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Top 7 Best Infrared Thermometer For Cooking And Grilling

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No matter if it is for cooking at home in the kitchen or grilling on the deck having precise control over the temperature of your cooking appliances vessels, and foods are vital to creating amazing and remarkable dishes. The best way to keep control over cooking temps is to use a simple to use and easy-to-read thermometer. Today, with the advent of advanced thermal detection technology, we have a wide range of infrared thermometers to choose from. These thermometers read and display precise temperature measurements without having to actually come in contact with the food, cooking vessel, or appliance surface, so they are easier, safer, and more convenient to use. Choosing best infrared thermometer for cooking and grilling is entirely dependent on your particular style and taste of cooking foods. If you are confused about which infrared thermometer will be an ideal match with your cooking style and don’t know from where you should buy it, this article will definitely assist you to find the best one within your budget.

Quick Look At Our Editor’s Picked Infrared Thermometer For Kitchen Use

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Review of Top 7 Infrared Thermometer For Cooking Available Today

Number 1: Fluke 62 MAX Plus IR Thermometer

Fluke IR Thermometer

Fluke corporation is one of the leading companies for manufacturing portable measurement devices. This Fluke plus IR thermometer is great for those who want a highly accurate IR thermometer at a great price. We can say it is one of the most accurate infrared thermometers on our list. It’s very reliable and very durable. The emissivity of the unit is set at default to 0.95 but it can be easily changed from 0.10 to 1.0 which is nice because you can tailor the unit’s sensitivity to the surfaces that you measure the most to get the most accurate results. It’s great how the dual lasers seek out the edges of the measurement area to give a set field of the scan. The multi-language user manual is nice and easy to understand. It comes with a battery so you can get started using it right away. The controls are easy to use and unlike a lot of other units listed, you can lock the reading on the screen by pressing the up arrow button after releasing the trigger. All in all a great IR temp gun for the price.

You have to remember this infrared thermometer is not safe the human body because this is specially designed for industrial purpose. The ray emits during the measurement of temperature will cause harm to your body. But, this industrial grade will be a perfect companion for your kitchen. you can use it to verify the temperature of your range burner and oven. Also, it can use to get the surface temperature of the meat when you are grilling on your BBQ smoker or griller Furthermore, you can use it to measure the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer.

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  • Easy to move around.
  • Easy to control with the remote.
  • You can use it in the sunroom or in the house.
  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • The device helps you get even heating.


  • It might be too heavy at 24 pounds.
  • You might not need a remote.
  • You might need a much larger device.


Number 2: EnnoLogic Temperature Gun

EnnoLogic Temperature Gun

EnnoLogic is one of the leaders in the non-contact temperature manufacturing business. They always come with the best IR thermometer gun ever put on the market. As our number 1 infrared thermometer, this one is also not suitable for measuring body temperature because of its accuracy. The accuracy level of ± 3.5°F doesn’t make it preferable for forehead body temperature measurement. One may get a false reading although he is suffering from fever. That’s why we don’t recommend using it for scanning body temperature.

This thermometer of EnnoLogic is easy to use, only you need to point and shoot in 99% of its uses. You can use this unit during cooking and grilling to check the surface temperature of pots or the temperature of your grill or ovens. You can use it to check the temperature of the water, cast-iron surface, coal and wood fire, pizza stone temperature, wood stove temperature, cast iron skillets, etc. Moreover, you can use it to check the temperature of items cooking or kept in freeze and microwave oven.

When using it for cooking, you don’t really have to change anything. You need to do some adjustments for grilling (setting the emissivity for fire), but it is super easy. For people who are looking for a low price thermometer, this IR gun without any doubt would be a great buy. The instructions could be a little easier to understand. The unit is very well made and durable. The housing of this temperature gun is made of plastic and you can’t break it dropping several times. The customer care department is excellent and answered any questions as soon as possible. This is a great unit for those who need a cheaper IR temp gun that gets the job done and are Ok with limited features.

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  • Very light to hold
  • Temperature measurement is pretty accurate
  • You can control the brightness of the display light.  
  • Packed with an excellent carry bag to keep it protected from dust. 
  • The dual lasering features ensure better spot aiming 
  • It has a wide temperature scanning range


  • Made of cheap plastic
  • It is very hard to connect the battery connector. It is old-fashioned. 
  • Pricey


Number 3: Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer

Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer

AMPROBE is one of the leading power tools manufacturers. They are running their business successfully for over 65 years. They produce expensive clamp meters and digital multimeters. Also, they manufacture specific tools for professional technicians, HVAC experts, and industrial maintenance professionals. Professional electricians and HVAC experts trust their products blindly and love to do their work with them.

The Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer is an excellent way to get a highly accurate measurement for any surface, including cooking appliances, food vessels, freezers, refrigerators, grills, and more. The unit updates 4 times per second, which increases the accuracy of temperature measurements.

The unit has a greater distance-to-spot ratio (30:1). We know that the larger the value of this infrared thermometer parameter will give better resolution. Also, it can measure very tiny spots and smaller areas with greater accuracy. Only you have to hold the thermometer in a closer range simple as that.

The holster is comfortable, and getting the unit in and out one-handed is easy. The flap over the holster could be a little smaller and flexible, but it’s not a deal-breaker. The laser pointer allows you to target exactly what you want to scan to give you a pinpoint measurement that you can trust. The ease of use makes this an ideal IR temp gun for those who are just starting to use one. One of the special features of this infrared thermometer is that it can detect the maximum, minimum, and average/differential temperature of any object and display max and minimum temperature on the screen.

The low price is also an attractive bonus, in fact, this unit could easily be a second or third one in your kitchen allowing you to have one nearby all of your major prep and cook areas. It’s a good buy for those who want to have a simple and easy-to-use temp gun that they can count on, but don’t need to have all the bells and whistles of more advanced units such as those listed here from Fluke or EnnoLogic.

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  • Easy to use
  • Made of durable and solid materials
  • Easy to read as display is big 
  • very comfortable to hold by one hand
  • Very accurate and very handy to use
  • Show the result very fast
  • Strightforward user interface


  • The vertical viewing angle of LCD display is not good
  • The backlight of LCD display isn’t that much brighter
  • Pricey


Number 4: Etekcity 1022D Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity 1022D Infrared Thermometer

Here we have another dual laser unit much like the Fluke we reviewed first. The Etekcity 1022D’s lasers are able to seek out the edges of the area to be scanned to allow you to get a much more accurate comparison reading. This isn’t the best thermometer to use in kitchen cooking due to the fact that it does not have the sensitivity to read very well through steam. That being said, it’s great for grilling, roasting, and other “dry” environments. It also cannot be used to read through the glass so if you are looking for a unit that can be used to read the internal temp of your oven without opening the door, this isn’t it. The instructions are easy to read and the holster is easy to use. It should also be noted that this unit is great for high-temperature applications, but it does not handle real cold environments well. If you are looking for a good all-around temp gun for grilling or roasting/being this is a great unit if you don’t mind the restriction of not being able to read through glass. If you are looking for a general all around the kitchen cooking temp gun then this isn’t it.

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  • Cheap and affordable
  • The blue color backlight of the display is very soothing to the eyes
  • Fast reading of temperature
  • It has automatic turn off feature
  • The brightness of display changes automatically with light
  • The unit is included with battery
  • Straightforward user interface


  • Flimsy battery connector
  • The battery connector doesn’t snap on tight


Number 5: Nubee Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Nubee Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

The best thing about this Nubee temp gun other than the accuracy and ease of use is super easy to read, extra-large screen with soft blue backlighting. The max temp function is a nice touch, and the temp alarm function is great for cooking delicate items. The unit will sound a chirp if the temp is dangerously close to exceeding the range that you have set. The laser targeting dot is bright and clean and makes aiming effortless. Emissivity is able to be adjusted through the control panel along with several other advanced functions that make this a great all-around tool, not only around the kitchen, but the house, the garage, and more. The price makes it easy to get one for your kitchen, another for the garage, and another for your grill kit. There is a slight variance between the position of the laser dot and the actual measurement area if you are less than 3 feet from the surface. At 3 feet up to 5 feet, however, the measurement is spot on the laser dot. Great for oven readings since it takes less than 1/10 of a second to scan and display. This means you will not have to have your oven open for long, allowing precious heat to escape. Perfect for the grill and thanks to the durable design if you drop it on the deck it will be able to take the punch and keep on kicking. If you are looking for an intro model this is great, if you are looking for a secondary unit, this is great, if you are looking for a low-cost gift this is great. In a nutshell, if you are looking for an IR temp gun for cooking or grilling, or for any other uses around the house, this is great, so buy one, or better yet buy two.

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  • Very well priced
  • The Celsius to Fahrenheit switch make C/F conversion very easy 
  • Automatic shut off feature so your battery life will not diminish even you have forgotten to turn it off 
  • It has automatic turn off feature
  • Come with extra batteries 
  • Fairly bright screen 


  • The intensity of laser isn’t strong that’ why very hard to spot dark material
  • One may not like the orange color
  • Scanning result isn’t accurate compare to others


Number 6: Fluke 59 Max+ Infrared Thermometer

Fluke 59 Max+ Infrared Thermometer

While there are a lot of temp guns out there that are suitable for cook and grilling, the Fluke 59 MAX+ is more than suitable, it’s almost perfect for the job. IN fact, it could be said that short of a culinary temperature gun, this is the best one on the market for use with your grill or in the kitchen. The accuracy is exactly what you would expect from Fluke, a company that has been providing temperature control measurement devices to the US Navy for decades. The screw-closed battery cover helps to make sure that the compartment won’t open up on you when you least expect it, not only is it annoying to have batteries fall out while using a device, but no one wants AAs in their lobster bisque. If you have a wood-burning oven in your kitchen this is a must-have, pizza, bread, and more taste better when they are cooked in a brick oven, but getting the food place in the right spot for the temperature you need is a hassle, this unit has a great bright laser pointer that let’s figure out exactly where you need to place your items, or on the grill where the hot and cool spots are so you can move your food around appropriately. It’s a great priced item with lots of features that carries the name of an industry leader, what’s not to love about it.

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  • Handy construction
  • Pretty tiny in size
  • Ideal for industrial use 
  • Affordable price
  • It has adjustable emissivity 


  • It doesn’t have water and dust protection feature
  • No memory so you have to note the temperature instantly
  • Can’t measure temperature from distance 


Number 7: MASTERCOOL 52224-A-SP  Infrared Thermometer

MASTERCOOL 52224-A-SP  Infrared Thermometer

A little more pricey than the other items on this list but well worth the money. The Mastercool 5224- A SP is not your typical IR temp gun. The display, for one thing, is amazing, so clear and easy to read you will wonder how you have been happy with anything else. You can switch back and forth between F and C in a second, and the laser sight is accurately aimed for precise measurements even at 1 foot away. The battery case is a little tight so changing out batteries can be tricky, but it’s not awful, certainly not a deal-breaker with so much positive about this device to offset such a small annoyance. The only real downside is that it will not read at all on any shiny polished metals, so if you are going to use copper or high shine aluminium, then you’re out of luck. It also is not great at reading through glass so you will have to open the oven door to get an accurate temp reading, but you can get decent in the ballpark reading through the glass as a check-up every so often between serious readings. This unit comes with a great storage case, but you might not be putting it in there a lot since you will be finding a ton of uses in your kitchen and elsewhere around your home to use it. The macho grey and blue design is a perfect grill kit addition, and the price is right for the features and the name that you are getting.

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  • The casing is made of heavy duty plastic material
  • It can measure temperature from 1 foot distance
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • It has adjustable emissivity 


  • Not durable. Many customers complain that it doesn’t last more than six months
  • Measurement isn’t accurate
  • No colored display available so your eyes will become tired in low light


Things To Consider When Choosing Infrared Thermometer For Cooking

Temperature Range

One of the two most important things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying an IR thermometer for cooking or grilling, along with accuracy, which is discussed below, is the temperature range of the device.

Before you go out to buy an infrared thermometer, determine the range of temperatures you will need your thermometer to measure in between for the purpose you are looking to use it for.

This is extremely important as the range you need will determine the thermometer you will want to buy to fulfil it. Infrared thermometers are distinguished by the range that they can read. Asking them to make calculations beyond their designated range will lead them to provide inaccurate results.

Most thermometers should be capable of measuring the average range of temperatures. When buying a certain model, you must double-check the start and end of their particular range if calculating extreme temperatures is important for you.

For example, one model has a range of -30°F to 430°F while another might have the range of -50°F to 630°F. Both can measure moderate temperatures, but which one you get will depend on your specific needs.

Make sure that you choose one that has a range that is at least -10°F to 1000°F. Anything beyond this range is better, of course, but for most cooking tasks this will serve well enough.


Accuracy is highly important. In fact, it might be even more important than the temperature range of the device. Try to select a device that has no greater variance than 0.0097 degrees. This will ensure that you have the more precise and accurate measurements that you need for those tasks where exact temperature control is vital.

Response Time

Getting an accurate reading fast is essential to controlling the temperature when you are cooking or grilling. Even a few seconds of the temperature being out of the proper range can prevent a dish from being what is intended or could ruin it entirely. Choose a temp gun that has a response time of fewer than 1.5 seconds at its max.

Spectral Response

Spectral response is the measurement of the sensitivity that the sensor has to various dynamic changes in the IR spectrum. The higher the response, the more sensitive and accurate the readings that the device will give you when you use it. Choose a device that has a high response indicating greater sensitivity.


Of course, emissivity is the core of how a temp gun works. This is the measure of how much IR radiation is emitted by any surface in response to the temperature that the surface is currently at. Choosing temp a gun that has a lower threshold for emissivity and you will get better readings and faster readings.

Optical Resolution

The optical resolution of the temp gun’s sensor system is key to how well it performs its job. To put this in easy-to-understand terms, when you are buying a digital camera, you want one with high megapixels in order to get a clearer, deeper, richer, and sharper image. When you are buying an IR thermometer, you want one that has a higher optical resolution for the same reason. The more data that the processor is receiving, the faster and more accurate the temperature reading will be.

Distance to Spot Ratio

Distance to Spot Ratio

This is another element that you should keep in mind in order to get the right infrared thermometer for you. The distance to spot ratio basically refers to how far you can be from the object you are trying to measure with the thermometer.

In other words, the maximum distance you can put in between the object and the meter and still get accurate results. Therefore, the higher the ratio for your particular thermometer, the further away you can be from the object.

Infrared thermometers come with a few sets of common ratios. They are 50:1, 30:1, 8:1, and 4:1. The former number represents the maximum distance you can be away from and the latter number indicates the area of the object’s surface it will measure.

The distance to spot ratio also goes hand in hand with the temperature range. If your particular thermometer model features a higher temperature range, then you will have a greater distance to spot ratio. This is done to ensure that you can stay as far away as possible from extreme heat sources to avoid harm.

Why You Should Use an Infrared Thermometer

When there are so many types of perfectly functional thermometers to choose from, you might wonder why the preference of infrared thermometers. Well, the reasoning behind it is also very simple. Despite the endless number of advantages, the IR thermometers provide, these are some of the most important ones:

  • Highly Accurate Results

Given that you are using the thermometer exactly how it is meant to be used, you will never get incorrect results. While the device and its functions may look complex, the science behind it is very simple and foolproof. Infrared thermometers are known for their level of accuracy in readings.

  • Extremely Safe

It will help you get readings without ever having to touch a hot object. For example, you want to measure the temperature of factory equipment that is overheating, with the infrared thermometer you don’t have to go extremely close to it or touch it. You can take all the readings you want without putting yourself in harm’s way.

  • Prevention of Contamination

Unlike probe thermometers, infrared thermometers do not require to come in contact with the object they are measuring in order to read their temperature.

This is a huge bonus as it prevents even the slightest chances of contamination that might occur. A feature like this is especially important in the food industry and in labs where they deal with sensitive and fragile substances.

  • Extremely Durable

The device itself is just as powerful as its functions. The thermometer is durable enough to withstand days’ worth of work around the worksite.

  • Affordable

Due to the complexity of producing the device, the infrared thermometers, for obvious reasons, were very expensive in the beginning. However, over the years, the price has dropped significantly.

Uses Of The Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer has a wide variety of applications. Both industrial and commercial kitchen settings use the device regularly. The medical field has also incorporated its technology. They are preferred because they are fast and can measure temperature from a distance. Here are a few ways the infrared thermometer can be used.

Kitchen Setting 

Whether it’s a home or commercial kitchen, the infrared thermometer is can perform quick checks to determine if food is at its right temperature before serving. It is used to check sauces, drinks, and soups that require a certain temperature for the best flavor. Basically, chefs recommend the use of infrared thermometers on all food to keep a check on the temperatures. This ensures that all bacteria die and guarantee that the food does not overcook.

Heating And Air Conditioning 

The infrared thermometers can be used to determine if your house has the proper insulation. The device will measure the temperature in the house within the interior walls and beyond the exterior walls. A considerable difference between the two areas should tell you that there isn’t enough insulation. It can also be used to detect air leaks in the house.

Industrial And Electrical Application 

The device can be used to monitor or detect cooling system performance in engines, steam systems, boilers and shot spots in electrical systems.

Medical Application

The medical field has gradually incorporated the use of infrared thermometers. Today, there are a variety of thermometers using infrared technology in medicine. Babies who are in the sensitive stages of development may require an infrared thermometer. The thermometer measures temperature by simply moving it close to the baby or placing it on the forehead. The forehead thermometer is an example of an infrared thermometer.

Some Common Misconception About Infrared Thermometer

1.The Laser Ray Coming Out Measure the Temperature.

This is a very common myth about infrared thermometers. When you trigger the infrared gun, a laser will shoot out from the front of your IRT gun. Most of the users of IR gun think that this laser coming out from the thermometer measure the temperature of the object. Because this is the only visible element coming out of the infrared thermometer that makes actual contact with the surface of the object you are willing to measure the temperature. But, an infrared thermometer doesn’t need laser rays to measure the temperature of the object since they don’t need any kind of contact to measure the temperature of objects. The main measurement task is done by the thermopile located inside the gun.
Rather, this laser ray is given to assist the user and increase user-friendliness. It is used to guide you to indicate where you are pointing the gun and help the user to aim the gun on a more specific spot of the surface. If there is no laser ray feature in an IR gun, you may shoot the gun toward the wrong object nearby and this may lead to the wrong temperature reading. So, the laser ray helps you to avoid this kind of interruption from nearby objects.
An infrared thermometer displays the temperature reading above, below, or around the surface where you point the ray of the laser. Some infrared thermometer models have two laser lights which show the temperature is been measured between these two laser points.

2. It can use to measure the internal temperature of food

This is another misconception about infrared thermometers. People think that an infrared thermometer can only use to measure the temperature of solid surfaces or objects. It can’t penetrate the surface of any type of object. So, it can’t able to measure the temperature of the object behind the surface. Thus, if you aim the infrared temp gun on the surface of meat or some other food like that, it will detect the surface temperature of that food. It can’t detect the internal temperature of the foods.
So when you are cooking foods on a grill, oven, or skillet, you can use an infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of food and the surrounding temperature reading of the above tools. To measure the internal temperature of meats you are grilling, baking, roasting, or smoking, you must use an instant-read probe thermometer.

3. They Can Measure Temperature of Any Surface

Not all surfaces are created equally. Depending on the material of the surface, there will be a great variation in the emission of infrared energy. The measurement of a material’s ability to emit infrared energy is called emissivity. The material with a low emissivity is less likely to emit its electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, they are very reflective of infrared energy. If the emissivity of an object is close to “0”, it will be very difficult for an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature accurately.
That’s why if you point an infrared thermometer toward any stainless steel material, it will show false reading. Because stainless steel tends to be pretty shiny, so they will also reflect ambient radiation of the room and it will add with the emission of its infrared energy. There is some infrared thermometer that lets you set the emissivity according to the emissivity nature of the surface. So, check the emissivity of the surface material you want to shoot your IR gun and set it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

1. What Is Infrared Thermometer?

Infrared thermometers measure infrared energy from a distance. Any object’s surface can emit infrared energy. These devices sense electromagnetic radiation without coming into contact with the subject. The infrared thermometers are commonly used to measure the temperature being ejected by the surface of the subject. Depending on the thermometer’s power, the distance ranges from inches to miles. These thermometers are used in situations where the object may be fragile or too dangerous to come into contact with.

2. How Does Infrared Thermometer Work?

How Does The Infrared Thermometer Work?

Infrared energy works like normal visible light. It can either be absorbed, focused, or reflected. The infrared thermometer takes advantage of these unique qualities. The device uses a lens to focus infrared light from an object and directs it into a detector referred to as a thermopile. The sensor then converts the absorbed infrared radiation into heat. With more infrared absorption, the thermopile gets hotter. The device is designed to transform the heat into electricity, which is then transferred to a detector. It is here that the device determines the temperature of the thermometer, which indicates the temperature of the object. If the voltage converted is higher, the temperature of the object is high.


3. Is Infrared Thermometer Accurate?

The answer to this question is obvious. An infrared thermometer gives accurate results only if used appropriately. Some common errors that may deter the accuracy of your thermometer readings include:
• Wrong positioning of the infrared thermometer’s distance to spot ratio. You either get too close or too far from the object and end up with the wrong readings.
• Failure to compensate for the shiny objects that have low emissivity capacity.
• Interference steam and dust tamper with the accuracy of infrared thermometers.
• Dirt on the thermometer’s lens.
• Failure to settle at a particular position to allow for the thermometer to come to the final temperature of the surrounding.

4. What Type Of Thermometer Is The Most Accurate?

The market has accommodated different types of infrared thermometers over the years. With advanced technology, the obsolete ones have been replaced with more advanced types. Thermometers such as mercury and alcohol thermometers have been phased out to pave the way for digital and infrared thermometers. You will notice that almost all thermometers are categorized as contact thermometers. Only the infrared thermometer qualifies to be classified under non-contact thermometers.

There has been a tight race between digital and infrared thermometers. Each type has its own pros and cons. The infrared thermometer is preferred due to its non-contact functionality. This makes an infrared thermometer safe to use on babies since it doesn’t require contact to measure temperature.

The same cannot be said about digital thermometers that have pointed tips and require insertion into sensitive body parts to measure temperature. Also, the infrared thermometer allows one to measure hot or corrosive material without having to deal with it directly. In such cases, digital thermometers cannot be applied due to the sensitivity of the application. It is, therefore, logical to conclude that the infrared thermometer has replaced most thermometers due to its unique functionality. It remains the most accurate in the market if used appropriately.

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Wrap up

These are some of the finest quality infrared thermometers that are dominating today’s market, and any one of them will be a great addition to your kitchen or to your collection of grilling tools. They all offer exceptional value for the money and will provide you with effortless and reliable service for many years.