Do you use a barbeque? How about a pellet stove? If you use a fireplace, or even an old-fashioned oven, the ash will always be a constant. You know you’ll always end up cleaning all the ash at the end of the day. Cleaning it by hand is dirty and is a lot of work. You might also inhale some ash in the air that can cause severe lung problems. A great solution to these problems would be having an Ash Vacuum.

After reading countless online reviews of real buyers on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, Our experts bring the best ash vacuum of this year that you can use at home. We tried to highlight the unique features and the pros & cons of our editors top 5 picks.


Best ash vacuum Pick By Our Editors

Number 1: Cougar+ Ash Vacuum

Considered one of the best ash vacuums out there, this vacuum is made to pick up ash from wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, and barbeques. It has a patented filter system that can remove even the smallest particles of sand from the pile. The product is heavy-duty and can withstand harsh environment.

The ash vacuum is perfectly sealed in its metal finishing, avoiding ash leaking from its openings. The vacuum can also pick up warm ash as well as cold ash, and even wet ash and you don’t have to switch filters for that. The product weighs approximately 17 pounds, designed and made in the U.S.A, has a 5-ft hose, and comes in black.

The vacuum’s motor is efficiently installed within providing an Air-flow rate of 90 CFM and water lift capacity at 55”. The product is super easy to use, it doesn’t need to be opened for cleaning, and you can opt to get accessories that will help in making the job easier.


  • The product is quiet.
  • Can suck dry and wet messes simultaneously.
  • Easy and simple to clean.
  • Has a separate inner and outer filter.
  • Low power at 6 amps.


  • Short cord length.
  • You have to carry it around.
  • No wheels; not great for very huge messes.

Number 2: Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner 

This vacuum is made by veteran company Shop-Vac and is known for its wide range of vacuums for every type of situation. It has a straightforward design that makes it very simple for you to use and you won’t need a manual to operate this.

The product uses a HEPA filtration system which makes it great for even the smallest grains of ash. It has a thermal protection feature which helps in preserving the lifespan of the vacuum and a stainless steel container that will last for ages.

The vacuum comes with a 4-foot metal hose with a metal nozzle and metal crevice tool. The 5-gallon ash capacity is a stunner and is great for huge messes and long use.


  • Straightforward and simple use.
  • Can be used for dry and wet ash.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Heavy-duty.


  • You have to carry it around.
  • No wheels.
  • Relatively more expensive.

Number 3: PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum


The product is specifically made to clean from wood stoves, fireplaces, and barbeques. It is also one of the best ash vacuum for pellet stoves. The vacuum comes with a wheeled base so you can use it around conveniently. You can alternatively use the vacuum to clean your home because of how it is designed.

The canister design of the vacuum makes it capable of containing around 3 gallons of ash. Aside from its vacuum function, you can use the product converted into a leaf blower along with its 16 foot power cord, making it great for outdoor use.

This versatile vacuum has a strong motor rated at 10 amps which makes it capable to be converted into a leaf blower. The vacuum comes with other accessories for household use and a washable filter which you can use as often as you can. This vacuum truly is the jack of all trades.


  • The product can be used as a blower.
  • Long 16-foot cord.
  • Extremely light at 9 lbs.
  • Strong 10-amp motor.
  • The canister is simple to clean.


  • Short hose length.
  • High power consumption.
  • A bit hard to clean when full.

Number 4: Dustless Pit-Hawg Ash-Vacuum

This product here is strongly built and designed to do a lot of tough jobs. Aside from pellet stoves and the barbeque, this vacuum is also designed to clean up wood burning stoves, fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor ovens, smokers, and biofuel stoves that create different types of ash and waste. It can manage warm ash and has an overheat failsafe if ever there is still some hot ash around.

This vacuum is specially designed to keep your hands off when cleaning. It has a self-cleaning mechanism so that you don’t have to manually clean the vacuum filter every time it gets clogged or the airflow is seeming obstructed.

The product comes with a wire brush for the ash that tends to get stuck and clumped together on surfaces. With a standard length hose and a metal nozzle, the vacuum works out well, indoor or outdoor.


  • Dustless use and very clean.
  • Wide metal nozzle.
  • Great Warranty service.
  • The filter cleaning mechanism doesn’t need to be opened for cleaning.


  • Average hose length.
  • Average suction power.
  • No wheels; hand carried.

Number 5: Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum

This is a simple vacuum that you can use for simple outings and small messes. It has a dual filter system that cleans up your ash efficiently. The vacuum’s simple design resembles that of a paint bucket and will blend in nicely in your shed or garage.

The vacuum is relatively smaller to those in the list and can be conveniently carried around with the handle. It is designed to be used for at home use and small occasions. The filter cartridge is reusable and is easy to clean.

This product has a relatively big storage capacity of 4.8 gallons. This would be convenient for huge piles and you won’t have to empty the cans while working. The 4-amp motor can pick up ash at an air flow rate of 42.4 cubic feet of air per minute and will surely get the job done. It also has a small inspection window that you can use to check if the airway is clogged.


  • Very simple to use.
  • Has a blockage inspection window.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Safety stop for filter fit.
  • A Dual-layer filter.


  • Average hose length.
  • Relatively less suction power.
  • Hand carried.

Best Ash Vacuum Buying Guide

Why You Should Use Ash Vac

It is important to consider a safe way to keep your fireplace clean. If you use wood or wood pellets to heat your home, you would need to clean the ash residue regularly. The fireplace should be kept clean to allow the wood to burn well and also to reduce the smell of smoke and burnt wood fibers.

The only way to keep the fireplace clean is by using an ash vacuum. Here are the reasons why an Ash Vacuum should be your first choice for cleaning wood ash:

  • It is safe to use. It has a metal construction that can handle hot ash.
  • It will last long because it is built to handle hot ash unlike regular vacuum cleaners made of plastic.
  • It reduces the risk of any fire incident
  • It is built to trap and hold ash dust
  • An Ash Vacuum is very easy to use
  • It is also very affordable.

If you are looking for tips on buying an ash vacuum to clean your wood ash, you will find this ash vacuum cleaner guide useful to provide you with all the information that you require.


Quick Look at The Type of Ash That Our Top 5 Ash Vacuum Can Handle

Product NameDry AshWet AshPellet & wood AshHot
Charcoal AshFire pit AshDrywall
Cougar+ Ash Vacuum
Shop-Vac 4041200
PowerSmith PAVC101
Dustless Pit-Hawg
Snow Joe-ASHJ201

Quick Comparison of Top 5 Ash Vacuum

Product NameWeight in PoundHose LengthCord LengthWattageHEPA FilterDiameter of HoseAmpacityMaterialNoise LevelCanister Capacity
Cougar+ Ash Vacuum15.355.00 ft.6.00 ft.Not Specified1.25 inches6 AMetal80 dB3 Gallon
Shop-Vac 4041200217 ft.6.00 ft.Not Specified1.25 inches6.3 AStainless Steel80 dB5 Gallon
PowerSmith PAVC101134 ft.16 ft.1200 W1.5 Inches10 AMetal79 dB3 Gallon
Dustless Pit-Hawg13.15.00 ft.10.00 ft.Not Specified1.5 Inches8.30 AMetal79 dBNot Specified
Snow Joe-ASHJ2018.8246.8 inches8.5 ft.500 W1.6 Inches4 AMetal92 dB4.8 Gallon

Why it is wrong to use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean ash

Here are some of the reasons why a regular vacuum cleaner cannot work in cleaning ash.

  • Regular vacuum cleaners cannot handle hot ash because they are made of plastic
  • They are not designed to hold warm ash and thus can lead to fire incidents when the plastic is overheated. You can’t take the risk of cleaning up cold ash also. Because cold ash may still present some hot ash particle which may cause the overheating hazard.
  • A regular vacuum cleaner does not include a filter designed to hold in ash. Though ash looks like dust and dirt, they are more different. Ash are so fine that they tend to enter into the motor quickly. Ash vacuum has special kind of filter only design to handle ash.
  • Regular vacuum cleaners are not compact enough to fit inside corners and you might have challenges getting the dirt out of the firebox.

What to consider when getting an Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the features you should be able to get in an Ash Vacuum.

  1. It should have a long power cord

If you are looking to buy an ash vacuum, you should get one with a very long cord. You will need to move around and you don’t want to find your cord snapping out every time you try to clean an area. It also helps a lot if the cord is retractable, so you can easily remove it at your convenience.

  1. It should have a long hose

Just as much as it is convenient having a long power cord, it is the same to have a long hose. You need an ash cleaner with a long hose that allows you to reach around the areas you are cleaning conveniently. If the hose is short you won’t be able to get by areas that normally difficult to reach.

  1. It should be resistant to heat and made with a metal material

Another important feature of a good ash vacuum cleaner is that it should be lined with metal. Most ash vacuums are made of metal but you will still find some short of this especially the low priced ash vacuums.

  1. It should come with an aluminum crevice tool

Ash is a very tiny substance and sometimes it can be very difficult getting them out of corners and some very difficult areas. This is why you need a crevice tool to help extract the ash from those difficult areas.

  1. It should be easily adjustable

When cleaning ash, you may need to work around places that are difficult to clean. You will need to get an ash vacuum that is easily extendable and one that can easily be adjusted.

  1. It should have a large canister

It can be a little frustrating if you have to stop during intervals to empty the canister when vacuuming. You should get a canister that can be able to do the job of evacuating the ash in your fireplace without having to make about five trips when cleaning to empty the canister.

  1. You need a powerful engine or motor

The size of the engine of the ash vacuum is also very important. A big engine will do a better job at cleaning but it should also be very quiet.

  1. It should have wheels or casters

This is also a very important detail to consider when buying an ash vacuum. Ash can be very heavy when it is filled up in the canister. You will need an ash vacuum with wheels to easily move it around and dispose of the ash dust.

  1. It should have a dust indicator

When the canister is full, there should be an indicator that shows you when it is time to empty it. Usually, you can get the vacuum that has an LED indicator with lights to show when it is full.

  1. A good filter system

A good ash vacuum normally has a triple filter system that comes with a HEPA cartridge The first filter made of metal traps the ash dust while the second filter is a cloth bag found at the top of the canister to seal the dirt. The job of the HEPA cartridge is to trap the tiniest ash dust and keep it away from the engine.

  1. The filter should be easy to clean

This is very important because ash can be very messy. It would be good to have an ash vacuum that has an easy to clean the filter.

Picking the right ash vacuum cleaner

It is important to get an ash vacuum cleaner for especially for your fireplace, pellet stove, barbecue party etc. The ash vacuum cleaner removes ash remains from fire and is a better option than using a shovel or broom. When you use an ash vacuum cleaner, it does not stir up dust in the air and it reduces the risk of fire incidents.

The cost of vacuum cleaners is usually very high before you go ahead and buy ash vacuum cleaner, you should consider the following: 

– Cost

Most ash vacuum cleaners are usually at a very high price. If you are running on a budget, you should look at some of the ash vacuum cleaners that fall within your budget

– The volume of Ash to Clean

Even though the cost is also important, the volume of ash you plan on cleaning determines the type of ash vacuum cleaner you should buy. For instance, to clean a charcoal grill you need a smaller ash vacuum cleaner which is usually not so expensive. You can also use small ash vacuum cleaners to clean a pellet stove. You will need larger ash vacuum cleaners to clean areas like a fireplace because of the large chunk of wood that may still remain in it. Smaller ash cleaners will get clogged when a large chunk of wood gets stuck in it because it does not have a large filter compartment like the large ash vacuum cleaner.

How to keep your fireplace clean

If you want to keep your fireplace clean, then you should always use your ash vacuum cleaner to clean it out thoroughly on a regular basis. An ash vacuum cleaner should also be properly maintained and the filter clean at all times to use for your fireplace.

Here are some of the ways you can keep your fireplace clean all the time:

– By burning the right wood

It is unhealthy to use green wood because it does not give a clean burn but gives out smoke and leaves. If you want a clean fireplace use seasoned wood which lights up better and leaves ashes that are not too difficult to clean.

– Clean your fireplace regularly

It is one thing to just clean it when you feel it looks dirty but then the ashes get stuck and become difficult to remove. When you clean a fireplace regularly, it allows you to get a clean burn and a clean fireplace. For every cleaning, you have to remove the ash and scrub the inner chambers of the firebox, the grates that hold the logs as well as the doors. It is important to get out all the ash inside the fireplace with your ash vacuum.

– Apply a mixture of liquid hand soap with table salt for cleaning

Aside from getting all purpose cleaners which can do the job of cleaning your fireplace, there are some stubborn ash deposits that are difficult to remove. For this purpose, you can mix liquid hand soap with table salt to form a thick paste for cleaning this stubborn dirt. You should apply the mixture to the dirt and leave in for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing it off.


Wrap up

We hope this best ash vacuum roundup and buying guide would be helpful to find the top notch ash vacuum for your home. All the vacuums on the choices have a good and bad side. You should keep in mind that having a lot of features don’t necessarily equate to better performance. There are a lot more choices out there that would satisfy you just as much but just make sure that you don’t get a vacuum that? sucks.