Electric fireplaces come in different colors, shapes, and dimensions. Some are freestanding, while others are designed to be mounted on walls. If you are interested in a smoke-free and clean way to heat up your home, an electric fireplace should meet your needs perfectly. The appliance offers you a stylish and gorgeous way of heating your home, qualified by an atmosphere that mimics and matches that of a wood burning fire.

Before you go out and get yourself one, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

Design-there are various designs of fireplaces. You can purchase a freestanding electric fireplace, wall-mounted, a mantelpiece fireplace, or even a fireplace insert that can be placed inside an existing fireplace

Heating space-electric fireplaces offer a brilliant means of heating your homestead instead of the traditional wood stoves or fireplaces. Make sure that the electric fireplace of your choice can effectively heat the entire room

Features-electric fireplaces offer variety of features to suit your tastes; for instance, apart from the burning wood experience, some even produce the crackling wood sound

Controls-consider the variety of controls offered such as thermostat controls or heat settings to adjust or maintain certain temperatures, or brightness settings among others.

Quick Look at the Top 10 best electric fireplace of 2018

Product NameRatingWhere to Buy
(4.8 out of 5)
(4.7 Out of 5)
(4.5 Out of 5)
(4.2 out of 5)
(4.1 out of 5)
(4.0 out of 5)
(3.9 out of 5)
(3.8 out of 5)
(3.5 out of 5)

(3.4 out of 5)



Free Standing Electric FireplaceFreestanding electric fireplaces are amazing pieces of decoration that many individuals would love to add to their home. They literally stand up on 4 legs and can be moved around an individuals house to different areas they see fit making for a very customizable appliance that many would love to bring into their home. Moreover, a lot of free standing electric fireplaces are made of quartz and are literally stoves that can be moved around to heat up any different room that an individual sees fit just depending on their mood. Furthermore, these fireplaces come with a 3d effect that can look very visually appealing again making for a great piece to add to anyone’s home. Lastly, free standing electric fireplaces come in around a 2 feet size so although small it will definitely be big enough to notice and to warm individual’s homes. 


Built-in Electric FireplaceBuilt-in Electric Fireplaces are terrific new peace that individuals can add to their home that are different from the everyday wood or gas fireplace that many are used to seeing. Moreover, built-in electric fireplaces, provide customers with a fireplace that does not need a vent and can be placed almost anywhere inside a house bringing for a way individuals can truly customize their home with a great fireplace that will wow visitors. Although these fireplaces may sound like they will be complicated to put together, in reality, they just simply need to be connected and set up in a simple process that will make customers very surprised how simple the process is. If there are some individuals who like the idea of a more simple plug-in electric fireplace, individuals can still just purchase a plug-in version of built-in electric fireplaces making the process even more simple to brighten their house. 

3. Electric Fireplaces with Mantels

Electric Fireplaces with MantelElectric fireplace with mantels is the last electric fireplace that will be covered in these summaries of these great new home appliances that heat up individuals home. To be exact, an electric fireplace that comes with mantels are created with a mantel that surrounds the fireplace so that it can be put inside a house and look exactly like the real thing and also be able to do the same thing which is to heat up an individuals house. Moreover, these types of electric fireplaces come in variety of different stone formations and colors that many individuals can pick to match the taste of their home. Next, another great feature about electric fireplaces with mantels is that they come with different heating levels that can be switched and come with a safety heating cutoff valve that can tell when the fireplace is getting to hot. Lastly, to place this amazing appliance in a home an individual will just need a 120-volt outlet yo enjoy their electric fireplace with a mantel today.

4. Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric Fireplace InsertElectric fireplace inserts are amazing new decorative appliances that many are starting to move towards now rather than using the older wood and gas fireplaces that were highly relied on in the past by many different people inside of their homes. Furthermore, these fireplaces are heated just through the electric power that is then transferred to a room to bring a heating effect of a normal wood or gas fireplace. There are two different types of electric fireplace inserts that are known as firebox inserts and electric log inserts. Firebox Inserts are really cool and great for many individuals who want to place their fireplace in many different areas due to the nature of the decorative appliance. Moreover, these fireplaces can be placed under or over an entertainment center and almost anywhere an individual decides to put them in their house. As for Electric Log Inserts, they are very neat and great appliances also but are a little bit more restricted as to where they can be placed around a house. To be exact, electric log inserts are single appliances that are actually placed on this area a normal combustion or wooden fireplace would be. So, in essence, an individual is still using a traditional wood fireplace, just minus all of the chemicals that are associated with burning wood or gas inside of a traditional home fireplace. 

5. 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces

3-Sided Electric FireplaceThere are now 3-sided electric fireplaces that can really impress any individual that places their eyes on this wondrous housing appliance. These fireplaces come with many features and look absolutely amazing, using different technology to bring a special glow to an individual’s home. Moreover, a lot of 3-sided electric fireplaces make use of led lighting and are very energy efficient that can really be a bonus for many who like the idea of having a great looking electric fireplace, while also saving them from upping the price of their electric bill. Furthermore, 3-sided electric fireplaces are very easy to set up and do not have to have a ventilation pipe making for a great fireplace that is very easy to install inside of any living arrangement. The best feature when it comes to 3-sided electric fireplaces is the 180 degree view that is extremely exotic looking and very appealing to the eyes, so everyone can enjoy this fireplace no matter the angle they are sitting. 


Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceIndividuals who are looking to bring more intrigue to their house may be very interested in wall mounted electric fireplaces. These amazing pieces of furniture can come in all sizes big or small to be mounted in an individuals apartment or home. Furthermore, wall mounted electric fireplaces are gas powered fireplaces that are easy to fit in many different home layouts that many will love to add to their amazing home. The way wall mounted electric fireplaces are designed, make individuals home look like a beautiful elegant fancy living arrangement that many would ask where did they buy the fireplace from. Lastly, now is the perfect time for individuals to add a wall mounted electric fireplace to their home, due to all of the many different designs and options that are available to anyone interested in a wall mounted electric fireplace. 

Review of our top 10 electice fireplace


This is one of the top quality and best selling wall-mount electric fireplace in the market today. The model comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The fireplace is specially designed for recessed mounting in walls.

The model requires 1500 watts of power to run and heats up to 400 feet, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. If you want to enjoy the full effect and ambiance offered by the Touchstone 80004, have it installed at least 12 inches below your house ceiling.

The Touchstone 80004 fireplace can also feature remote control and a control panel, meaning that you can adjust heat settings from the comfort of your seat or bed. Brightness settings allow you to adjust the glow.

However, some reviewers raised concern about malfunctioning after few months of use. Sometimes it turns off after few minutes of functioning. Others complained that it is very loud and poor-quality control.

Main attractions

• Ideal for medium and small rooms
• Beautiful design
• You can use it as a heater or just for display
• Adjustable display and heat settings


• Not suited for large rooms


NUMBER #2: Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace 

The Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace comes with a unique design whereby you can either fit it against a wall or put it in a corner. This means that you can even choose to use the fireplace as a TV stand by placing it atop the mantel.

The convertible electric fireplace requires 1400 watts of power to run and heats up to 400 square feet. The 4-way remote control feature allows you to adjust the thermostat, logs, timer, frames, and log separately. The model has a safety feature with qualities like automatic shutoff and a glass that stays cool to your touch.
Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the fireplace. A particular reviewer indicated that some parts were packed broken and the mantle is poorly made. Other complained it started to make noise after a few months of use.

Main Attractions

• A self-regulating heater that turns off when the required temperature levels are realized
• Sleek design and appearance including an interior brick pattern that allows for a more lifelike look
• Easy to use remote control
• Easy to install even without professional assistance
• Child safety feature


• Not ideal for large spaces


NUMBER #3: Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove 

The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz fireplace stove is a unique electric fireplace with several unmatched qualities. First, the stove model is portable which makes it perfect since you can move it to any part of your house for instant heating.

The stove has a capacity of heating up to 1000 square feet, and features infrared heat that prevents room air from drying since it preserves natural room humidity. The model also features a remote control with five adjustable color, speed, and brightness settings.

Apart from an adjustable thermostat that allows you to determine desired room temperature, the stove features overheat protection, which enables the heater to instantly shutoff to check to overheat. Such features make the Duraflame Infrared Quart fireplace stove one of the best and cheap freestanding electric firepalce in the market today. However, the fireplace makes slight noises when functioning and the top of the fireplace get extremely hot. Also, the remote control is so basic with just the main functions.

Main attractions

• Portable
• High-quality metallic construction
• Impressive 3-D fire display
• Large viewing display panel
• 5-adjustable speed and brightness settings
• Ideal for heating medium sized rooms


• Plastic legs-not strong enough

NUMBER #4: Regal Flame Ashford Ventless Heater 

The Black Ashford Regal Flame model is a picturesque 50-inch-wide electric fireplace designed to be mounted on the wall. Despite the size, it weighs just 46 pounds, which makes it easy to install without much hassle.

The model has the capacity to heat rooms of up to 400 square feet and allows you three heat settings ranging from high, low, to no heat. You can also use the built-in timer to tell the electric heater when to shut-off, within a time range of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

You can use the Black Ashford to heat and as a décor for your library, dining room, or any other room and at any time of the year; the model incorporates a dual-mode feature that allows the electric fireplace to function with or without heat. The Regal Flame Ashford fireplace can only be mounted on the wall and not recessed. Also, it difficult to notice the flames in a lit room.

Main attractions

• Large display window and realistic flames ideal for the ambiance
Easy to install due to the mountable bracket that attaches to the wall
• Ventless and economical-you can just plug it on the 110-volt outlet

NUMBER #5: SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace   

When you talk of appearance, SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace is one of the most beautiful and attractive freestanding electric fireplace on offer. The model is made of polished mahogany reflecting a soft traditional style hard to find nowadays.

The design features fluted columns between which the fireplace sits, reflecting unmatched elegance.

Apart from the beautiful design, SEC Sicilian Harvest electric fireplace heats rooms of up to 400 square feet. The top section can serve as a mantel for your flat panel TV set if it does not exceed 42.75 inches in length. Some customers complained that the wood frame was not properly stained and finished. One particular reviewer complained that his fireplace stopped working after only a month of use.

Main attractions

• Easy to assemble and move across rooms since it weighs just 100lbs
• Mantel supports up to 85lbs
• Firebox with interior brick design, glowing embers and flickering flames that make the electric fireplace more realistic


• Not ideal for large rooms


NUMBER #6: Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace    

Touchstone has a reputation in making quality electric fireplaces, and the Onyx 80001 reflects that yet again. The Onyx features a sleek design and outstanding functionality.

The 50-inch wall mount electric fireplace features two ember beds, one with glass embers and the other log set. The fireplace creates lifelike flames set in a crystal heart or faux logs.

The Onyx heats rooms of up to 400 square feet and features a remote-control system. You can adjust the heat to either low or high and very luminosity of the flames using the five-flame brightness setting. There are complains that the fireplace develops problems after one year of use. One customer complained that his unit caught fire after one year of use. Another customer complained that his fireplace stopped showing flames after two years of use.

Main attractions

• The economical-led technology uses less energy
• The LED bulbs remain cool to touch and have no mercury, which makes the Onyx safe for pets and children
• Large and elegant window
•  Dual-mode feature that allows you to set the fireplace to feature heat or no heat


• Only two heat settings
• Not suitable for large rooms


NUMBER #7: Moda Flame Houston Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace 

The Moda Flame Houston is among the highest selling electric fireplaces that you will get in the market today. The 50-inch-wide Houston is ideal if you want to make a statement in your dining room or even an office.

The electric fireplace has the capacity to heat rooms of up to 400 square feet. The electric fireplace comes with a multi-functional remote that you can use to turn the unit off or on. You can also use the remote to perform other functions of the fireplace including settings like high, low or no heat, and to vary the intensity of the flames.

You can easily mount the electric fireplace on the wall since it comes with mounting hardware. The model features a timer that auto-shuts the heater depending on your preferred setting, ranging from 0.5-7.5 hour. However, the bulb may stop working after sometime of use. Furthermore, you can fix your flat screen TV above the hearth but you must leave a minimum clearance of at least 36 inches.

Main attractions

• Easy to mount on the wall
• Efficient in energy consumption since it uses just 2.5W per hour


• Not ideal if you want to heat a large room


NUMBER #8: Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove    

If you are fond of the traditional wood fireplaces, you might find the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton electric fireplace appealing. Designed to look like a stove, DFS-450 looks as if it requires you to add some logs in order to start a fire.

The electric fireplace has an ember bed and glowing logs that create a realistic flame effect. Interestingly, the effect can be operated with the fireplace heating the room or even without heat.

Although the DFS-450-2 looks somewhat small, it can warm up rooms of up to 400 square feet. The remote control is optional and can be used to operate all functions of the appliance including regulating heat and glow. Nevertheless, some customers complained that the unit made unbearable noise when producing heat.

Main attractions

• Portable freestanding electric fireplace that you can easily move from one room to another
• Really pleasing to the eyes
• Safety features that turns off the heater to prevent overheating and the outside sheet is cool to the touch all the time


• External plastic covering is cheap and might be harmful in the event that the fireplace overheats

NUMBER #9: PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace     

While fireplaces are meant to heat the house, they normally add a certain degree of ambiance in a room. The 50-inch wide PuraFlame Alice wall mounted electric fireplace takes the concept of functionality and ambiance to a whole new level.

This electric fireplace designed for recessed mounting in the walls. The model has outstanding functionality including the capacity to heat 400-square feet room, tow heat settings including high and low. A countdown timer allows you to set the Alice to turn off within a time range of 30 minutes to 9 hours.

The Alice also uses super high intensity LED lights that produce very realistic and bright flames. You can also set the flame colors in 4 settings and operate them with or without heating the room. There are complains that some of the parts of the unit arrive broken or stop working after using it for a while.

Main attractions

• Two electrical plug-ins
• Very beautiful in appearance and even incorporates a touchscreen
• Efficient energy consumption since the LED lights consume less energy


• Absence of the remote-control feature
• Not ideal for large rooms

NUMBER #10: Comfort Zone Electric “Stove Style” Fireplace Heater   

Comfort Zone is a renowned brand when it comes to the development of home appliances.

First, the electric fireplace is built “stove style,” which makes it ideal for movement across rooms. The model is freestanding and has a stable base which means you can position it almost anywhere in a room.

The Comfort Zone “Stove Style” electric fireplace has two heat settings of 750/1500 watts, meaning you can adjust the temperature for your maximum comfort. The simulated 3-D flames with an ember bed are highly realistic.

You do not even need to worry about your pets or children since the fireplace cabinet is made of durable plastic that stays cool even when the heater is operating. Although most customers were satisfied with the fireplace, some complained that their unit stopped working after few months of use.

Main attractions

• Free-standing and a stable base
• Easy to move across rooms
• Shuts off if it starts to overheat


• The plastic casing might appear low quality
• Not suitable for large rooms
• The fan might sound loud

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

1. Switch off the electric fireplace and also unplug from the socket if the unit isn’t in use.


  • Reduce electricity consumption.
  • No chance of accidental switch on of fireplace.
  • Infants can’t able to turn on it curiously.
  1. It is not recommended to operate an electric fireplace using an extended cord.

Reasons: Extension cords are easily affected by overload voltage and there is a high risk it can cause a fire.   

  1. Try to place and install an electric fireplace closer to your home electric socket.

Reasons: You may need an extension cord which is very risky to use.

  1. If you have a wall mount unit, try to place it 5 feet above the floor. For the freestanding electric fireplace, it is safe to use a fireplace safety gate to keep your pets and children away from the fireplace.

Benefits: Keep your children and pet safe from burning

  1. Never use an electric fireplace outdoor because it’s only designed for indoor use.
  2. Keep it away from water. Never place an electric fireplace in a bathroom, laundry or other location where it can be exposed to water.
  3. Don’t block the air intake and discharge venting system.
  4. Don’t run electric fireplace where flammable liquors, gasoline, and gases are present.
  5. Don’t try to uplift an electric fireplace holding the glass panel
  6. Don’t hit or strike glass because glass is very fragile in nature.


Despite the design, functionality, and appearance that you might desire, the best electric fireplace is somewhere in the market. The above list provides you with some of the best choices that you will have to choose from in the long-run.

Before you make that purchase, think and make a list of the features, appearance and other aspects of the electric fireplace that you need or want.