8 Best Electric Garage Heater 120V Reviews in 2021

When it is stone-cold outside, and there is a chill in the air, the temperature falls to freezing. At that time, you need to be very brave or fool to work on your car without an electric garage heater in your garage.

Meanwhile, choosing a garage heater also turns out to be a challenging task as there are so many options. Ultimately, they make you sit on the fence to freeze.

However, we have come with the 8 best electric garage heater 120V reviews in 2020 so that you don’t get left alone in a frozen garage.

Quick Look At Our Top Picked 120V Electric Garage Heater

8 Best Pick Electric Garage Heater 120V Reviews

We did all our know-how to do the research and picked these 8 garage heaters for you. So walk with us to get your hands on the perfect garage heater right now.

Number #1: Dr Infrared Heater 1500-Watt

Dr Infrared Heater

This one is a fashionably efficient portable space heater that comes with a dual heating system of 1500W. It covers up to 150 square feet of area with an equal amount of heat.

Besides, it comes with a high-efficiency air blower with a 39-dB noise level. The progressive method allows you to heat up the objects in your garage while keeping the moisture of the air intact using only 12.5 amp.

Thus, heat your place with this low whispering infrared heater and remain hydrated.

Dr Infrared heater has two heat settings of High and Low with exclusive Auto Energy Saving mode. What it does on Auto mode is that it switches between high and low to maintain thermal equilibrium.

Meanwhile, with a great combination of infrared heat and regular convection heat, it makes sure that your room is hot and toast. Besides, the built-in thermostat gives you the advantage of electing the temperature from 56°F to 85°F.

And guess what, you can set the temperature from any corner of your garage via the remote. Furthermore, the tip-cover protection, as well as the auto-shutdown option, makes sure that it is harmless to use around your pet or child.

Finally, a 72-inch chord assures that you can use it anytime at anywhere conveniently. It can be considered the best electric heater for garage 120V based on all these conveniences.


  • Dual heat for even heat supply
  • 1500W to cover 1000square feet area
  • Efficient due to auto energy-saving mode
  • Built-in thermostat for monitoring the heat
  • Remote to control the temperature
  • 72-inch cord to access anywhere


  • Not for big sized garage
  • Remote works when the unit is on

Number #2: NewAir Electric Portable Garage Heater

NewAir Electric Portable Garage Heater

The weather is chilly, and you are afraid to do an unfinished job in the freezing basement. No worries, the NewAir Garage Heater comes with an integrated handle on the top to carry it conveniently.

Plus, there’s a metal stand at the bottom to place it anywhere, making it the best electric garage heater 120V portable. Just plug it in any 120V outlet with the attached plug and feel cozy.

Now that you have plugged it in, its 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) powerful fan will start to supply nice warm air. And the built-in ceramic heating plate just boosts the heating process to heat anything around 160 square feet of area.

The NGH160GA00 heater has a thermostat near the top handle. Meanwhile, it comes with two heat settings of High and Low to choose from. So, adjusting the temperature won’t be a problem, and it’s cool to the touch exterior will save your hands from accidental burns.

While stimulating your blood cells with warm air, this heater shuts off automatically if the temperature gets too hot. Besides, it also acts as a spot heater as it has a tilting head to flow air directly in a definite direction.

And it can afford to supply consistent warm air at any adverse weather, thanks to the rugged steel cage.


  • Easy to carry with the handle
  • Powerful fan to heat 160 square feet area
  • Thermostat to regulate temperature
  • Prevents overheating with the auto shut-off option
  • Durable due to rugged steel cage


  • It cannot be controlled via remote
  • The fan makes a sound

Number #3: Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Heater

Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Heater

Going low on space in your room or garage to place a heater? Well, the wall mountable heater from Heat Storm is here to keep you warm. You can mount it in less than 2 square feet area on the wall and get a warm ambiance around you.

While conventional heaters only warm the air, this heater efficiently heats the object in your room along with the air. As a result, the objects continue to emanate heat to keep you warm, even after the heater is shut off.

Besides, the Deluxe Wall Heater from Heat Storm has an eye-catching LED display to give you good monitoring over the surrounding temperature.

Meanwhile, you can handily control the temperature with the adjustable thermostat of this heater both manually as well as by the remote control.

Moreover, being made from galvanized steel and polypropylene, this heater ensures to go a long way without costing your maintenance bill. Plus, it comes in 1000-1500W with 3400 BTUs to warm your 600 square feet garage efficiently.

But of course, you need to touch the heater more or less. So, the safe grill of the Heat Storm Wall heater ensures that your hands don’t get any burn, making it safe to use in your home.

Additionally, its auto shut-off feature gets activated during any unusual temperature fluctuation, which allowed the heater to earn the ETL certificate. Whereas, the two easy-to-clean electrostatic filters promise to flow fresh warm air consistently.


  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Efficiently warms the objects of the room
  • Convenient to monitor the temp with its LED display
  • Simple to control with remote control
  • Durable and efficient due to body materials
  • Grills are safe to touch


  • Reportedly a little bit noisy
  • A bit expensive for a 1000W heater

Number #4: DR Infrared (DR-238) Carbon Infrared Heater

Escalate your patio, balcony, room, or garage with the extremely durable and waterproof DR-238 heater from Dr. Infrared. It is made of anodized aluminum to withstand any kind of harsh, rough, rainy weather to serve you a long time.

Plus, this heater comes with 3 heat outputs from 900W, 1200W, and 1500W, respectively. So, pick the one that meets your need.

In fact, the DR-238 from Dr. Infrared is a carbon infrared heater. The carbon ensures that you can get fresh warm air with no smell at all. Therefore, it keeps you warm, along with supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, mounting this infrared heater either on the wall or the ceiling is a piece of cake, thanks to the included mounting bracket. Mount it wherever you desire and plug the power chord in the nearby 120V standard outlet and heat up the ambient.

Meanwhile, you won’t need to climb up and down to adjust the temp as it allows you to control the temperature remotely.


  • Durable and waterproof due to anodized aluminum
  • 3 heat outputs for heating convenience
  • Carbon infrared heater for fresh and odorless air
  • Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling with the brackets
  • Can be controlled with the remote


  • Not suitable for large space

Number #5: Patton House Utility Heater

Patton House Utility Heater

The PH-680-NH from Patton is a really convenient fan-forced heater to meet your needs at both indoor and outdoor. This is by far one of the bests, if not the best electric garage heater 120V portable due to the top and two-front carry handles. So, take it to the patio, basement, garage, and get the warmth and comfort.

Side by side, the fan of this heater is placed in a rugged steel cage to hold up against any tough weather. In a nutshell, it ensures to support you in cold and chilly nights without giving you the stress of installation.

Plus, the built-in thermostat lets you choose the output from 1000W to 1500W with the High and Low heat settings. And to make it work, there is a durable power cord. Therefore, just plug the cord in a 120V outlet to enjoy a cozy warm ambiance anywhere.

To give you peace of mind, the Patton Utility Heater has front-guards to protect your pets and child from an uncertain accident. Besides, if somehow it tips over, then the auto shut-off option will immediately halt the heater.


  • Effortless to carry with the handles
  • Rugged steel cage for durability
  • Various heat outputs and settings for convenience
  • Safe to use due to the front-guards
  • Automatically shuts off if tipped over


  • The fan is a bit noisy
  • It cannot heat large space

Number #6: LIFE SMART Large Room Infrared Heater

LIFE SMART Large Room Infrared Heater

Now, the LIFE SMART infrared heater comes with a bit unconventional yet ultra-efficient ECO heat setting. It uses only 500W of electricity to heat a smaller room up to 68 degrees. Plus, this heater also has two High and Low heat settings.

On top of that, the LIFE SMART infrared heater only warms when you are in the room; otherwise, it won’t waste its power to heat up an empty room. Therefore, if you are talking about an energy-saving room heater, then the LIFE SMART infrared heater is what you need.

Moreover, while saving the energy, it boasts a wattage rating of 1500 and a maximum BTU output of 5100 to make sure that you are all warm and cozy. And you can move it easily pole to pole with an EZ glide caster.

Since this heater has a power cord with a 3-prong plug, plug it in a standard 120V outlet of 15amp and feel the beneficial comfort. Meanwhile, you can control the temperature according to your preference with an included remote control.

At the same time, 6 quartz of heating elements of this heater ensures to flow clean, fresh warm air while keeping the exterior cool to touch. The 12-hour dual timer gives you a hand to turn on and off the heater when you are absent.

However, if it gets overheated, the auto-shutdown option halts the heater at that moment. The LIFE SMART heater has also included the tip-over protection in case your child or pet tip it over. Therefore, you are getting energy-efficient snuggly air with top-class safety, and it is a win-win situation for you.


  • Energy-saving mode to heat a small room
  • Maximum 1500W and 5100 BTUs of heat output
  • Easy to control remotely
  • Auto shut-off option in case of overheating
  • Easy to move by the EZ glide casters
  • Tip-over protection for extra safety


  • Complicated control panel
  • Not enough power to heat a large room

Number #7: ISILER Electric Space Heater

ISILER Electric Space Heater

Need a lightweight, compact, and instant electric heater that can heat up one-car garage, study room, or basement? ISILER electric heater can live up to your expectation providing all your needs.

Weighing only 38.8 oz, it comes with a wide ergonomic handle on the top so that you can carry it anywhere. Plus, this heater sits steadily on any flat surface, thanks to the triangular supportive stand. So, it enables you to use it anywhere to have a snuggly ambiance.

Surprisingly this heater can warm any small room of 108 square feet within 2 seconds due to the ceramic heating plate; and, of course, the large air outlet.

Plus, the adjustable thermostat gives the advantage of selecting the temperature from 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, no more freezing while changing cloth or reading books.

Moreover, this 1500W heater boasts of distributing heat equally across the room without reducing the Oxygen level so that you can feel the warmness without shortness of breath.

Now since while running, the sound it makes reaches up to 90 dB, you can have a hard time with the noise. However, over time we think you can get used to it.

Being made from V0 flame-resistant materials, the ISILER earns an ETL safety certificate. When talking about safety, the smart auto-thermostat instantly stops heating as soon as the temp of the room is above 176°F. And the automatic protection will protect you from any uncertain accidents.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry with the handle
  • Rapid heating by the ceramic heating plate
  • Adjustable thermostat to set temperature
  • Keeps the air moist
  • Safe due to auto shut-off option


  • Should not be used outside
  • The fan can be noisy sometimes

Number #8: Homegear 1500W Infrared Electric Space Heater

Homegear Infrared Electric Space Heater

The Homegear unconventionally made this heater by adding a Mica-thermic fan with a quiet air blower. This dual heating fan makes sure that you get a consistent flow of warm air in quick as lightning.

Now, this 1500W electric space heater boasts 5100 BTUs of maximum heat output, more than enough to heat 500 square feet of area. Therefore, making it suitable to heat a one-car garage, basement promptly.

Though it is instructed to plug the cord in a 13amp of 120V outlet, connect to 15amp for getting the best result out of this heater.

Plus, the convenient LED display will help you to monitor the temperature. And you can set the temperature with a breeze via the remote control that comes with the heater. You can also fix the temperature by using the sleek designed thermostat on the heater.

This portable space heater from Homegear has gone through all the safety tests and earned the ETL certificate. In addition, the safety level moved one step ahead by the addition of overheat protection.


  • Heats up fast and easily due to the dual fan
  • 1500W/5100BTUs power heats up 500 square feet
  • Easy to control via the remote
  • Simple to monitor the temperature with the LED display
  • Safe to use for overheating protection


  • Difficult to carry
  • Reportedly noisy while operating

Is It Enough to Have a 120V Garage Heater?

The 120 voltage of a garage heater indicates the outlet to connect the plug, and it doesn’t reflect whether it is enough or not to heat up a garage

What matters is that how much heat a heater can produce at an optimum cost.

For example, a heater of 1500W with 5000 BTUs can heat up a small room. Whereas, if you want to heat a medium-sized room, you should go for a 2500W heater.

In short, the higher the BTUs, the more a heater can produce heat.

Again, many of us get it wrong, thinking that wattage of a heater means the capacity of producing heat. Rather, wattage is the amount of electricity needed to run the heater efficiently. A 1500W heater of 120V can easily run on a 12.5amp circuit.

For assuring which garage heater is enough, measure the area of your space. Then multiply the area with 20 to find out the BTUs needed to heat up the space sufficiently. Finally, buy any of the above 120V garage heaters to get enough warm ambiance.




How to Install Electric Garage Heater?

So, we guess that you’ve bought the best electric garage heater, and you are up to install the heater. It’s not a nerve cracking process but sure takes dedication and precautions. Don’t worry, you can install the heater by following our steps right below.

The interesting thing is that installing a heater is very simple comparing to the rest of the wiring and connecting works. Now, just choose the place where you want to hang the heater. Then, set the bracket and mount the heater by using the included bolts and screws.

However, for your convenience, we have also covered the wiring process of an electric heater in the next question. But before you jump into the complex part of this project, you will need some tools.

Required Tools

  • Firstly, you will need some essential tools before installing the heater. Of course, you need a garage heater and wires to connect them. Now get 10 AWG 2 wires along with a ground sheathed wire.
  • Secondly, you’ll need a junction box to place the wire, cable straps, and 30amp double circuit breaker. A sharp utility knife is also required to cut the wires precisely. Plus, get a wall-mounted line voltage thermostat a permanent marker to mark the holes through which wires shall enter.
  • Again, get some wire nuts for fastening the wires. Also, get a 1/2-inch flexible metal conduit to place the wire within, and connectors to connect them.
  • Finally, you’ll need 10 AWG XHHW-2 black wire and 10 AWG XHHW-2 green wire, as well as, the pliers and FMC connectors.

As you have gathered all the essential tools, all you have to do is the wiring and install the heater at your preferred location.



How to Wire Electric Garage Heater?

Undoubtedly wiring the heater makes anyone freak out. However, you can either call a professional electrician to save you the hassle. Or do it yourself by following our simple tried-and-true method. So, let’s get started to wire the electric garage heater.

Wiring the Garage Heater

Start by using the first FMC connector to attach the ½ flexible metal conduit into the junction box via the knockout hole. Then, use the second FMC connector to attach the other end of the metal conduit into the junction box of the heater.

Now, from the end of the cable at the heater, remove 6-inch of sheathing and put them into the junction box. After that, you will need to pull out 2 pieces of 10 AWG black wire and 1 piece of 10 AWG green wire through the conduit.

After pulling the wires, slice 1 inch from the 5 wires at ceiling junction. The black wires must be twisted in one piece and cap them with a wire nut. Plus, you will have to color all the wires so that they match the local codes and ordinances.

Gradually, twist the black wires along with the remaining wires and cap them with a wire nut. Then, ground the junction box and attach the twisted ground wires to the box. Then, cover the box.

From here on, you will see 3 wires in the heater junction. Strip 1 inch of insulation from them. Hence, connect the black heater wire to the black supply wire. Connect the two ground wires at the same time.

Finally, use wire nuts to cap all the joints, replace the junction box and cautiously cover the box.

At last, turn on the circuit breaker and switch the heater to feel the long waited warm air.

Wrapping It Up!

So, you picked the best electric garage heater 120V yet? We’re sure you did because these heaters are not something you see every day, right? So rather than giving these a second thought, you better get your hands on one of these right now. It’s time to say goodbye to those freezing cold experiences.