Vornado 184 Air Circulator Fan Review

Review Of Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

Looking for a stylish fan that will not only circulate cold air into your home but will also add a touch of style and elegance? Look no further, as the Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower is everything you need, with its interesting shape and the cutting edge technology that ensures the best air circulation in your house. At a price range of $99, it’s also very affordable and offers a great value for money, turning it into one of the top-rated fans for air circulation you could choose.

Take a quick look at the full in-depth review of Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Fan written by our expert Mohiuddin Shawon.

Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

Product Discription & Expert Review Of Vornado 184 

Working Principle Of V-flow Air Circulation of Vornado 184
Working Principle Of V-flow Air Circulation of Vornado 184

Aside from being energy efficient, there are other things that you will appreciate with the Vornado air circulator. One is that it has a long warranty. The manufacturer backs up the product with a five-year warranty that gives you peace of mind. Another thing you will like about this Vornado circulator is that it doesn’t wobble, unlike other tower fans. Its sturdy base can give it the stability to last for a long time. There are also four-speed settings to choose from, which you can activate through push-button controls. The unit also comes with remote control, which you can store at the top of the tower fan. You will also be able to save through its 8-hour timer.

We’ve mentioned how a fan is a more practical choice than an air-conditioning unit because it is more energy-efficient. While most of the fans can cool your rooms without causing a significant hike in your energy bills, there are several models known for being very energy efficient. This Vornado 41-inch tower air circulator can effectively circulate air in the room while allowing you to conserve energy by raising the thermostat to 5 degrees and still maintain the same kind of comfort. This fan provides a more energy-efficient way of circulating the air in the room through its V-Flow circulation technology. Its contoured air outlets ensure constant airflow in a room without the need to oscillate and without any noise.

And the price is very much attractive. For less than $100, you can take home this fantastic cooling machine. You need to watch out for some flaws, though. One minor annoyance is that the fan won’t remember the last speed setting you had. When you turn it on, it always starts at the highest speed level. The bright LED display may be nice if you’re trying to change speed settings, but it can distract you when you’re on the bed and attempting to get some sleep.

 Top Key Features OF Vornado 184 Air Circulator Fan

  1. Better Air Circulation: This Vornado air circulator fan is capable of pushing the air in the whole room (up to 100 feet). It keeps the room temperature cool for sleeping or working.
  2. Constant Airflow: The crosscut outlet creates a wide span of constant airflow, instead of blowing air in one spot for a few seconds like a regular oscillating fan.
  3. Variable Speed Setting and Timer: It comes with a tide and beautiful design remote. Using the remote control, the user can preprogram the fan to shut off auto at 1, 2,4 or 8 hours so the chances of wasting energy is very minimal. Also the four speed setting mode of this fan can be controller with the remote. The remote also sticks magnetically at the top of the fan.
  4. Long Warranty: The weight of Vornado 184 is similar to Dyson Am07. But Vornado 184 has longer warranty period (Five years). Like Dyson AM07 it is a lightweight fan able to be put anywhere as it is compatible with 6-foot extension cords.
  5. Quiet in Nature: It is one of the quietest fan in the market. Operates quietly and meets U.S. voltage requirements.
  6. Energy Efficient. The energy-saving detail of this Vornado Air Circulator Fan is ensured by the ETL certification and the energy LED saving timer that makes it easily programmable. The fan saves energy thanks to the innovative technology that maximizes the performance in cooling the air.
  7. Elegant Design. The room fan measures 11″ L x 11″ W x 41″ H and comes in a rounded shape with interesting air outlets uniquely contoured to offer a wide air circulation and a stylish design. It will enhance your house design with the elegant matte black finish with glossy and silver accents. The control panel of this fan is located at the top of the fan which not only look wonderful but also makes it comfortable to use and reach easily. You may think that a fan this tall would be unstable and would fall, but the sturdy base on the Vornado 184 ensures extra stability and eliminates the typical wobble of other fans.
  8. Warranty & Support. Like other Vornado fan, you can peacefully enjoy the performance of the Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower fan without worrying about the depreciation thanks to the 5-year limited warranty, which is significantly higher than any other air circulator models. You will also benefit from custom support from the manufacturer via email and phone, so you can relax the whole time you use the fan.
Top View and Control Panel of Vornado 184
Top View and Control Panel of Vornado 184

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  • Much speedier and powerful than Dyson AM07.
  • Completely circulates the air in an entire room and cools a larger area. Thanks to V-air flow technology invented by Vornado engineers.
  • Strong and wobble free base construction
  • Easy to clean. Just vacuum the rear and front vents. Be sure to keep it at least 6 inches away from walls and other surfaces for air intake.
  • Lightweight and has an easy carry handle.


  • Has to be six inches away from walls and surfaces in order give it the best air intake.
  • While it is designed to be nearly silent, it can be loud at high speeds.
  • The height is not adjustable.
  • Doesn’t oscillate.


Final Verdict

Purchasing Vornado 184 air circulator fan means bringing a little tornado to your home. It blows the air like a tornado but doesn’t create that much noise. The most attractive feature of this fan is the V-Flow technology which assists the fan to circulate air better and fulfil the needs of oscillation features. This ingenious air circulator tower fan will provide years of satisfying performance at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can choose the airflow intensity and you can even set it to turn on at a certain time without having to manually turn it off. The round shape and the simple controls make it aesthetically appealing, being a great addition to any home decor. Last but not least, the 5-year warranty is more than generous as it’s the longest in this industry. At 11 inches wide, it is easier to walk around than a box fan. No air filters mean less work to clean, just add a little extra vacuuming to your routine and you’re all set.

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