How to turn on electric fireplace

How To Turn On Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace gives us a fake feeling of warmth and ambiance of fire. But, without any doubt, if you place one in your living room or bedroom, it will be the main focal point of your home, because of its aesthetic design and lavish look. If you are very much familiar with wood or gas fireplaces, not with electric, then you may think it is very hard to turn on an electric fireplace.  However, turning on the electric version of the fireplace is not too bothersome like gas or wood fireplace. Modern electric fireplace has included three different ways to turn NO/OFF the fireplace. All of the methods are very easy and simple. Furthermore, there is no igniter or pilot light with an electric fireplace. Also, you do not need to turn the gas valve on to supply the gas from the mainline. Or, you don’t need to put logs and wood inside the fireplace like a traditional fireplace. Because you don’t have to deal with real fire, the total procedure of turning on the electric fireplace is so easy that even your kids can handle it pretty safely.

Below we are going to discuss all the methods of turning on your fireplace from the first time.  

Method 1: Turn On Your Electric Fireplace Using a Remote

Most of the electric fireplaces available nowadays must include a remote control. If your purchased fireplace model also comes with a beautiful remote control system, then you don’t have to bother too much starting it, you can easily turn on your electric fireplace using this tiny device. However, you need to follow some basic rules and methods to turn it on properly without any kind of trouble.

Electric fireplace with remote control

First, you need to plug your electric fireplace into a nearby power outlet. If there is no power outlet nearby to plug it on, you need to put one. Remember that no electric fireplace won’t run without a power supply.

So, when putting the electric fireplace plug into the power outlet, let the power supply by switching “No” to the manual switch of the power outlet to activate the unit.

Next, grab the remote control of your electric fireplace on hand and check if the batteries are inside the remote control or not. If there are no batteries, you must install batteries in the remote control. Without batteries, your remote control is nothing but a piece of toy, and it will not work without DC power. So, you must install batteries first.

After that, take a look at all the switches on the remote. If you don’t understand the functionality of any button, you should look at the user manual of the fireplace unit. Commonly, most remote control of electric fireplace has a switch to control the On/Off function, the temperature setting of the unit, and the flames setting.

So, to turn your electric fireplace ON using your remote control, you need to press the On/Off switch of the remote control. And your fireplace will start heating at the default temperature setting and flame setting.

Method 2: Turn ON Electric Fireplace Manually (Without Remote Control)

Some old or cheap electric fireplace models don’t include a remote control with them. In some case, you may put your remote control in the wrong place and you are not finding it or the batteries has run out, unfortunately.  To tackle such kind of situation, it is a wise decision to learn how to operate your electric fireplace without a remote control. Since you can’t turn on your electric fireplace setting far away from the unit, you need to come close to the device and try to operate it manually with the help of a control panel.

How to do it?

First of all, you should plug in your electric fireplace to a nearby power outlet and start supplying power from the grid by switching on the power outlet switch. After that, turn on the power switch of the electric fireplace which is normally located on the back of the fireplace. 

Then, you should walk near your electric fireplace and find the manual control panel that may be located on the top or the bottom of the unit. However, if you face a problem finding the location of the control panel bottom, you may check the user manual of your electric fireplace.

After discovering the control panel, the final thing you need to do is to turn ON the heat switch off by pressing the ON/Off bottom. There will be other bottoms to control other functionality of the fireplace. So, you have to detect which one is the power switch among all.

Method 3: Turn Electric Fireplace No Using App

Only a few electric fireplaces include this feature to control electric fireplaces because only a few electric fireplace models come with built-in Bluetooth technology with smartphone apps. However, if your fireplace is blessed with this advanced level feature, then you can follow the below method to turn “ON/OFF” your electric fireplace:

To operate your electric fireplace with your smartphone, you have to download an app the manufacturer prescribes. To download it on your smartphone you need to open the app store or play store and then type the app name. After that find the apps from the search result and then install them on your smartphone.

When the installation of the apps is done properly, you need to open the apps.

When you open it, you will see that there will be an option to connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth device of your electric fireplace. Most of the time, the Bluetooth name of your electric fireplace will be the model name. However, please check the Bluetooth name from the user manual.

When you connect your smartphone to the fireplace, you need to open the app to find the switch like a remote control to operate different functionality, including turning it off/On.

Final Words

So, now you have learned how to turn on an electric fireplace with or without remote control. Also, we have discussed how to operate it with a smartphone but this feature is only available in very few electric fireplace models. Therefore, if you think that you must need this feature in your electric fireplace, you must look for this feature in the specification before purchasing it. Now, it is high time to enjoy the full ambiance of your beloved electric fireplace. Have a nice day, Cheers.

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