There is no better way to enjoy your living space than by cozying up around your safe, convenient, and comfortable electric fireplace. On cold and windy evenings, there’s no better feeling than sitting before a crackling fire, a glass of wine and a good book to keep you company.

Fireplaces represent a warm home full of love and warmth. However, installing a fireplace for your home use can be more complicated than you might think. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing how to install an electric fireplace insert.

Electric models are the easiest to operate as all you’ll need to do flip a switch or push a button to ignite it and enjoy its warmth. These items are more cost effective and energy efficient.

How to Install Electric Fireplace InsertThings you need to consider before buying an electric Fireplace insert

There are a few things that one needs to consider before the purchase of a fireplace. You’ll first have to decide what type of fireplace you want – there are a variety of types of heaters available today and selecting one can seem to be time-consuming and tiring. Let’s look at some key things to take into consideration.


The most important thing is first to consider your budget. This initial budget must include not just initial cost of purchase and install, but also future running costs.

Energy Source

There are five main types of heaters namely wood, pellet, gas, bioethanol, and electric. Here, we are going to focus primarily on electric fireplaces thus your fireplace will run on electricity (remember to include electricity cost in your budget)


A fireplace is a great addition to any home. There are so many different models available, and customers are spoilt for choice. There are traditional style fireplaces made from dark, detailed marble, iron and stone. Others are more modern designed with a design based on minimalist and sleek styles. These types are smooth, highly stylish and very elegant.

Heat Eradicated

Electric fireplaces are incredibly easy and safe to use. However, the amount of heat they produce is limited to just the immediate vicinity.


You need to have adequate ventilation as inadequate ventilation can cause your loved ones to become unwell and dizzy. The good thing about using an electric unit is that they are self-contained and therefore do not exhaust any smoke into a room.

Best Place to Install Fireplace Insert

If you are thinking of where to install your new heater, we would recommend that you have it installed in the most used room in your home aside from your kitchen. This is usually the family room or the great room. Where you install one depends on your goals – you want to install one for personal enjoyment or for a sole purpose of heating a space. You can have one installed in your home office, guest room, master bedroom, or at your outside patio – choices are unlimited.

How to Install Electric Fireplace Insert

Step 1

Put a cover plate on your chimney. This will prevent water from coming in. A cover plate is highly important before installation as it prevents water from coming in – in case your chimney doesn’t have a rain cap.

Step 2

Close and seal damper of your masonry fireplace. This will prevent drafts and loss of heat.

Step 3

Next thing you’ll need to do is to install a power outlet inside the opening. NOTE that all electric insert plugs into standard household power outlets. It’s best to install an outlet outside of your existing fireplace.

Step 4

Next, slide firebox inside of this opening, center it and levels it out. Some inserts come inclusive of tie-down brackets that a user will need to attach to fire-place floor and back of insert on both sides to secure it and ensure it doesn’t tip.

Step 5

This is your final step. Now that insert is safely secured in place, attach trip or frame that will cover up gaps between insert and walls of your heater’s opening. Some models come inclusive of glass frames while others come with metal trims.

And there you have it; a complete electric fire-place ready for action.

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How much to install electric Fireplace inserts

Freestanding heaters cost about $80 – $500. Models with built-in frames and mantels cost approximately $400 – $2,200. The national average of installing an electric plug-in unit is $300. However, prices vary widely depending by region or even by zip code. Let’s give an example with a heater that averages $300.

  • Log Inserts: $150 – $200
  • Plug-in Inserts: $150 – $350
  • Built-in Inserts: $250 – $600
  • Labor: Most electricians charge $65-$85 per hour and can install your new unit in 2-4 hours. Thus incurring a total labor cost of $130 – $340
  • An additional standard outlet might be needed to be installed closer to your fireplace location, and this will cost an additional $100
  • Some heaters come with remote control capabilities which adds $75 to your overall costs
  • Ready-to-install mantels cost $275 – $850 depending on material and size. Custom models cost thousands of dollars.
  • Electric heaters lower overall heating bill and can cost approximately 7 – 13 cents per hour to operate.

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Tips and Precautions

  • Do not use extension cords – always plug heater directly into the wall outlet
  • Heating element gets hot when switched on so take care to avoid burning your bare skin
  • Keep all items made out of combustible materials such as clothes, bedding, pillows, home and office furniture at a safe distance
  • Do not block fresh air intake vents
  • When not in use, ensure heater is always unplugged
  • Before disconnecting unit, turn off firebox and remove the plug from socket or outlet
  • Never attempt to lift heater by its glass – always lift from the firebox


Fireplaces provide a warm and restful place for you and your loved ones to sit and relax. There are countless designs and models available in the current market. Installing your new unit is relatively easy, as you have seen above. Simply follow our laid-out tips and steps, and you’ll have a working unit in no time. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below and we shall get back to you ASAP.