How To clean Vornado Air Circulator Fan

How To Clean A Vornado Air Circulator Fan Like A Pro!!

Air circulator is one of the most essential appliances, especially during extremely hot weather. It is very efficient in maintaining the room temperature normal by circulating the air all around. But, if your air circulator fan is not clean enough, it will not work effectively as brand new. 

In this article, our expert is going to teach you how to clean a Vornado air circulator fan like a pro without hiring or taking it to an HVDC expert. 

About Vornado

Vornado is one of the best household air circulator manufacturing brands founded by Ralph K. Odor and Ottis A. Sutton in 1930. The headquarter of this top-class air circulator manufacturing brand is located in Andover, Kansas, United States. Along with air circulator fans, they are also producing heaters, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. But, they didn’t get buzz manufacturing them. 

How To Clean Your Vornado Air Circulator

One of the best advantages of using a Vornado fan is that they require less maintenance. However, if you use it for a long time, some buildup and dust particles will accumulate inside and outside the fan. And you must make it dust-free as soon as possible. The process of cleaning an air circulator fan is very simple. You just need some basic tools and need to follow the proper guidelines. 

Things you Need For This Cleaning Task: 

  • Phillips head screwdriver 
  • Soft damp cloth
  • Dishwashing Soap  
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Feather duster

Step 1. Take it to a Safe Place

Before starting to clean your Vornado Air Circulator Fan, you should unplug it from the power outlet and next you should take it to a safe place far away from your important and valuable furniture and appliances. We recommend taking it in a bathroom or outside of your apartments like the backyard or patio. 

Step 2. Dust off the Outer Part Of the Fan

You have to follow this step if your air circulator is very dirty because you haven’t cleaned it for a long time. You can use your normal handheld vacuum cleaner to suck up the excess dirt and dust gathered on the outer section of the fan. If you don’t have a handheld vacuum cleaner at your place, you can use a feather duster for this kind of cleaning. However, if you don’t have any of these two things that we have recommended, you can use a cloth to wipe away the very dirty spots.

Step 3. Remove the Front Grill Of The Fan.

It is the most important part of air circulator fan cleaning. If you do something wrong in this step your entire cleaning assignment will be in vain. Most people make mistakes in this step. So, you should follow this step very consciously. 

This step is very simple. First, you have to find the screws by which the front grill is attached to the fan’s back body.  

Here are the grill removal instructions for different models of Vornado air circulator fan:

Models 510, 530, 610, 630, 723, 733, 743, 783, 735, 745, 795:

Screw Location: All of these models of Vornado Fan have only one screw between the ribs of the inlet grill at the 2 o’clock position. 

How to Remove the Screw: Depress grill clips by placing your thumb against the outside surface of the clip and pressing the screw downward towards the motor by applying slight pressure in forward direction. Since these models of Vornado fan have only one screw, the fan grill will be removed when you remove the screw from its position. 

Models 533, 633, 753:

Screw Location: The above models of Vornado have three different screws. These screws are located between the ribs of the inlet grill at the 6, 2, and 10 o’clock positions. 

How to Remove: Place the front side of the fan towards you. After that, hold the fan strongly at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. Then lift up and back on the outer grill to release the grill from clips. 

Step 4. Remove the Blades

You can easily remove the blade of your Vornado Fan. When you open the front grill of the fan, you will see a nut that is attached to the shaft of the fan. You just need to remove the nut by turning it in the clockwise direction. When you remove the nut, you can easily pull the blade from the shaft. 

Step 5. Cleaning The Fan

Process of Cleaning the grill:

Make a solution of dishwasher soap. Apply the solution to the grill and wait for a few moments and rub it with the damp cloth. When all the dirt and dust are removed from the grill, you can wash it off using clean water.

Process of Cleaning The Blade: 

If you use your air circulator fan in a greasy environment such as a kitchen or garage, you should use a cleaner like mild soap or a common household cleaner for cleaning the blades. Make a mild solution of soap and clean water as you have done for cleaning the front grill. Next, dip the entire blade in the solution and clean it properly with the damp cloth until the blade isn’t cleaned like new. When the grease of the blades is removed completely, you have to wash it thoroughly with clean water. If you use it in the bedroom or living room, you can clean the blades simply using a cloth and water. 

Cleaning the motor cap and inlet ribs:

This is the fixed part of the fan. You can’t remove it. So, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean it. Apply the vacuum cleaner thoroughly to the motor cap and inlet ribs until it is cleaner altogether. 

Step 6. Put all Parts Back Together again 

Wait a few minutes to dry off the air. When the fan is dried off completely, first you have to place the blade in position. Make sure that the flat side of the shaft aligns directly with the corresponding flat side on the blade’s socket. After that, reinstall the nut in the same place. 

Placing the grill back is not very difficult. You should replace the grill by lining up the clips with the holes and firmly putting it back in the right place. If the grill is placed in the right position, you will hear a cracking or clicking sound when you snap the clips. 

Step 7. Plug it again

Now, it is time to plug in the fan again and check if it is working properly. If you don’t find any problem, put it in the right place and enjoy the cooling service of the fan again. 

Tips & Precautions: 

  • To avoid the risk of fire, electrical shock, or any kind of accident or injury to persons, unplug your air circulator fan from the power outlet before starting any kind of cleaning activity. 
  • Don’t put any parts of the fan inside your dishwasher for cleaning purposes because most of the parts of the Vornado Air Circulator Fan are made of plastic. So, the excess heat of the dishwasher might distort the plastic material. 
  • Try to use mild soap. Don’t use any hard soap to clean the fan. Because hard soaps are composed of common salt which may fade the colour of the fan. 
  • The motors of every Vornado Fan are permanently lubricated. So, you don’t need to disassemble the motor for cleaning and oiling the motor. If you do so, your warranty will be void. 
  • Don’t use any kind of hammer re-installing any Vornado Air circulator fan models. If you use a hammer, it could damage the bearing of the fan. Consequently, you will hear weird sounds coming out from the fan because of the loose bearing which will be pretty annoying if you are very much fond of quiet fans.  

Final Words

This is it. Our cleaning expert has discussed the complete procedure of cleaning a Vornado Air Circulator Fan. Now, it is your time to follow the steps and start cleaning your Vornado Fan. Cleaning a fan regularly will protect your fan from any kind of unusual behaviour and you can enjoy comfortable airflow year-round.