Pros and cons of electric fireplace

Pros & Cons Of Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are dominating the market and more people choosing them over the traditional fireplaces. But, Why electric fireplaces become popular as household heating appliances? And why most people are likely to buy an electric fireplace?

If you audit the benefits of an electric fireplace, you will get the answer to these questions. keep in mind is that every device or appliance has advantages and disadvantages. Before buying a product, you must know about its pros and cons in detail.

Though electric fireplace has more benefits, it has some drawbacks also. So, in this article, we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of electric fireplaces. We have divided this article into different so that you can understand it easily. 

Pros of the Electric Fireplace

Decorative Benefits of Electric Fireplace

  • Elegant design. Every electric fireplace models available today come with a different but unique design, colors, and materials. Each fireplace will blend perfectly with the home decor. So, all you have to do as the user is select one that matches your home and you will be good to go.
  • Saves space. Placing an electric fireplace in a house or apartment is not that difficult. Because it doesn’t take too much room. You can place a freestanding or wall mounting fireplace anywhere you like without facing huge trouble. If you choose a mounting electric fireplace, the device will only require about 1 to 10 inches.
  • Flexible for installation. You can install an electric fireplace by yourself without breaking it. You don’t need to hire a professional for installation. If you purchase a freestanding electric fireplace, you don’t even need to assemble it or install it. Only you have to place it in a suitable space and plug in the power cord and it will start heating your house.
    Some electric fireplace models have additional room or shelves to keep books, show-piece, or even a TV or aquarium. So, select one that will meet your home needs. Also, ensure to choose the size that will comfortably fit in your living room without reducing the required movement space.

Convenience Pros.

  • Long durability. What makes these fireplaces stand out from the traditional ones is their durability. An electric fireplace is more durable because it doesn’t require any fuel like gas or wood. So, it doesn’t have any combustion chamber like a traditional fireplace.  Therefore, the texture of the fireplace will remain brand new forever. Besides the outer body of the fireplace is coated with anti-corrosive paint and materials. So, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and new-looking fireplace for a long time.
  • Easy to install. You don’t need to spend extra money in hiring a technician to help you in either fixing or mounting the device on the wall. The feature of top quality electric fireplace is that they are very easy to install. Simply follow the instructions given in the user manual.
  • You don’t need to worry about the movement of the electric fireplace if you probably wanna move it from one room to another or one house to another house.  You can easily disassemble it again and this time also you don’t have to hire a professional for it.  You can easily move the fireplace from one area to the other without damage.
  • Do not require chimney or gas lines. Whether you live in rental houses or you have your own home, the fireplaces are quite versatile and can be installed anywhere you want. It is possible because they are powered by electricity and so, you will not require a chimney or a gas line to get rid of residual gases like gas or wood fireplace.
  • Easy to control. Most of the electric fireplace comes with remote control. You can control the functionality of an electric fireplace with remote control. You can also control it manually. If you follow the instructions of the user manual, you will not face any difficulties operating and controlling it.

Heating Advantages

  • Adequate heating. Due to the fact that the electric fireplace disperses the heat directly without the use of a chimney, this feature ensures that no heat is lost and all heat is dispersed in the room.
  • Easy control of the heat. With the electric fireplace, you have full control of the heat dispersed in the room. This is because the devices are equipped with a thermostatic and therefore, all you need is to set the amount of heat you want in the room. With efficient control, the electric heaters provide excellent heating in the house even better than the traditional fireplace.

Safe to use.

  • No gas emission. One of the reasons that most people don’t opt to keep gas or wood fireplaces in their home because they produce residual toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide. These residual gases are known as deadly gas and also they are very harmful to the environment also.  But, when it comes to the electric fireplace, your household is completely safe since no gas is emitted from the device. Electric fireplace works with the use of electricity which is quite safe. Therefore, if you have a family member who has respiratory problems, this fireplace will be the best choice for them since it will not create any kind of problem for them. Furthermore, you can touch an electric fireplace while it is transmitting heat. Thus it ensures safety for the family that has kids.

Benefits Regarding Efficiency

  • Electric conversion. The electricity is turned to heat with about 99 percent. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get ample heating effects in your house at any time.
  • Easy to maintain. Due to the fact that the electric fireplaces are not affected by combustion, it makes it easy to maintain them since you will not need to worry about servicing it. All you will need to do is replace the bulb which is done maybe after two to three years.
  • Saves installation money. As we said earlier, the electric fireplace is easy to install hence no need to hire a technician for these tasks.


The retail cost of the electric fireplace is relatively low as opposed to others, plus you will not incur much expenditure in the future for the maintenance services.

Cons Of Electric fireplace

Realism cons.

  • Appears fake. The frames that you see burn on the electric fireplace are fake. So, You will not experience the thrill of viewing the real frames burning in the fireplace.
  • Limit your exploration. The wood fireplace allows you to explore and have fun since you can poke the fire and even turn the wood. You can’t do this kind of thing with an electric fireplace and you need to control the heat with the use of a remote.


Electric fireplaces can’t run without electricity. If there is a power outage for adverse weather in our state then the fireplace will remain standstill. So, either you have to buy an alternative heating source or you need a backup power source.

Inconvenience cons.

Although the electric fireplaces are quite easy to install even without the need of an electrician, there are others that will need more than one person to get the device standing. For example, if you opt for the fireplace with other features like a bookshelf or TV shelf, you will spend more time and even require a technician or helping hand to install it. Because the installation process is complex for those types of models.

Safety concerns.

The device poses a huge danger in the case where it is used with other appliances since they tend to draw maximum power. Therefore, if used together with other appliances, this leads to overloading of the power cable and it may end up exploding. For safety purposes, you may be required to do another wiring in the house to avoid this accident from occurring.

Wrap up

Although electric fireplaces have several drawbacks in their functionality, we cannot ignore the fact that their benefits shatter the drawbacks. They are safe for homes with pets and kids since they do not produce toxic gases and are safe to touch. Moreover, they are easy to control and the maintenance is also easy. Check for a top-notch electric fireplace that is the best in the business.