An electric fireplace isn’t really a fireplace burning coal, or any other fuel like wood, instead, they mimic one – and some of the better ones are really good at what they do, a reason they are often placed in conventional fireplaces.Since they use electricity, all you need to do is to plug into the wall and run one run “on a flame only” setting, or can be used as a heater, typically consuming 1.4-1.6 kW, which can heat a 400 sq.ft (37-meter square) room.Because of its environmentally friendly like pellet stove nature consumers are nowadays more attracted towards it. The question is,” How can we find the best electric fireplace?” These best electric fireplaces can just help you to choose the best one.


The available electric fireplace can be divided into two categories- 1. Freestanding Electric Fireplace 2. Fixed Electric Fireplace. Both freestanding and fixed electric fireplace can be classified into two different categories individually. Below we will discuss this electric fireplace in a nutshell.

It requires no venting and no gas lines and is really easy to set up – even if you know nothing about fireplaces. Unpack your electric fireplace, and plug it into the electrical socket near your fireplace and you are good to go. Costs 1-4 cents an hour without the heater and 6-8 cents hourly with the healer in operation. The electric heat component converts electricity directly to heat at an efficiency rate of 99%. Many manufacturers also offer LED lighting that provides years and years of service without ever changing a light bulb. If you love no ashes, no odor, and no maintenance, then this is the perfect section for you. You can place it anywhere in your house and enjoy the smooth heat. Now, how safe are free standing electric fireplace? After all, not only do we want you to be cozy by the fire. But also to be safe and have an easy mind. Electric fireplace inserts much more efficient than wood burning or gas fired fireplace, they are safe. There is no open flame, and there is also no need for chimneys or venting, one of the commonly asked questions is, “do the flames get horn?” The answer is no they don’t. Touching the screen is like touching TV set when it is on.


Functionality and elegance come together with this type of fireplace. It offers the consumers lifelike flames set in a pile of faux logs or crystal hearth. Most types also provide durable tempered glass with contemporary black frame, providing the cozy appeal of an authentic fireplace, it can heat any room as wide as between 300 to 400 sq.ft and control the amount of warmth produced to create a comfortable atmosphere through the two heat settings of this electric fireplace. Now let’s talk about the money that you have to pay for purchasing this highly rated product. This type of fireplaces comes in different ranges. But still. I must say it will never harm your monthly budget. This electric fireplace will serve as a functional piece of decor for your bedroom, library, or family room. You could use it just about anytime thanks to the dual-mode feature. The feature allows the fireplace to operate with or without heat and the built-in timer for auto- shutoff means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. As far as weight is concerned, most products weight very light. You can enjoy a hassle-free and simple installation using step by step instructions provided. There is no longer a need to stack firewood or clean up ashes to turn up the heat, as this type of fireplace is powered by remote control. Fixed electric fireplaces use LED technology that requires less energy to heat a room.


The fixed electric fireplace can be classified into two. They are:


You have no flame or smoke. but you can amaze everyone with realistic fire effect. You can even run it along with air conditioner for the effects. This fireplace has a realistic smoke and logs fire effect. No real fire or smoke, just effect to bring romantic warmth to the rooms. It suits really well to modern, sophisticated living spaces. It can also act as a very elegant decorative product that is made up of glass and steel. There is optional heater which one can use in winter with two heat settings. This fireplace is also loaded with electric timer, remote control, panel switch, overheating protection and LED light source frame. For me, it deserves a 5 star as safety and price are concerned. No need for venting, it can be installed very easily and very quickly. Due to its electricity fueling nature, it is very efficient. I think this fireplace insert should always be on your list.


Add sophisticated ambiance any room with wall mounted electric fireplace. With a tempered front glass, you wouldn’t be able to make out that the fire is fake, and with a fully functional remote control, you can do a whole lot more than just getting some heat during winters. The most important part? Installing it is as easy as plugging in the television. There are no fumes and is very efficient as well as economical. Costs you only 1-4 cents an hour or 6-7 cent without or with the heater, and at an efficiency rate of 99%, you won’t really mind it. Now, how safe are freestanding electric fireplaces? After all, not only do we want you to be cozy by the fire but also to be safe and have an easy mind. – Electric fireplace inserts much more efficient than wood burning or gas fired fireplace, they are safe. – There is no open flame. – There is also no need for chimneys or venting, one of the commonly asked question is ‘do the flames get hot? The answer is no they don’t Touching the screen is like touching TV set when it is on.


The free standing electric fireplace can be classified into two. They are:


This type of fireplaces is uniquely styled, and no venting is required for this fireplaces. So you can install this at any location in your home. You can enjoy with or without heat. With an average electricity rate of 2-3 cents per hour, it provides all the ambiance and romance of a fireplace. The flames use slightly under 300 watts of power. When you choose the heat feature along with the flame, the unit uses approximately 1500 watts of power. The combustion-free operation means no carbon monoxide and the glass stays cool to touch. The fans can force heat for up to 400 to 500 sq.ft. It’s a budget-friendly product which everyone should purchase and is also a great space saver for you. There is tremendous flexibility regarding its installation. It comes in wide variety of size and shape, and with a great many options available, can fit into both architectural styles and contemporary ones. The problem with electric fireplace stoves though is not many look real – and you wouldn’t want a fake looking one, would you? The advantages though – are many. For one, you don’t have to poke and prod around as you would too when making a real fire. But since these fireplaces run on electricity, they are not usable during a power outage.


Transform your living room or bedroom into an extra cozy place to kick back and unwind with this electric fireplace. Transform your living room or bedroom into an extra cozy place to kick back and unwind with this electric fireplace. This is more than a display as it actually heats up to 400 sq.ft of space at about is very is easy to set up. Customize the heat levels via four flame level settings, including no flame, the Tv console provides a nice area to stow items out of sight. The open AV component also has a rear cable access for your other electronic devices, like DVD player, speaker and more. You can lake this as an advantage to these types of fireplaces. These fireplaces heat up to 4600 BTUs and a temperature range from 50 to 90 degrees. Remote control operations are also available. As far as price is a concern, it is not very expensive compared to other household products. Every middle-class family can afford it. However, there are a few questions to answer, like – should you hang the TV over the fireplace?



Keep yourself warm during cold weather and add a hint of sophistication to your home with Touchstone sideline Recessed Electric Heater Fireplace. At around 60 inches, it’s big but you can install them on the walls easily, and even has a built-in timer so that you never forget to turn it off. It’s having two unique features such as two heat settings and five flame settings. During winter you can switch the fireplace too high to keep you warm. You can also put it low for the small amount of heat.

You can find different fire level ranging from a soft ember blow to a strong blaze. The emitted light keeps you warm and cozy in winter. There are several options to change temperature and atmosphere in sideline fireplace. You can operate the fireplace with or without heat due to its dual modes. A unit timer makes it more attractive. It is designed for recessed wall placement. Its black frame makes it more beautiful. It can be installed in the living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more. It can heat a room as large as 400 sq.ft and operates on 1500 watts with a voltage of 120.This fireplace has faux logs and crystals which makes it more genuine feel.

Top Key Features

  • Easy Installation: It is specially created for mounting in walls. Its black frame makes it more authentic. This 50-inch fireplace is very easy to install.
  • Two Heat Settings: It features two heating settings such as high and low. Heat levels can be adjusted as for user’s choice.
  • Good Color Choices: You have a choice of three colors such as orange, blue and blue-orange
  • Remote Controlled: both heat and flame settings can be opened through remote control.
  • Multiple Modes: The multiple modes mean that you can easily change everything from the temperature to the atmosphere or even tinker with the lime.


  • Create a fashion charm, adding into the decors and design for your room.
  • It’s a real space saver. It only occupies six to ten inches into a room.
  • It’s easy to install, and environmentally friendly, running on just electricity.
  • Good remote control settings with a black frame design you would love.


  • No actual flames here, which means that degradation and corrosion of parts by caustic agents are nonexistent.
  • Installation of electric fireplace is very easy and simple.
  • They are completely portable.

Final Verdict

Touchstone sideline fireplace is not only a great source of heat and warmth but also adds a taste of style to any room. It is beautiful, and the pulsating flames stimulate the waver and gleam of a real fire to create an impression of a standard, authentic fire. It requires a little maintenance and is easy to install and runs on electricity. So no more cleaning of ashes and venting of glasses. That’s why I think this touch sideline fireplace is a must in every modern home.


This electric fireplace that sports a black modern frame and can create the right aura in any room of your home or office. The best part? This electric fireplace comes without the fire and fumes. yet makes you get the true fireplace experience. You can easily mount a TV above this onto the walls, but you do need to remember that there needs to be a width gap of at least 36 inches between the fireplace and where you’re hanging the TV.

Since the wall mounting hardware is included, it won’t take you long to figure out how to go about the installation. You can enjoy the three settings, which can help you to adjust everything from the heat to the temperature. Choose either to have more heat, turn it low or just to simulate it all with no heat. Also, the Houston has the ability of comfortably heating up a 400 sq. Ft. Room.

Top Key Features

  • Moda Flame Fireplace requires no ethanol, gas, or any other fuel for that matter.
  • The fireplace weighs just 50.7 pounds.
  • It can be placed under a TV, sporting a contemporary look to your bedroom or living room.
  • Smokeless eventless wall mounted electric fireplace with heater.
  • Wall mounting hardware included in the box. So hassle to find and buy hardware to install it on your wall.


  • Its unique design makes your room more decors beautiful and adorable.
  • It saves a lot of space by accruing five to nine inches of area.
  • Easy to install.
  • It uses electricity as the power to generate heat making it environment-friendly.


  • So is there any disadvantage to this type of electric fireplace? First, there is the height dilemma.
  • Think twice if you want to install a TV above the fireplace. You need to place the TV properly so that you can view it properly.
  • Additionally, do remember the heat from the fireplace may be too much for your TV.

Final Verdict

Mode Flame Houston Electric Wall Mounted fireplace is beautiful, and since it’s easy to install as well, you really won’t mind buying one. It does have a bit of a height though, so you might want to check where you are going to place it before you buy one.


The black Regal Flame Ashford does create the right statement in any room of your home or office, with a black modern from that is a delight to watch. Tinker with the settings and make your room feel warm or a little cold, without having to worry – all because a durable tempered glossy glass with a contemporary matte black frame protects the log set inside. A pile of burning gas logs with smoke at the background of this wall mounted fireplace give the user of this fireplace a very realistic view at the time it is operating. The fireplace mantel works on a standard 110-volt outlet and is easy to use too. You don’t have to stack up firewood anymore if you buy this, and with the easy to use instructions, you won’t find it difficult to set it up too.

Top Key Features

  • Realistic flame: With the dimension of 4 inches in wide, 5.5 inches of depth and 21.65 inches in height, it becomes more authentic fireplace without the hassle.
  • Three different heat control settings to choose from. It is perfect for the cold season due to its three different heat settings. They are High (in this setting, it will output very high heat), Low (perfect to set during moderate cold), Off (it will not transfer any heat at all).
  • Hassel free wall mounting – Weighing 46 pounds, it’s easy to install.
  • Give your home or apartment a unique and wonderful decor. You can place this fireplace in your bedroom or living room where you expend most of your valuable time for relaxing in winter.
  • Highly efficient and also safe to use. Because of its low pricing and 90 percent efficiency, it is very convenient to use. You don’t have to worry every about anything burning in your home now!


  • Its unique design makes your room more decors beautiful and adorable. You save as much as five to nine inches of area.
  • Easy to install
  • It uses electricity as the power to generate heat and is environment-friendly. The different heat options mean that you can use the fireplace even during summers


  • Check the height of your fireplace as the viewing angle may not be right.
  • Find the right spot to hang the Way you don’t want to heat it up.

Final Verdict

Regal Flame Ashford Black Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted fireplace is a good choice. You can control the heat, and you would love the realistic flames. The fact that it looks beautiful is a plus point too.


(Top 3 Editor’s Pick) 


Note: This is  one of the best Tv mount electric fireplaces on the market

The fire box has multicolor flickering flames. And that is not the only thing you would love about it – the interior brick design gives you a real lifelike look. This Southern enterprise electric fireplace featured energy efficient LED and required no professional installation making it a cost-effective way to upgrade your living or media room. Easy to use remote control offers 4 way adjustable to warm the room conveniently. On the other hand, this fireplace isn’t as easy to install as some of the ones we reviewed above – but its overall classic took does mean that you wouldn’t mind it as much.


Top Key Features

  • An electric fireplace offers remote control feeling up to 400 sq.ft, and you would love the lifelike flames and embers that burn inside a brick style interior.
  • Black finish combines with window pane style doors for the effortless universal style.
  • The fireplace is a bit heavy and weighs a good 119.5 pounds, primarily because of the traditional wooden feel it has.
  • The remote controls work great and work perfectly for a room up too 400 square feet in size.
  • You can plug it in easily with a six-foot power cord to just about any plug point.
  • Plenty of storage in this one, with everything from two triangular side cabinets, and four adjustable side shelves.
  • It’s easy to place a flat TV above it too, with the freestanding fireplace built to fit in one easily.


  • Make your more decor more beautiful and adorable.
  • Saves you a good amount of space
  • It is very easy to install, and you get a tremendous flexibility.
  • It uses electricity ensuring you don’t have to worry about burning logs.
  • Good choices of shapes and colors


  • If you aren’t as lucky, you may get a flawed product – so do not forget to return it when you see one!
  • The fan heater assembly may stop working at times.

Final Verdict

This one a good choice, and an environmentally friendly one at that. It runs on electricity and is easy to clean as well, making it one of our top contenders.


Dura Flame electric stove is very charming as it is very good looking and thanks to its shining black design. But it also capable to warm your house suitable and cozy for winter. The window of this stove is designed with detailing arched frame. Realistic fires also mean it will give heat wave with fake fire view in a realistic way. Whoever, the overheat protection ensures that you do not have to worry about short circuits anymore. The fireplace will turn itself off if it finds things are getting a bit too hot. Additionally, since the fireplace remains cool at all times, you wouldn’t have to worry about your child or your pet coming too close to it.

Top Key Features

  • With the BTU rating of 4600, this electric stove can cover a 400 sq.ft area without any trouble.
  • This stove is very safe. Even if your family has consisted of several kids and pets, you don’t need to worry about their safety.
  • Hidden operable door.
  • Realistic background with glowing wood logs burning constantly while running.
  • Mechanical controls.
  • Overheat protection.
  • 1500-wats l4600btu’s per hour


  • Its unique design – a traditional one from the 1900’s – makes your room more decor beautiful and adorable.
  • Zone heating means that all areas are heated evenly.
  • Easy to install and surprisingly portable.
  • Just like the others above, is environment-friendly and runs on electricity.
  • 100 percent safe for kids and pets.
  • The overprotection ensures that the heater shuts off automatically before overheating.
  • Mechanical controls and hidden operable door ensure you can access it anytime.


  • Some users reported it to be not as durable as they would like it to be.
  • May not go with home decor if you have a modern look at your rooms.

Final Verdict

With a body that stays cool at all times and a unique traditional design, it’s something that you would love – especially if your home decor boasts of the 1900’s feel.  It fits in easily with your home too, making it a great buy for many.


You would love both simulated flame and the two different heat settings on 750 watts and 1500 watts. This two feature will give you maximum comfort and satisfaction. The 3 pin prong grounded cord and overheat heater protection switch will keep the stove also your home safe, in case, there is a sudden voltage swell or sag in power supply line. The plastic cabinet is durable too and stays cool at all times.  This one’s again ideal for heating room sizes up to 400 square feet and all you need is a plug point to make this work. It does need a bit of power though, sucking in around 1,500 watts each hour. More, you could even make it work without really having to “heat things up” which means that if you’ve guests coming over, it’s summer but you are looking to up the charm of your home, you have nothing to worry about!

Top Key Features

  • Freestanding with a stable base.
  • Easy online switch and a great simulation effect.
  • Safety temperature overheats cut-off switch.
  • Durable stay cool fire retardant plastic cabinet.
  • Ideal if you have kids or pets in your home, as it’s cool to touch, always.
  • You would love the hidden operable door.
  • You can use the fireplace with or without heater, as you prefer.


  • Easy to install and carry around.
  • Two heat settings to choose from though you do have a tan only setting.
  • It has over protection heater which will instantly shut off when overheating happens.
  • The fire resistant plastic cabinet is surprisingly durable.
  • You get a realistic 3D view with an ember bed.
  • A stay cool body so that you don’t have to worry about the rising temperatures


  • While some of the models offer three heat settings, this has only a couple of them.
  • Maybe too small for a large room.

Final Verdict

This mini fireplace can easily fit into your home, and the metallic painted finish means that everyone would love it Comfort Zone has been selling products for more than a decade now and is a popular option for many.


Are you considering buying the best electric fireplace available on the market? If yes, we hope you had a look at the different choices available to you. Remember, there are different types of electric fireplaces, and you would have to take into account their features before buying one.  We have created a comprehensive list of both plus and minus of owning a modem electric fireplace.  We hope you find our electric fireplace reviews informative, enjoyable, helpful, and it guides you to make a purchase that is exactly right for you, meeting your specific needs.