A heater can be one of the dangerous devices in the home if you have toddler at home.  Kids are always very curious and they don’t have any idea what is safe for them or what is hazardous. Infrared heater will be the best for this purpose. It’s very safe and efficient to use in winter. They emit infrared rays and effectively heat every object in a room without targeting a specific area. You may feel like standing in the sunshine during summer at the beach.

You are looking for someone that creates heat without causing any safety hazards, and you must choose a unit that is the right size for your space. Best infrared heaters on the market are all capable of keeping your home or space warm in any conditions. Many infrared heaters available online but we have confined the result into top six heaters. 


Top 6 infrared heater Reviews Pick By Our Editors

Number 1: The Dr. Infrared Heater

The Dr. Infrared Heater 1500 watt model is a box model that you can use in large and small spaces. It helps to distribute heat using two infrared bars, and it will cover a large area by rocking back and forth to help spread the heat out as much as possible.

Top Key Features

  • Dual Heater. Dual heating for your home or outdoor space is needed when you have the two bars working at the same time. These two bars help create two direct lines of heat to cover a whole area easily.
  • IR Remote. The IR remote is easy to use, and it can reach the device from a long distance. You can change the heating for the room without even getting up if you are comfortable.
  • Electric Thermostat. The electric thermostats is extremely accurate, and it helps you have the best readout of how hot it is. You learn how cold it is, and you can check to see if you have gotten to the right temperature.
  • Lightweight. This device does not weight very much. It can be placed anywhere in the home, and it could be moved at any time.
  • Heats Evenly. Even heating helps you get warm spots all over the house. You must have even heating if you do not want to be sweating while someone else is freezing.


  • Easy to move around.
  • Easy to control with the remote.
  • You can use it in the sunroom or in the house.
  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • The device helps you get even heating.


  • It might be too heavy at 24 pounds.
  • You might not need a remote.
  • You might need a much larger device.

Final Verdict

Dr. Infrared Heater is the perfect device for a small space or office. All in all, it is the best infrared heater for the small room. You could put it in a large sunroom, and it will heat everything evenly.

Number 2: Duraflame Infrared Quartz Stove


The Duraflame Infrared Quartz Stove is a good thing to use in your home because it is a bit more sizable than most heaters, and it will look like it has a place in the house even though it is not a traditional fireplace.

Top Key Features

  • Heating Capacity. This is a 5200 BTU device that will help heat a very large area if needed. You could get this device for a big warehouse, or it might work in your home when you have vaulted ceiling of a large living room.
  • 3D Flame Effect. The 3D flame effect looks beautiful. You want to create the image of a real fire so that people can enjoy the ambiance
  • The Quartz Heat Production. The quartz helps produce more heat. It is designed to give you a lot of immediate heat so that you can feel the impact of the heater.
  • The Heat Protection. The heat protection panel is perfect so that it does not overheat or make you uncomfortable.
  • Digital Thermostat. The digital readout is easy to check. You can get it to the right temperature without guessing.


  • The device is beautiful.
  • Safe to use.
  • It has nice visual effects.
  • Perfectly heats large areas.
  • It looks like a good decorative furniture.


  • This device might be too big
  • It might be too complicated
  • The effects might be too much.

Final Verdict

This will give your house a good contemporary look and also heats the room most efficiently without cutting too much electricity bill.

Number 3: LifeSmart Large Room Infrared heater


The Lifesmart Large Room infrared heater is a block heater that you could use at any time. It works in many spaces, and it can provide you with the even heat that you need regardless of how big space is.

Top Key Features

  • Programmable thermostats are easy to use, and you can set this one up to turn on and off when you like. Set it up to work on your schedule.
  • Six heat elements in this device give you all the heat you need in an even fashion. You can heat the space safely in this way.
  • Timer settings are perfect for events. Set the timer to turn off the heating element when you need.
  • Remote control options allow you to change the heating from any location. The remote makes this device more convenient.
  • Three heat settings give you versatility. It is much easier to pick the right level of heat with three settings.


  • The heater is very economical.
  • Capable to heat large areas.
  • Easy to program.
  • You get a remote.
  • You could use this heater in any space.


  • The heater may not be powerful enough.
  • Remote is unnecessary.
  • You might need something more attractive.

Final Verdict

This infrared heater is manufactured in the USA. You can consider it if you are a big fan of USA products and have blind trust on product produce by this country.

Number 4: Homegear Compact space heater


Try the Homegear Compact space heater when you need a small unit with a lot of power.

Top Key Features

  • Safety is number one with Homegear. This cabinet heater is heat guarded.
  • The remote is easy to use. You can quickly change the temperature.
  • The device is versatile. It can be used in any space.
  • The small size of the heater allows you to slide it into hidden spots. no one will notice it.
  • The device does not weigh much, and it can be moved at any time. You should carry it to a new spot when needed.


  • The device is light.
  • This device can be used in tight spaces.
  • You get a remote to use.
  • This device blends in.
  • You could hide the device anywhere safely


  • Not suitable for the big size room.
  • Not very attractive.
  • You might need a device with more settings.

Number 5: ILiving Infrared Portable Heater


The iLiving infrared portable heater is a unique device that lets you carry the heat anywhere you want. You must try it when you need something a little smaller and still powerful.

Top Key Features

  • The box design is compact enough to fit in any space. It helps you carry it around when needed.
  • The heat protection allows the outside to remain comfortable. No one gets burned to touch this device.
  • The digital readout is easy to see. You need to know the exact temperature when it is running.
  • The tip-over protection prevents disasters. You will not run into any problems when you are using this device.
  • The infrared heating system is even. You do not get pockets of heat and dryness.


  • The device is small.
  • You can carry it anywhere.
  • The device has a digital readout.
  • You can heat any space.
  • You have safety protection.


  • The device might not be big enough.
  • The device might be too unattractive.
  • You might want something with more settings.

Number 6: EdenPure Gen 2 Heater


The perfect infrared heater could be found in the EdenPure. You can consider this small and elegant looking heating device of Edenpure. Read this infrared heater review to see what you prefer.

Top Key Features

  • This device heats a thousand square feet. You get plenty of coverage.
  • This device has a remote. You can change its temperature any time you want.
  • There is a safety guard on the outside. You do not get burned using this device.
  • The electric thermostats are easy to use. It gives very accurate readings.
  • You get a two-year warranty. This company stands behind their product.


  • This device is small.
  • This device is light enough to carry.
  • It has safety features.
  • The device heats a thousand square feet.
  • You can use in the office or house.


  • This device could be too small.
  • You might want more settings.
  • You might need a more artful exterior.

 Infrared Heater Buying Guide 

 Here we look at all what you might need to know about infrared heating.

Are Infrared Heaters Green?

Nowadays, finding a green product is not an easy task. Especially, when you are trying to find a heater that is green in nature.  What’s about the infrared heater? Is it green or harmful for the environment? 

Well, the greenness of infrared heater mostly depends on the power source is used to run it. Gas and electricity is the most common source of infrared heater though you may find infrared heater of other power sources. The debate could be in trying to determine the one that is better among the two. If you are looking for green infrared heaters, it is advisable to consider the source of power of any given model.

However, the greenness of infrared heaters can be determined by many other factors. Among the gas power infared heater and electric power infared heater,  electric infrared heaters are considered greener because they do not contribute any emissions or pollute the air by releasing harmful fumes. Electric infrared heaters are safer for the environment than other models as they do not rely on gas lines or fuel. Besides, some brands that claim to produce heaters that do not absorb humidity or oxygen from the air. Such companies argue that their heaters ensure an oxygen-rich environment for easier breathing while creating heat effectively.

Running Costs of Infrared Heating

One of the major factors that affect the heating choices that you make is the running cost. Therefore, if your home does not have access to affordable sources of fuel such as main gas, then you will have pretty limited choices of heating. Some of the alternative heating options with low running costs include infrared heaters, storage heaters, and heat pump and convection heaters. However, infrared heaters are our preferred source of heating as they are affordable and more efficient as compared to other heating options. For instance, purchasing a ground source heat pump may cost you up to 20, 000 pounds and thus might be too expensive for most homeowners. Moreover, infrared heating requires lower running costs than even electric convention heating due to the sizing of the system.

When to Use Infrared Heaters

As mentioned earlier, infrared heaters offer a safe and cost-efficient heating, but they are not usually designed to keep your entire home warm. This means that you cannot forgo the main heating.

Alternatively, you can look for infrared heating technologies with the ability to overcome the heat loss in larger spaces such as airplane hangars, warehouses, and garages. Such places are subject to frequent heat loss as they generally have large doors or cavities and thus infrared system keeps them from cooling too much.

Infrared heaters are also found in factories along production lines, but they are not meant for cavernous areas or industrial sites. However, these appliances come handy in home improvement and construction projects due to their ability to direct heat on objects, which is applicable to drying paint.

Finally, the use of infrared heaters at a spa or your local gym as infrared saunas is increasingly becoming popular. The infrared rays help in warming your body in a similar way as the sun rays due to the new technology that directs these rays to your body. This provides a more effective and safer way to warm your body because infrared saunas are free of potentially harmful UV rays. Besides, infrared heating heats the bodies more efficiently with heating the air, which might cause discomfort.

Benefits of Infrared Heater

Infrared Heaters offers several benefits as compared to other heating options. These include

1. Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, infrared heaters do not emit any pollutants in your home as they operate without fuel lines, open flames, carbon combustion or toxic byproducts.

Infrared are also cost-effective as they warm objects directly and thus do not waste energy by heating the air in the room.

2. Works Instantly

Infrared heaters produce a precise beam of heat that warms your body or an object directly unlike most heaters that work through a convention process. Remember, convention involves heating the air surrounding the object gradually before heating the entire room. Therefore, with infrared heaters, you do not have to wait for your body to warm, unlike other heaters.

3. Minimal Maintenance

The other major benefit of using infrared heaters is that they require minimal maintenance. Infrared heaters do not feature moving parts or a motor that would wear out or air filters to replace and thus even lubrication is not required. Therefore, you only need to clean the reflectors periodically to ensure that your unit continues to work well.

4.Silent and Gentle

Infrared heaters do not use a fan or any noisy part as they are designed to just radiate heat. This makes them ideal for environments that are sensitive to noise such as bedrooms.

5. Excellent Design

With the advancement of technology, you are likely to find infrared space heaters with great design. Some models such as Air & Water offer heaters designed with a furniture-like wood finish that makes them perfect for most décor.

Health Benefits of Infrared Heater

Apart from the benefits discussed above, Infrared heating provides clear health benefits to your body as compared to convection methods of heating. Infrared heaters heat people and objects directly unlike conventional heaters that warm the surrounding air and the surfaces. This helps create a great heat movement through optimal circulation of blood for a feeling of deep warmth.

Besides, Infrared heating is a great heating method that does not create air currents that would unsettle dust particles in your room. It also prevents unnecessary humidity that leads to the growth of mold. This makes it beneficial to people with respiratory health conditions such as bronchial ailments or asthma.

What to Consider When Buying Infrared Heater

Perhaps one of the greatest wintertime inventions ever built is infrared heaters. Infrared space heaters are a tremendous way to maintain warmth on the go, or just about anywhere. Infrared heaters provide an economical heating method which may aid in saving energy, while also supplying sufficient heat to an individual’s most utilized spaces. These infrared heaters operate very similarly to the way the sun emits heat. They emit Infrared light which is absorbed by an object in a room, including people. Using a series of coils and a reflector to administer the lights outward, this infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. Infrared heaters have become a widely renowned device which can satisfy its owners while keeping them comfortable and supplying a natural feeling of warmth. However, with the abundance of infrared heater options available, there are a few significant factors that must be taken into consideration. 

Choosing the Economical Option 

Although functionality plays a significant role in the selection of an infrared space heater, as many individuals are particularly interested in its economical features. Infrared heaters are significantly more economical than conventional heating systems. The vast majority of individuals seeking to purchase a sufficient enough heater, where they will save s much money as possible, but also a heater that will perform adequately. An infrared heater allows individuals to heat a single room sufficiently while reducing the necessity to heat unnecessary spaces in a domicile. When utilizing the heating unit in a larger room, individuals should consider purchasing a multi-mode heater. Homeowners will then be able to set the unit at a higher heat setting in the presence of a larger room, and to a lower setting in smaller areas. Evidently, owners of these units will be capable of saving energy, and ultimately capital, by only utilizing these heating units in demanding areas of a home. Buyers should also be aware that purchasing a large, powerful heater may be actually wasting energy and money if utilized in a smaller room. This is because the energy emitted by the heaters will simply be too much, and unnecessary. Furthermore, purchasing a less powerful, small unit in hopes of utilizing it in a larger room will result in the unit not emitting sufficient enough heating power, evidently wasting money since the room will not become warm enough. Infrared heaters utilize 100% of the heat produced, creating almost no loss in heat transfer to an area at a significantly lower cost. Furthermore, since infrared heaters do not shift large amounts of air, they do not tend to dry the air out or move around dust particles compared to conventional forced air heating systems. 


Portability also please a vital role when electing and Infrared space heater. The majority of infrared heating units or extremely portable, lightweight and can be easily relocated by hand. Additionally, many infrared heating units are equipped with handles and wheels, allowing for an effortless relocation. Additionally, larger freestanding Infrared fireplaces may be a bit bulky and require some effort to relocate, they can substantially add an aesthetic presence to your space. Perhaps the most popular infrared space heater option for desks, gaming spaces and small rooms are the compact infrared heaters. Their smaller proportion allows for diverse functionality and effortless relocation. This unit style can be easily relocated by hand. Generally, there are three styles of electric infrared heaters including portable wheel equipped units with infrared heating technology, compact heaters with partial Infrared capability and freestanding electric infrared fireplaces. 


Varying by weight, dimension and coverage area, choosing an infrared space heater is also largely dependent upon their design and features. Different infrared heaters combined design with functionality. Generally, there are four types of infrared heaters including low-intensity tube heaters, patio heaters, construction heaters, and high-intensity ceramic heaters. Each one of these heaters serves a unique purpose. Electing an infrared space heater not only depends on the cost and size but much other functionality and design features. Some of the specifications that potential buyers review include square footage of the heating area, heater wattage, heat strength settings, timers, and protection. Additionally, many individuals prefer heaters with remotes and ones equipped with mounting brackets as well. Infrared heaters with more hearing coverage areas, remotes, and LCD displays tend to cost more than others. 

Safety features

Infrared heaters do not have particulates, allowing for a much safer home. Infrared heaters will also not disturb the air negatively like a normal forced heater system wood. With conventional heating systems, air is circulated around the room or area, potentially moving harmful particles around the room. Modern infrared heaters include a variety of safety features, ultimately aiding in abolishing the worry out of their utilization. One of the most sought-after safety features of an infrared space heater is a tip-over protection switch. In the case that the unit is tipped over for any reason, the heater will automatically shut off, ultimately eliminating the risk of a fire. This is an excellent safety feature in areas with active pets or children. Additionally, heaters equipped with tip over protection are generally also equipped with a cool touch housing to prevent accidental burns from coming into contact with the exterior of the unit. Some infrared heating units feature plug types that allow for safe use in bathrooms or wet and damp areas. If they are not safe for damp or wet areas, owners should never touch the heater while wet or have wet hands. This can significantly increase the potential for an electrical shock. 

The majority of infrared heaters are also equipped with overheat protection switches, which function similarly to tip over protection. Using a temperature sensor, the heating unit can detect went internal components become overheated or too hot, and ultimately shutting the machine down. Upon detection of unsafe temperatures, the unit will automatically shut off to prevent overheating. Furthermore, some infrared heaters are comprised of a ceramic layer. Ceramic heaters provide additional layers of protection, as the self-adjusts its temperature, and ultimately reducing the temperature as the resistance expands.

Infrared heaters require clearance, so owners should pick an appropriate location to set the unit. Infrared heaters should always be placed on a hard and level surface. It is regularly advised that infrared heaters be placed at a minimum of 3 feet away from furniture, window treatments, bedding, clothing, rugs, and other combustibles. This is largely contributed to these items potentially causing a fire if they come into contact with the unit, and increasing their temperatures. Furthermore, those who own a portable infrared heater should never sit or drape any object on top of them, in case those objects were to get too hot.

Other Features

The majority of home appliances, including infrared heaters are guaranteed by a manufacturers warranty. In the event of electrical failure after purchase, or electrical faults during the manufacturing process, owners can be through a peace of mind if any mishaps were to occur. Furthermore, the majority of infrared heaters are equipped with heat settings and a thermostat. Individuals can ensure that they get the most out of their units by simply adjusting the heat setting higher when more heat is required, and turning the setting down when the home becomes too hot. Additionally, some units are equipped with an eco-mode, which ultimately turns the unit off once a set temperature is reached in order to save the owner money, and restarting once the room temperature begins to fall. Some units are also equipped with a thermostat, which enables the owner to easily observe and set the desired room temperature. This is generally displayed digitally, or in some cases, a knob. Furthermore, some units are also equipped with a beneficial timer, which can be easily set in absence of the unit. This can be a very beneficial feature if a unit owner leaves the heated area, and desires to return to a warm room without being required to leave the machine running while they are gone. Lastly, some units also utilize an oscillation feature. This allows the unit to freely rotate, ultimately providing enhanced heat coverage area in a room.


Usually, Infrared heaters are available in different prices, which may be less than $ 50 for a small portable unit or more than $1000 for attractive fireplace units. However, it is important to understand that high price does not mean better energy savings or features as prices may be inflated due to an increase in demand or if the brands are limited.

Therefore, it is good to consider the features, heating technology and construction of the unit to ensure that you get the right model. Top notch Infrared heater model should include thermostatic controls and also offer a stylish design.

Choosing an Infrared heater without thermostatic controls will end up costing more in the end as it will be hard for you to control the output of heat.


Wrap up

These are the best six infrared heating devices on the market, and you must plan to use one of them to keep yourself, your staff, and your family warm. 

Performing extensive research and getting educated regarding safety of infrared heaters will aid in achieving a better peace of mind, while keeping your home or area pleasant and fire hazard free.