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7 Best Propane Garage Heater: Keeps You Warm While You Work

For some folks, the garage is just like home.

Does it sound like you?

If you live in Alaska or the coolest part of the USA, you see how cold can drive a nail into the coffin of your vehicle. The garage can get extremely chill in the winter – unless you have something like a heater.

Keeping cars in good shape is real combat!

But insulating the entire place by adding piping from the central heating system would be really costly.

If you yearn for a reasonable solution to shield your garage from this chilling cold by saving a few bucks, then propane garage heater is the best option. They are portable, conveniently, and, most importantly, cheap than an electric heater.

But is it safe to use a propane heater in a garage?

Hell, yes, man! They are perfectly fine and safe for the garage. Here in this article, we attempt to sort out some of the best propane garage heaters which are specially designed to give your garage a cozy place.

Our Handpicked List of 7 Best Propane Garage Heater

So what type of heater is best for a garage? 

It’s the question you secretly dread to ask, right? Well, certainly a million-dollar question!

We think a propane garage heater should have the below characteristics.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Definitely, they should be equipped with different safety features. Features are automatic shutdown, and overheating protection. Some heaters come with cool-touch options. This option will keep the surface of the heater always cool.
  • A propane garage heater that is portable and comes with a right enough long cord is the best one. Because you can carry them without any hassle, and getting the power source will also be easy.

Considering all of these aspects, here is our 7 review of the finest propane heater, which is small, lightweight, and convenient for your garage.

1. Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B- Best Portable Garage Heater

Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B Portable Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater F274800 is the most ergonomically designed heating gadget we came across.

Why are we saying this?

Equipped with 4,000-18,000 BTU Liquid, this machine is able to bridge to two cylinders effortlessly. Therefore, heating enclosed spaces up to 450 sq. ft wouldn’t be a big deal for this stuff.

Sound’s impressive, isn’t it?

The thing that impresses us most is the two swivel regulators by just attaching a single hose and filter.

Worried about safety?

Can’t blame you, safety comes first. And keep that in mind, MR. Heater designed this heater with the Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which provides a safety shut-off on an accidental tip-over.

But remember this:

When operating at altitudes over 7,000 ft above sea level, this may shut off automatically.

2.   Dyna-Glo Rmc-Lpc25dg- A True Propane Convection Heaters

Dyna-Glo RMC-LPC25DG Liquid Propane Convection Heater

The Dyna-Glo Rmc-lpc25dg is a 25,000 BTUs heating monster with 1-hand piezo ignition. It means the capacity is more than sufficient to heat a decent area like 600 sq. ft.

What makes this so special?

No Hassel gadget. All you have to do is just hook up the line and turn on the nob, and wait. Within the shortest possible time, it will gonna meet your heating needs.

But wait – there’s more

Variable heat settings make it a great choice for outdoor/indoor application, industrial & commercial construction. 

Now, let’s see what’s inside the box. It includes:

  • 10′ Hose 
  • Regulator

It is equipped with a solid base to avoid tipping while automatic shutoff to give you a safe experience.

Let me say this straight, though hose and package are included with the package; prepare to buy an LP tank separately. This won’t come with the box dude.

3. Little Buddy Propane Heater F215100- A Reliable propane heater in a closed garage

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Propane Heater

Looking for a versatile, trustworthy solution for Keeps Vehicles Warmer? 

Mr Heater little buddy propane heater could be your lifesaver, beautifully give your workplace a home-like feeling.

I know that’s what you’re thinking, why we call it versatile, right?

Because it works great on both indoor and outdoor, including emergency heat, campers, job sites, patios, decks, picnics, tailgate parties, storage buildings, sporting events, sheds, shelters, ice fishing shanties and most impotantly in garage.

But hang on a minute:

If you are planning to golf cart use or on motorized vehicles, this stuff is not the right one. It’s not intended for these uses as they are not recommended to operate­ this ­ in­ any ­moving­ vehicle.

What about the runtime?

I guess run time is impressive, can perform 5.6 hours even at maximum Btu. Want to know a secret to get the best performance? Set it in a vent­ area­ of­ 4­ square­ inches­ at least so that it gets sufficient ventilation.

4. Comfort Glow Cabinet Propane Heater– The Ultimate Infrared Propane Heater For Garage

Comfort Glow GCH480 Propane(LP) Cabinet Heater

With hundreds of positive reviews, this classic heating machine is clearly a crowd favorite!

Wondering why?

Running off a 20 lb. (LP) cylinder tank, this beast is nearly the perfect utility heater. As the name indicates, this Instant radiant infrared heat can cover up to 450 sq. ft.

And you know the best part?

It offers several heating choices, including 6K, 12K, and 18K BTU, which you can manually select. Apart from this, it is equipped with 4 solid wheels so that it can be moved easily.

I know we all are worried about safety when it comes to setting up a heater in the garage.

Can’t blame it because it really a big deal. I can assure you will get full safety as this heater comes with an ODS shut-off feature.

5. Mr. Heater f232000 mh9bx buddy- A safe propane radiant heater

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Portable Propane Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater has excelled once again, this time with an f232000 mh9bx buddy that will simply take your breath away. This red beauty is nearly 100 percent efficient.

Cooler than ever!

Before anything else, let’s see the BTU. Well, in that case, this radiant heater is decent, around 4,000- to 9,000. This cool stuff is not only clean-burning, but runtime also is not that bad actually. I guess 3 Hours of the runtime is sufficient for both indoor and outdoor use.

Good for you.

Fair enough, but if the pilot light goes out, or see low oxygen levels, this unit will Auto shut off. That’s why I really love it.

6. Procom PCFA60V Magnum Forced Air Propane Heater- A Ventless Propane Garage Heater

Go warmer with Magnum Forced Air Propane Heater. 

Yes, you read that right.

The weatherproof design with a powerful motor makes it perfect for outdoor use. No matter how cold the weather in outside, this stuff will start reliably. I assure you can depend on it without any second thought.

There is actually a lot to talk about this awesome heating machine. Surprisingly enough, it heats up instantly – literally, no startup time required. 

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The secret behind this instant heat is the high output blower circulates, which heats your surface within no time.

What else can you expect from a stylish heater?

The COOL touch shell temperatures, along with the convenient design, allow you to warm up the garage or your job site with proper ventilation.

And one more thing……

If you are worried about weight and how to handle it, then you probably haven’t noticed there is a large, sturdy grip handle. As a result, you can move it easily wherever you want.

Don’t worry about quality also. Only top-notch materials are used in manufacturing to maintain state-of-the-art parts.

7. Dyna-Glo Ir18pmdg- Most Trustworthy Indoor Propane Heater

Dyna-Glo IR18PMDG Liquid Propane Infrared Vent Free Wall Heater

You can still have a warm, cozy workplace experience even in the garage with a compact Free Wall Heater, like the Dyna-Glo IR18PMDG-1 series. 

Think I’m exaggerating?

Hell no! The Infrared Technology of this heater works by radiating heat to heat up objects first. Literally just in a blink, Similar to the sun!

Let’s talk about the BTU; it can heat up to 18,000 BTUs/hr to 700 sq. ft. 

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Another great feature of this heater is the variable control knob; Low-med-hi mode made it the most customizable heat settings you have ever experienced. Choose your required temperature with just a turn of a knob.

It sound’s simple, and really it is.

As you can see, this stuff is an Infrared vent-free wall heater.

Make sense?

It means No electricity is required to run. It is designed with reliable backup heating if there is an emergency situation.

Want to place it on the floor?

No problem, for floor installation, all you have to do is add on the optional base legs. But unfortunately, for that, you need to purchase a Model #WBL100 base leg separately.

Propane Vs. Electric Garage Heater: Which One Is The Best

Time for comparison!

Fair enough, because you are actually investing your money. Let’s compare them with a few aspects:

  • Noise levels: In most cases, electric heaters come with a fan, which usually blows hot air. Still, they are much quieter than propane heaters. Therefore, if you are sensitive to noise, definitely go for an electric one.
  • Heat output: When you compare heat output, honestly speaking, there is not really much difference. Both are capable of between 4000 and 30,000 BTUs.
  • Running cost: cost is definitely a crucial factor when it comes to making your buying choice. In that case, the electric heater is slightly more pricey than propane heaters. Not much, it may vary 5 to 10$.

Propane VS Natural Gas Garage Heater

First let’s talk about the natural gas heater. 

The first point you will like for a natural gas garage heater is, they are cost-effective. These heaters are environment-friendly as it burns clean and are sustainable. 

And you know what?

They are the best option when you are looking for a heater for your outdoor building. Natural gas garage heaters provide quiet operation. Also, a majority of the heaters come with portable options.

What about the Propane gas garage heater?

Propane gas garage heaters are a bit more expensive than a natural gas heater. Because they come with so many features like portability, adjustable heat controlling system. 

And they provide long time heating service, and different types of safety feature too. Additionally, they feature all sorts of upgraded technology. And these features make your operation time comfortable.

Things you Have To Consider While Buying

Are you sweating your forehead looking for a good propane garage heater? 

No worries.

Because after doing in-depth research, I am sharing a few considerations. This will assist you while purchasing a propane garage heater.


If you are a trip lover, then you should look for a heater that can be moved around with you. In the market, you will find some heaters which are lightweight.

Also, they come with carrying handles for easy moving. Moreover, some larger models are available, which contain a wheel to move.


If your selected model is not portable and requires installation, you need to choose the installation place on a priority basis. Before purchasing, measure the space so that you can find a heater that can fit into the place.

Note that lightweight designs are easy to install.

Size & Power

Learn about the size of the area where you need heating. The size and power matter because in a garage, hot air is lost quickly. So, a garage heater that is powerful as well as perfect in size to fit at your desired place will give you tremendous performance.


Cost plays a vital factor when purchasing a propane garage heater. You shouldn’t give all your money to the seller while purchasing the best propane garage heater. Surf in the market, look for the reviews online, and decide to go for the affordable propane garage heater.

The Bottom Line……

The heater you use in your home won’t be appropriate if you have planned to use it in the garage. 

Admit it.

For obvious reasons, choosing a heater for the garage is way more different as it has been constructed differently. People choose propane heaters for the garage as they are portable. In this article, we attempt to tough some of the best propane heaters for garages.

Out of these 7 reliable garage heaters, which one is our favorite?

Here is the shortlist:

  • Best overall: Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B
  • Best value, Runner up: dyna-glo rmc-lpc25dg
  • Best budget: little buddy propane heaterF215100

The choice is yours. Grab the one you think will be the right fit for you.

Stay warm and safe ya’ll!