At The Blazing Home, we all come to help you to face the biggest fear of your life, the winter season. It’s very difficult to survive outside when the temperature is below the frozen point. Even in your home. will give you the updated reviews of the best appliance or machine that will make your day cozy and enjoyable. Our expert will provide you the complete maintenance guideline, how to clean, how to use, pros & cons, how to light, how to install, where to place.

Our mission is to promote the green and eco-friendly appliance that are safe to use and also give perfect service.


Our Team Members

Mohiuddin Shawon

Co-owner & Manager

Mohiuddin ShawonBeing an electrical engineer, Mohiuddin is very passionate about new machine, gadget, and device. He is a very good expert of machines. His professionalism and skill really help to pick the best appliance or machine to you.




Bappy Chy

Co-Owner & Webmaster

Bappy ChyComputer is his life and programming is his blood. He always busy with his laptop and try to learn newer thing every day. Now, Bappy is studying one of the top ranked university in Malaysia. One and only mastermind behind the website design and look. He regularly maintains the blog and saves it from the spam attack.

Piyas Barua

Co-owner & Author

Piyus BaruaPiyas like to travel in new place and loves foods very much. He dreamed his life in sea. That’s made him passionate about marine science. He reads a lot and follows many famous blogs. His wrting skill made him the author of this website.