Best Electric Garage Heater

Freezing Cold Garage? Here Are 6 Best Electric Garage Heaters

Why do your own electric garage heaters when there are plenty of other options at you had?

A million-dollar question!

Well, if you want to invest less money upfront and minimum installation hassle as much as possible, then electric is the obvious choice to go. 

No doubt about it!

But what no one is talking about that by installing an electric heater, your running costs are going to be higher dramatically.

And that really matters for all of us.

That’s why I’d been pounding the pavement for months to find out some of the best electric garage heaters which are not only handy to provide stable heat but also an energy-efficient tool. 

Let’s jump right in.

6 Best Electric Garage Heaters to Protect Vehicle from Freezing Damage

Wondering what is the best electric heater for a garage?

Here is our review of 6 reliable electric heaters for garage or shop that will surely give you a cozy, comfortable workplace. 

Number#1: Fahrenheit Garage Heater Fuh54- Most Efficient Electric Heaters

Fahrenheit Fuh54 Garage Heater

The Fahrenheit fuh54 240-volt garage heater is such a tool that gonna give you generous heat output even on the fairly cold weather.

How do I know?

When I moved to Alaska, this one was the heater I used in my garage. And that was a pleasant experience for me and quickly installed another one for my basement.

But one thing’s for sure:

From my own experience, I assure you this will work fine for workshops, basements, or any outside buildings like the garage.

No pressure there!

Let me tell you, what impresses me most about this tool. When it comes to electric heater for garage thermostat adjusts is a vital issue. In this sector, this heater is quite impressive. Built-in single pole can easily run from 45º to 135º Fahrenheit.

Now let’s talk about design. 

The built-in ceiling mount bracket allows you to place it as easy vertical or horizontal mounting. Quite convenient, I must say.

Number #2: Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater– Handy yet Cheap Garage Heater Option

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The pursuit of a heating garage doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Think I’m exaggerating?

Not at all! Trust me, there are number electric garage heaters of out there, but the Dr. infrared heater portable space heater 1500-watt stands out for its affordable price tag and a bunch of awesome features that don’t force you to compromise on quality. 

Bold promise?

Definitely, but Think about this for a moment, Weighing less than 25 Ibs, this infrared heater has Overheat protection as well as Tip-over protection. 

That means no worries about safety.

What’s more?

The Dual Heating Systems comes with impressive PTC with an automatic shut-off timer after 12hr. Apart from these, it includes a low noise blower with 39 dB Noise level. One more thing, the Electric Cord also has decent length, 72 inches long.

Number #3: Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage Heater- Most Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters

Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage Heater

We all know the best way to heat a garage is by installing a heater. But safety is, of course, the crucial fact. 

Does it sound like you?

Then you have just landed at the right spot because this comfort zone heater is equipped with Thermostat control, which will keep your garage not only safe but also warm.

Quite promising, isn’t it?

This heavy-duty 240v garage heater can run on 2 heat levels up to 7,500W. A fully enclosed motor is strong enough to tackle the extreme harsh condition. That’s not all; Fan-forced can cover vast area circulation.

Look at the construction. A heavy gauge steel body, along with flexible louvers, makes it extra sturdy yet classic. 

Oh, I forget to tell you the thermostat is digital. Meanwhile, the large display allows you to follow the current temperature. And the good news, you can set it manually.

Number #4: Dr. Infrared Heater Dr-988– A Super Quiet Garage Heater 

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Heater

The dr. infrared heater dr-988 is the quietest heater we have come across. 

No doubt about it.

And also another dr. infrared masterpiece that has earned another position in our top list of best garage heaters by its tremendous performance.

Like other Dr. Heater units, this one also Heat up a large space fast and evenly within a blink. Built-in thermostat allows you to set the preferred temperature, high to low. The heater will operate the temperature you set automatically.

Sound’s good, right?

The industrial-grade heater is dependable in extremely cold conditions, while Built-in cord storage works a fantastic job in keeping your garage tidy. 

OK, I know what you’re thinking, why don’t I talk about safety.

This stuff has plenty of Safety features like discharge grills, finger-proof intake, Overheat protection, and a high-temperature heating limit. 

The bottom line?

Built-in carry handle makes it portable and solid enough for warming any construction site.

Number #5: Dimplex Dgwh4031g Garage/ Workshop Heater

Dimplex DGWH4031G Garage Space Heater

For quick, secure, and consistent heating, choose the Dimplex dgwh4031g, and I assure you will never be left out in the cold.

The powerful fan, 4000-watt stainless steel heater is the ideal portable heat solution for the garage. On the other hand, this lightweight unit also comes with a versatile mounting bracket.

Make sense?

That means you can attach this electric heater to a wall or ceiling, as this unit itself can rotate for direct heat. As if that’s not enough, Automatic temperature control ensures providing stable temperatures in your garage or workplace from 45-77°F.

And you know the best part?

With concerns over high cost, Dimplex has reinforced to meet the need for energy conservation. As a result, DGWH4031 has to offer superb performance with decent energy savings. That’s why this tool is labeled as the most efficient electric heater for homes and garages.

Number #6: Newair G73 Electric Garage Heater

Newair G73 Electric Garage Heater

No need to give up your special projects just because the weather turns bitterly cold. Thanks to this robust heater from newair, the heating beast will shut off if the airflow is interrupted for any reason.

Just shoot from the hip!

The hard-shell exterior of this NewAir electric heater is made from top-grade stainless steel. As a result, this unit is not only sturdy but it’s built to last, particularly in harsh climates.

You bet it is!

The fan is capable enough to throw warm air evenly at an even 500 square foot radius. So no matter whether you are in a large workspace, two-car garage, or basement, you’ll remain warm.

The Adjustable Louvers allow you to enjoy direct heat anywhere in your space with the flexible tilt head. 

But first a warning:

This heating machine doesn’t use a conventional outlet. So I recommend calling a professional electrician to install it.

Electric Garage Heaters Buying Guide for Newbie

Are Electric Garage Heaters Safe?

Electric garage heaters are the safest garage heaters compared to other heaters. 


That’s because other garage heaters use a risky and problematic procedure. And these procedures tend to create problems. But electric garage heaters don’t use any combustion process to heat the water that can create any hazardous situation. 

And the great news is:

You can use an electric garage heater even if the gaseous fumes surround you. Our garages are a natural storing place for gas generated vehicles. If your garage heater is electric, say bye-bye to your worries related to safety.

Because electric garage heaters will not make any collision with the gas emitted by vehicles and lawn materials, even electric garage heaters don’t contain any vent because no emission of fumes happens from electric garage heaters.

I can say that again; modern electric garage heaters come with auto shut-off technology to avoid any hazard.

Electric Vs Natural Gas Garage Heater

Electric garage heater: The installation process of the electric garage heater is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to call a professional to install it. Thus, it is assisting you to save money. Also, they will not irritate you with its noisy operation because they are quiet.

Are electric garage heaters efficient?

Well, you can carry an electric garage heater with you because of their portable feature. These types of garage heater will let you face a problem because the cost of energy is high.

Natural gas garage heater: Natural garage heaters are powerful and efficient compared to electric garage heaters. If required, you can modify them to work with propane gas garage heaters. A natural gas garage heater can take up its place at any corner of your house because they don’t eat much space.

Additionally, during a power outage, they will continue providing heat. And you can consider a natural gas garage heater as one of the best ways to heat a garage in winter.

Propane Vs. Electric Garage Heater: Which One Is The Best?

  1. Noise

Both propane heater and electric heater contain a fan to let the hot air blow out. When the fan works, in a propane heater, the fan creates high noise that may irritate you. 

So have we got that straight?

Electric garage heaters fans create less bearable noise. It means, if you want a noise-free operation, you should give your vote to an electric gas garage heater.

  1. Maintenance

If you look at the electric garage heaters, you will find that they require less maintenance. Cleaning dust occasionally is enough to keep electrical gas garage heaters healthy. Also, refilling is unnecessary in electric heaters. 

And that’s just one side of the story…

In terms of propane heaters, you need to take proper care of them to get efficient performance. Also, refilling is unavoidable in propane heaters.

  1. Ease of using

You don’t need to do much work to start an electric garage heater. By simply pressing a switch, you can turn an electric heater on without any hassle. The starting procedure of a propane garage heater is not much more straightforward. 

Get it?

On the other hand, Best Propane Garage Heaters use electronic ignition to turn on. And you may need multiple attempts to take it to working condition.

What to Look for in an Electric Garage Heater

Here are some factors to consider while investing an eletric heater for your garage:

Garage size

The best way to heat a garage in winter is obviously installing a heater.

Probably the easiest way!

Before purchasing an electric garage heater, you need to know how much area you are planning to control the heat. The selection of the radiator will depend on the area of the garage. It means you can’t use an electric heater in a large area, which is compatible with small areas.

Safety options

You may notice Electric heaters are much popular among customers. 

Ever wonder why?

Due to the advancement of technology, electric heaters are coming with updated safety features. Overheat mechanism, cool-touch technology, mechanism of tip over, and many more are few of them. 

But remember this:

Make sure; your selected electric heater has enough safety options to keep you safe from any unwanted situation.


You can’t depend on the price only while purchasing the best electric heater. You need to know your requirements. And you can narrow down your choices depending on conditions. 

And know the coolest part?

You should not break your bank and select the affordably priced heater. The good news is; the majority of the heaters are now coming at a reasonable price with high quality.


Like every other device, the best electric garage heaters also require maintenance. You should look for an electric heater that is straightforward to


Let me say this straight. Keeping your garage warm will eventually increase the life of the garage.

It has been well proven also!

This simple gesture of installing an electric heater on your garage will ensure a sustainable and extra efficient workplace where you can spend hours.

As you can see, apart from reviewing some heater, I Leave no stone unturned about this. Now it’s time to reveal which is my top favorite.

Personally, I have always liked energy-efficient tools and accessories. And no wonder the heater I picked mostly have the energy-saving mode. Out of these, Fahrenheit garage heater FUH54 is still my favorite heater for its innovative design and technology and highly recommends it.

Be safe ya’ll!