Best Wood Stove Fan

Best Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guideline

Distributing heat produced by your wood pellet stove or wood stove properly around the entire apartment or house is not an easy task. It’s quite good challenging work. But, if you have a wood stove fan, you don’t have to think about the distribution of stove heatwave. Your stove fan will do all the work!!

Remember, if you don’t have a wood stove fan, you may feel too hot if you sit very near to your stove. Consequently, setting far away from your stove will make you cold.

The most effective solution to this kind of heat distribution problem of your woos stove is to use a good-quality wood stove fan. Nothing else can fix this problem so easily. It will be best if you choose a heat power wood stove fan instead of purchasing a normal wood stove.

After expending hours and weeks of researching, our expert has finally bought their most favourite wood stove fans that you can trust surely.

Quick Look At Our Top Picked Wood Stove Fan

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Top 8 Best Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Reviews

Number 1: VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

VODA Heat Powered Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • VODA is the most trusted and reliable heat power stove fan. This means it only runs on the heat that is produced by the wood stove itself. You don’t have to buy extra batteries or a power supply for the fan. So, it will not cost extra bucks for running it. It mainly runs on the heat produced and radiate by your wood stove or pellet stove. So, we can say it is an eco-friendly and sustainable device.
  • The blades and base of this fan are specially built with anodized aluminum. So, it will not become rusty with the passage of time making it one of the most durable wood stove fans.
  • Best to use this stove fan on a freestanding stove. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for that stove whose surface temperature always remains between 185ºF – 660ºF. Make it certain that the surface temperature of the stove exceeds 660ºF since it may damage the fans internal parts. Furthermore, the fan will not spin if the surface temp doesn’t reach or go beyond 185ºF.
  • It can produce 240 CFM speed at high speed.

We can’t help but kick off our best stove fan roundup with the VODA stove fan since it is undoubtedly one of the finest wood stove fans on the market. The price of this fan is pretty affordable and the design of this fan is not bad at all. It can circulate the warm heatwave generated by a wood stove to the entire room most effective than any other stove fan. And, we have tested this unit for a 1500 sq. feet one room downstairs and we placed it on a wood pellet stove (Wood Pellet Stove of Pleasant Hearth). We have observed that the Pleasant Hearth wood pellet stove can’t able to cover the whole 1500 sq. feet at a time without the use of Voda Wood Stove Fan. But, when we placed Voda Wood Stove things changed dramatically. We found that although the outside temperature is sub-freezing, a few hours of wood-burning make the whole downstairs cozy. The apartment is getting warmer faster than ever.

The Blades of VODA Stove Fan runs very fast and pushes the heat-producing and radiating from your stove to the entire room. It will take only 10 seconds to install this fan and the only parts that you need to assembly are the blades that are not that hard.


  • Easy to install
  • Consume less heat energy
  • Very efficient
  • It doesn’t make any noise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Price is not too high


  • Didn’t find any disadvantages yet

Number 2: ECOFAN AirMax Wood Stove Fan

ECOFAN AirMax Wood Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • Heat powered wood stove fan.
  • It increases the heat output efficiency of your stove by 18%.
  • It warms up your room by distributing it to the entire room 38% faster than without this wood stove fan.
  • Equipped with whisper-quiet technology
  • Can be used in a wood stove insert if there is free space behind fins
  • Two years of warranty
  • CFM rating of the fan is 175

This is the latest and upgraded version of ECOFAN AirMax Stove Fan. ECOFAN AirMax achieved the second spot in our top 5 wood stove list, although it is one of the hottest competitors for our number one spot. This wood stove fan doesn’t look very attractive, but, it can do its work very efficiently. It is very expensive, still, the price is really worth it and you will not regard it after buying it. It doesn’t use any kind of electricity and is very silent in operation. Another great advantage of this kind of heat powered wood stove fan is that it will warn you when you need to load wood in the stove since the stove fan will stop spinning or rotation of the blades will become slow automatically when there is a shortage of wood or no wood at all inside the hopper. Isn’t this a great feature!!

The size of the blades of this stove fan is big compared to other wood stove fans on our list, for this reason, the fan moves more air and distributes the heatwave far far away.


  • Well made
  • Quiet operation
  • It works fine as long as wood stove operate
  • No electricity needed
  • Efficient


  • Expensive compared to other wood stove fan
  • Not effective for large room

Number 3: GaLAFIRE Eco Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

GaLAFIRE Eco Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • Heat power stove fan
  • Made of anodized aluminum materials
  • The temperature range within which it works perfectly is from 80°C-250°C.
  • CFM rating is 220
  • Two years’ warranty

GaLAFIRE Eco Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan is a great-looking tiny little fan manufactured by GALAFIRE. It can’t circulate air like a normal fan but it can blow air in such a way that it is capable of moving the heat of the woodstove around small to medium size rooms. So, heat will not have stuck near the stove or top of the ceiling. It doesn’t make a huge sound like a normal fan and doesn’t need extra electricity to run this stove fan. The body and blades of this stove fan are made of rust-resistant material, so this fan is comparatively more long-lasting than others. It also comes up with a magnetic stove thermometer which will show the temperature of the stove surface. So, this thermometer will tell you when the temperature of the surface increases dangerously to damage the fans’ working mechanism.


  • The product is quiet.
  • Can suck dry and wet messes simultaneously.
  • Easy and simple to clean.
  • Has a separate inner and outer filter.
  • Low power at 6 amps.


  • Short cord length.
  • You have to carry it around.
  • No wheels; not great for very huge messes.

Number 4: VonHaus 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

VonHaus 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • Four blade heat powered wood stove fan
  • Automatically operate if the temperature of the stove is between minimum 50°C – maximum 350°C
  • Can blow air at 160 CFM
  • Premium black aluminum outer body construction
  • It comes with a magnetic temperature gauge

Although VonHaus wood stove fan obtained the number 4 spot in our wood stove fan reviews, you will not regret buying this stove fan as it got the precious “Amazon Choice” tag. You will become surprised how it will make a difference in your wood stove distributing the hot and warm air around the room. It works perfectly as it is described in the product specification provided by the manufacturer. Like our number 3 wood stove fan, this also has a magnetic wood stove thermometer and saves few bucks as you don’t need to buy another thermometer.


  • The product is quiet.
  • Can suck dry and wet messes simultaneously.
  • Easy and simple to clean.
  • Has a separate inner and outer filter.
  • Low power at 6 amps.


  • Short cord length.
  • You have to carry it around.
  • No wheels; not great for very huge messes.

Number 5: CWLAKON Wood Stove Fan

CWLAKON Wood Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • Heat power wood stove fan
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • CFM rating is 120
  • Operating temperature 50°C-350°C(122°F-662°F)
  • A free magnetic thermometer is added with it

If are you looking for the cheapest but the best fan for wood stove then you must consider CWLAKON Wood Stove Fan. This wood stove fan has four 90 mm blades made of aluminium. So, it doesn’t become discoloured or rusty even surface temperature of wood stove exceeds 700°F. It can circulate warm air in good size space. It also comes with a magnetic thermometer that you can attach to the stove. This thermometer is coloured especially so that you can get the idea of the stove fan temperature from distance seeing the color code. You will find a bi-metallic stripe under the base of the fan. This strip will bend automatically when the surface temperature of the fan is too high.   


  • The product is quiet.
  • Can suck dry and wet messes simultaneously.
  • Easy and simple to clean.
  • Has a separate inner and outer filter.
  • Low power at 6 amps.


  • Short cord length.
  • You have to carry it around.
  • No wheels; not great for very huge messes.

Number 6: Tomersun 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Tomersun Heat Powered Stove Fan

Key Features:

  • This one is also a heat power wood stove fan but this one has 3 blades
  • The body of this fan is made of durable aluminum. So, you don’t need to think about its durability.
  • It has a bi-metallic device in the base of the fan which ensures the safety of fans’ motor and TEG. This safety device will lift the fan when the temperature of the surface is above 300℃. Thus, it protects the motor and Thermo Electric Generator (TEG).
  • The CFM rating of this fan is between 150-170. 

This heat powered wood stove fan is pretty small in size, even it is smaller than the Ecofan Heat power wood stove fan. Although it is smaller in size but moves a good amount of air. You will be wonder how a small stove fan like this one can move air like this. It will distribute the air such that the entire house or apartment will remain warm constantly. It will also help you to reduce the use of wood to 30%-40% lesser than normal. It will look brilliant on your stove, so, buy it without thinking about the price. 


  • Small in size
  • It runs pretty quietly
  • Very cheap price
  • Distribute the heat evenly
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very powerful like our top-rated stove fan
  • The fan started rotating even on moderate heat

Number 7: Sonyabecca Heat Powered Stove Fan with Magnetic Thermometer 

Sonyabecca Heat Powered Stove Fan
  • This heat power stove fan of Sonyabecca has 4 spinning blades that ensure large air volume.
  • The working temperature limit of this heat powered fan is between 50°C(122°F)-340°C(644°F), which means it will start rotating when the temperature of stove reaches 50°C(122°F) and stop spinning the blades when temperature of the stove exceed 340°C(644°F).
  • It comes with a free magnetic thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wood or pellet stove. 
  • The entire body of the fan is constructed with Anodized aluminum material which is less corrosive and rustic.
  • The engineers of this stove fan claim that it can move air around 250 CFM (Min)-360 CFM (Max).
  • There is an iron sheet beneath the wood stove fan which is specially made for protecting it for the damage due to high temperature. 
  • Come up with a magnetic stove thermometer with this unit free of cost.  

This wood stove fan is ideal and highly recommended for a big size house or apartment since it has the highest air flow capacity among our top-picked heat power wood stove fans. You will not hear any kind of sound when the blades spin at low speed but you will surely hear some noise while it is spinning at top speed. You don’t have to do very hard work placing it, just set it on top of your fireplace or stove.


  • Very powerful stove fan
  • It diffuses warm air around the entire apartment
  • Pretty attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean


  • Not quiet during high speed
  • It took lots of heat to make the fan spinning
  • Tiny in size

Number 8: Home Heat Powered Fan for Wood Burning Stoves or Fireplaces

Home Heat Powered Fan
  • This 4 blade heat powered stove fan works great for wood or pellet burning stoves or fireplaces.
  • It works as a build-in fire stocking indicator for your stove or fireplace since it only works on the heat produced by the stove, and it will stop working or start spinning slowly if the stove will not produce that much heat. It is simply telling or indicating you that you need to stock the fire.
  • Its CFM rating is 170-190.
  • It will work if the temperature is between a minimum of 122°F (50°C) and maximum of 644°F (340°C).
  • Blades are made of steel.
  • 10 years of warranty.

This stove fan has the highest warranty period, almost 10 years, among our first choice heat power wood stove fan. Although the fan is made in China, it is a premium quality product. It wins the heart of many wood stoves or fireplace users.


  • Price is very cheap
  • Moves good amount of air
  • Easy to assemble
  • Design of the fan isn’t bad at all
  • Easy to clean


  • Sometimes the manufacturer delivered defective products to customers
  • Not very durable
  • Not powerful

Beginner Buying Guideline For Wood Stove Fan User

Benefits of Having a Wood Stove Fan

  • Other than the initial cost of purchasing it there is no extra electricity cost or fuel cost needed to run a heat powered wood stove fan. It utilizes the waste heat energy produced by wood or pellet stove.
  • It will boost the efficiency of the wood stove. So, it helps to reduce the fuel-burning cost to a great extent.
  • You will not feel the wind blowing out from the fan
  • It warms the room faster
  • Using a wood stove fan will eliminate the cold spots of your house since it will circulate the heat of the stove all around the entire house effectively.
  • Hot air supposed to stuck on the ceiling of the house. But, the stove fan changes this trend of heat direction by blowing speedy air so that the warm heat can be distributed all over.
  • A quality wood stove fan reduce the heat loss as very small portion of heat wasted though ceiling or windows. Hence, more heat sustain in the house, therefore, you will need less wood fuel. consequently, 20%-25% of fuel cost will be saved if you use a good wood stove fan near your stove.
  • Heat power wood stove fan is eco-friendly
  • They are very easy to install, only you need to place them on the wood stove.
  • The blades of this fan are open rather than enclosed by plastic or steel grill like a traditional electric fan. So, you don’t need to disassemble it for cleaning.
  • It will enhance comfort in the room by distributing the heat equally all around.
  • It doesn’t make any kind of sound while it is operating at full speed.

What Is a Wood Stove Fan?

Look wise, wood stove fans are completely different from traditional fans. Because it doesn’t have any power cord and the blades of this fan are opened, it doesn’t have any grill to protect the blades.

Wood stove fans are specially made for wood-burning stoves and they are made of rotary blades that are designed to distribute the hot warm air generated by your wood stove. They are mainly no electric which means they are powered by heat produced by the stove.

How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

Wood stove fans are heat active devices. A heat-powered wood stove usually utilizes the working mechanism of a Thermoelectric Power Generator (TPG). In a wood stove fan, a TPG module is located on the top of the fan. This module generates the current of electrons to drive the motor of the fan to rotate the blades. Let me give you a brief idea of what happens in a wood stove fan.

The surface of a wood stove becomes very hot when it is running at full speed. Usually, a wood stove fan is placed at the top of the stove. The base of the stove fan gets in contact with the hot surface of the stove so heat will transfer from the hot stove to the cold metal base of the stove fan. We know that a TPG works properly if there is a temperature difference exists. The low-temperature difference between the TPG will result in low voltage and current output and the high temp difference will result in high power output. The more the power output, the more speedy the fan will be.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Wood Stove Fan

  • Size of your apartment or room – knowing the appropriate size of your room or apartment is very crucial before you are going to purchase a wood stove fan. Because, if you use a large room wood stove fan in a small room, you will feel it will be too powerful. Moreover, you will feel the air of the stove fan which may feel you cold at that certain moment.
  • Capacity of your wood stove – How much heat you heat can generate? What is the BTU rating of your wood stove? These two things are also very important. If the heat output of your stove is low, then you have to go for a fan that works on low heat.
  • Temperature sensitivity – a wood stove fan will only work if the temperature of the base of the fan reached the minimum temperature specified in the model of the fan. You will find a difference in the value of this minimum working temperature of the wood stove. Some require very low temperatures to kickoff and another need bit high temperature to generate power to rotate the blades.
  • CFM – this rating refers who many cubic feet a fan can blow its air in a minute. Higher the value of the fan greater airflow you will get from wood stove fan.
  • Design –some will not consider this at all but buying anything good looking is always pleasing.
  • Noise – noisy fan will disturb you while you are willing to sleep or watching a blockbuster TV show. Always try to find a wood stove fan that doesn’t produce too much sound.
  • Warranty – it is better to buy a wood stove fan which has a long warranty period. But you need to pay attention to the warranty policy. Because each and every wood stove fan manufacturer has a different warranty policy. For example, VODA will give only a one-year warranty but you can extend this warranty period to two years plus if you pay extra. VANHAUS gives two years’ warranty for their wood stove fan but you need to register within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Safety Precaution and Tips Regarding Using Wood Stove Fan

  • Keep both the wood stove and wood stove fan away from your kids. Because wood stove tends to become hot and blades of wood stove fans are open and also it becomes hot. It is safe to use protective grills to keep your toddlers away from it.
  • Don’t touch the fan if it is running for quite a long time. Better stop your wood stove first and then wait a few minutes before the stove fan become cool again.
  • It is good practice to use a stove thermometer with it. Because, if the temperature of the wood stove surface exceeds the maximum temperature that the fan can tolerate, it may damage the fan. Some stove fan comes with a thermometer and other doesn’t. so, your chosen one doesn’t offer a free thermometer then you need to buy an extra which may cost 10$-15$.
  • Don’t touch the fan body when it is operating.
  • Don’t lubricate the fan motor as they are permanently lubricated
  • Don’t place it very near to the chimney or vent pipe


Where to Position a Wood Stove Fan?

The best place to position a wood stove fan is to install it on the top of the surface of the wood stove. Always make it sure that you have placed it on a smooth and flat surface. But which is a suitable spot on the top? Well, the best is near the side or back of a wood stove. On that spot, cooler air is normally drawn from the cooling fins. This kind of placing helps the fan to pull the essential cooler air from the rear part of the stove.

Where Not to Install a Wood Stove Fan?

Don’t ever place it in front of the vent pipe of the wood stove. It is better to put at least a 6’’ gap between stove fan and stovepipe.

Can I Use a Heat Power Stove Fan in a Fireplace?

Unfortunately, you can’t use it in a fireplace since they generate their own power by the temperature differential between the base and top of the fan.  

Can I Use a Wood Stove Fan in Fireplace Insert?

Yes, you can. But you need to place it in such a spot where the stove fan can drag cooler air and surface temperature of the base shouldn’t exceed the maximum tolerable temperature.

Do Stove Fan Work on Gas Stove?

Yapp. They do work on it.

What are the Best Brands of Heat Power Wood Stove Fan?

Here are some of the top class wood stove fan manufacturing brands that anyone can trust:

  1. VODA: Original full name of this company is Shenzhen Voda Tech Co., Ltd.  They are Originally a China Manufacturer of Heat Powered Stove Fan and they supply their product across the globe. 
  2. VonHaus: Great brand for homeware. They are a well-known brand in the UK and there headquarter located in Manchester.
  3. CWLAKON: they don’t have any official website and office. But their stores on Amazon and eBay are loved by the customers.

Common Troubleshoot Problem Of Stove Fan

Why my wood stove fan won’t start all of a sudden?

Here are some of the common reasons for this kind of sudden troubleshoot:

  • If you face this kind of problem with your wood stove fan, you may need to check the motor connection of the fan. Since weak wire connection or the motor not connected properly may lead to this kind of problem.
  • Sometimes this kind of problem can occur if the fan is fallen on the ground unlikely. This can affect the performance of the fan.
  • In a worst-case scenario, the motor of the fan stops working freely as a new fan. In that case, you have to move the fan blades with your hand 1 or 2 revelations and it will start running.  

Why temperature exceeds the minimum limit but still it is not spinning?

Maybe you are checking the absolute temperature of the stove not the temperature difference between the base and top of the fan. If the ambient temperature is not cool enough then the top of the fan will not remain cool as a normal condition. So, the fan needs more than what they need minimum to start the blades spin. That is the main reason why our experts always recommend placing a wood stove fan far away from the vent or flue pipe. So that the ambient air around the stove fan remains cool as always.

Why my wood stove fan creates a rattling sound?

Here are some of the main reasons for this kind of weird noise produces by a heat powered stove fan:

  • If the blades of the stove are damaged, you may hear this kind of problem.
  • Sometimes the blades come out of the alignment and this can be the reason for this sound.
  • Sometimes dust and dirt accumulated inside the motor of the fan can be a big culprit of this problem.


So here we have our top 8 best fans to move wood stove heat most effectively and ultimate experts buying guidelines. I hope so this article helps you why you need to buy a wood stove fan and how to pick the best one. If you don’t like the wood stove fan that is selected by our experts, you should keep looking at Amazon, eBay, or Walmart to find the best deal at a very reasonable price.