thing about each of the flavors is that they are compatible with any kind of grills or smokers.

Although each pack can be used only limited times, it does give you an open field to create flavors of your own and also experiment with them. This gives you the choice to discover the world of taste even more so.

The wood pellets in this product are made of complete applewood which is a pretty rare thing to find in this business. Hence, it will provide an ideal smoky taste for your meals.

As it is made of 100% Hardwood, there are no extra additives or fillers added. This means you will be facing no issues regarding any mess-ups in taste. This will ultimately result in having the utmost quality of the food you will serve.

To put the cherry on top, this product produces very less as compared to any regular wood pellet brand out there in the market. This will ensure no harm is done on the environment except only clean and fresh burns, at the end of the day, providing the elegance in the flavors that are needed.


  • A pound of pellets in each of the six bags
  • Provides superior taste
  • Contaminants are absolutely zero in this case
  • Can be used with any grill or smoke
  • Variety of flavors available


  • Pellets are a bit tiny
  • Quality can be comprised due to quantity

Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Pellets

There are a lot of things to consider before making any purchases; unique characteristics, different qualities, and stuff which applies well to you. When it comes to purchasing wood pellets, things take a little complex turn.

However, we’ve made things easier for you as we’ve narrowed it down to the major key elements required in order to make precise decisions.


Let’s start things off with the most important. A flavor has the ability to either enhance your meal or completely ruin it.

Therefore, do properly make sure that you have the right flavor of your choice. Since making good food requires the best ingredients.


Price can play a major factor while purchasing wood pellets. Whether you’ll be using those pellets for a random BBQ gathering or for mass production in a smokehouse.

Make sure you have the right budget before making the purchase. As you will be buying in bulk, ensure the fact that you have the product quantity divided with the price of the product.


Not all pellets will be compatible with the smoker that you will have at your home. It is absolutely necessary to make sure you go through enough researches and reviews to minimize the trial and error.

Otherwise, you might end up with something that doesn’t work with your machine.

Ash Production

Ash can be really harmful to the environment. An essential factor to consider is to make sure the wood pellet causes minimal ash production after the burn. Because if there are a lot of residual ashes, it will cause severe damage to the surroundings. But, you don’t need to be worry if you have a good quality ash vacuum cleaner in your house!


This factor determines how much it will take to light up those wooden pellets. If there is too much moisture, there will be difficulties in lighting up the pellets. And if there are fewer moisture contents, then the pellets will light up very smoothly.

No Extra Additives

Some companies tend to use extra chemicals in those pellets in order to increase the quality. But this, in turn, causes harmful effects to your taste. It is essential to make sure before every purchase that your product doesn’t have any extra fillers.

You might serve the meal properly, but the quality and elegance you are looking for in your meal won’t be present due to extra added additives.

What are the Best Smoking Wood Pellet Flavors?

We know it gets confusing when it comes to choosing the flavor of wood pallets. Most of the people even have no clued as to what difference it makes in the first place. But if you are keen on cooking with perfection, and want a perfect balance of smokey flavor with the right kind of aroma from what you have just grilled, you need to have a proper understanding of what are the best flavors of smoking wood pellets what type of food they are best suited for. You need to pick the best wood pellets.

Although, we won’t label a single flavor with the title of ‘the best’; rather, we will provide you with a few options and their best applications.

1.    Adler:

In the first place, we have Adler wood pellets. Not just that they are quite versatile due to their mild flavor and aroma, but they give off a lot of smoke without overpowering the flavor of even the most delicate food items. Adler wood pellets are best suited for:

  • Game birds.
  • Salmon.
  • Poultry.

2.    Apple:

Applewood pellets provide a beautiful fruity smoke flavor that will turn your food into an adventure for your taste buds. They are best suited for:

  • Salmon/seafood.
  • Pork.
  •  Chicken.
  • Vegetables.

3.    Cherry:

Cheery wood pellets are a delight for all meat lovers because they are perfect for all types of meat. It adds a sweet fruity flavor to the meat and enhances its natural flavor.

4.    Hickory:

We know that there is no BBQ without some juicy ribs to dig your teeth in. This is where hickory comes in. it provides a bold taste with a strong aroma and spicy tangy flavor. It is best for:

  • Ribs (obviously).
  • Pork.
  • Especially bacon.

5.    Oak:

How can we complete this list without mentioning Oak? That mild nutty flavor is perfect for enhancing the flavor of all types of meat. Oak is often used in combination with other pellets.

They are all good pellets, but the best wood pellets are the ones that suit your taste buds.

How to Choose the Best Pellet Flavors for Your Grill?

Choosing the best pellet flavors for your grill is a question of what you are going to be grilling on it. But if it comes to going will the most popular choice, you will find that Hickory is one of the most widely used flavors. Along with that, the most popular type of pellets are hardwood pellets as they provide sustainable heat for longer duration. This makes choosing the best wood pellets a bit tricky.

As we have stated, different types of wood provide different type of flavors. You should experiment a little if you want to earn some hands-on experience or you can stick to the pre-defined ways to grill your food without having to compromise the flavor.

The most important factors that you must keep in mind when looking for the best pellet flavors for your grill include:

  • The food that you will be grilling. Some flavors are best suited for specific kind of meat whereas some are used in combination with others.
  • Make sure that the flavor that you are choosing is 100% hardwood with no fillers. You can tell that by looking at the price. If it’s too good to be true, make another pick.
  • We talked about experimenting, right? if you explore the wonderful world of flavored pellets, you will find that certain combinations of different 100% hardwood flavors provide balance to each other and enhance the natural flavor of your food while complimenting each other’s key features.

Heating Pellet Vs Smoking Pellet: The Main Difference

I think it is quite clear that Heating pellets are not the same as smoking pellets, but what is the difference that sets them apart; moreover, what are their basic applications and which one should you be using?

First thing first, they are both made of compressed wood and that’s a fact. But smoking pallets are the true food-grade pallets. They are made with 1005 hardwood and contain no additives binders or fillers that may disturb the flavor of the food. Sometimes, vegetable-based oils are used during the extrusion process but overall, they provide genuine flavor to your food without compromising that original taste or aroma. For cooking, they are the best wood pellets.

Heating pallets, on the other hand, are not food grade and may consist of a variety of woods. They contain softwood like pine which contains resin. It can add a bitter unappetizing flavor to your food. They may also contain biding elements like glue or other chemicals that may pose a health risk. In simple terms, they are not good for your food. The only appeal to them is due to their affordability as they are significantly cheaper than smoking pellets. We advise that it is better to spend a few extra bucks than to ruin your entire grilling session at the cost of the food you worked so hard to prepare.


How to Use Smoke Pellets?

There are a lot of ways you can use smoke pallets but it depends upon the way you are most comfortable with. Here are a few popular ways you can use smoke pallets:

  • If you are using them in a charcoal grill, light the grill with a little charcoal. You may use chimney started for convenience. When coals are lit, add a little amount of pellets slowly and ensure proper flow or air. Just as they light up, keeping adding more little by little and you are all set. This adds the flavor of the pallets to the food just as it cooks.
  • If you are using them in a smoker, a trick you can use is by blowing hot air on the smoker. Fill up the smoker ad place it in the grill and use a hot air blowing gun on it. it would take a minute or two but the pallets will light up good.
  • You can use propane or even a blow torch to light the pallets after placing them in the smoker.

Once you have your pellets lit in the smoker, all you have to do is place it in the grill or pot where you have your food and let the smoke really sink in the food.

How to Light Smoking Wood Pellets

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about smoking wood pellets:

What Are Smoking Wood Pellets?

Smoking pellets are hardwoods that are basically minimalized to a small size. They are produced to provide smoke and heat for those pellet grills and smokers. This also ensures flavors in your meals that people aspire to achieve.

How Big Are Wood Pellets?

It usually varies between colors depending on the variety a brand provides. Sizes generally tend to be one-fourth of a diameter.

Can Pellets be Mixed and Matched?

Definitely. There are no extra costs involved in this process.

What Causes Pellets to Ignite Slowly and Burn with Low Heat?

It occurs because the BBQ pellets are always stored in a moisture free and dry atmosphere where they are completely sealed. They are the most difficult to ignite, and cold burning wood pellets have absorbed too much moisture to work properly.

What Type of Grills can Smoking Pellets be used on?

Generally, it can be used on charcoal, conventional gas or electric grills.

Can I use wood pellets that used in pellet stove in BBQ grilling & smoking machine?

No. You can use wood pellet that used in best pellet stove.

Wrap up

Overall, if you are having difficulties in figuring out what decisions to make and which brand will be best suited for your environment, you should not look any further. Because this article has gone through weeks of research and taken into account all the feedback provided by consumers.

All these to ensure you have yourself the best wood pellet for smoking!