Cleaning your household machine or device is very annoying but you can’t help it. You have to clean your stuff regularly and carefully. If you don’t clean your machines, gradually it will show trouble in their performance and the lifetime of that machine will decrease with the passes of time. Eventually, the machine will stop working and at least their best place will be your storeroom. Thus, you will lose your beloved partner forever.

We can’t tell you how to clean each and every important machine, appliance or device. But, we will give you the proper instructions on how you can clean pellet stoves each and every part that need to clean.

If you have a pellet stove which is the main heating source for your home during winter, you have to serious about it. Because the pellet stove is very expensive compared to a heater (Infrared Heater) and fireplace (Electric fireplace). You have to make a routine during the heavy running period of a pellet stove. Make a routine of which parts of pellet stove need to clean daily or weekly or monthly basis.

It’s very difficult to clean every necessary part of a pellet stove. After cleaning the stove several times, it becomes very simple and easy to clean.

Which Parts of Pellet Stove You Need to Clean

Cleaning of a pellet stove will not be completed if you didn’t clean parts of the stove that we listed below:

  1. The casing or outer Body of the Stove.
  2. Burning Pot of pellet stove
  3. Looking glass of the stove
  4. Trash drawer or Ash pan


How to Clean Outer Side Body (casing) of Pellet Stove

Required Equipment:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Dry Cloth
  • Brush
  • Vacuum

Special Note:

Clean the outside body once or twice every month.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Make a solution of soap

Take some water (2 liter is enough) in a bucket. Rub your hand with a soap. Then dip your hand into the water bucket and mix soap in the water. It will make a good cleaner for cleaning the pellet stove outside casting.

Step 2: Take a dry Cloth

Take a clean and dry rag or towel.  Dip it into the water and then wriggle the rag until the water is not a minimal amount.

Step 3: Wipe the stove thoroughly

Slowly wipe the pellet outer body with that wet rag. When the rag becomes dirty, you can clean it in your kitchen sink. Then again dip it in the cleaning liquid and mob the casting one more time. Swab the pellet casting minimum twice. Don’t use the soap solution to clean the glass.

Step 4: Wipe the residual foam of soap

Get some fresh water and dip the rag (or you can use a new rag) in the water. After that, wipe the remaining soap or foam in the pellet stove.

Step 5: Dry the pellets stove.

Wait for the drying of the pellet stove. Don’t use or start the stove until the water completely dry.

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How to Clean Pellet Stove Burn Pot

How to clean a pellet stoveRequired Equipment:

  • Ash Vacuum cleaner

Check this article best ash vacuum 2018 to pick the best one for this task.

Special Note:

During winter seasons, burn pot become dirty very frequently and quickly. So you need to clean it minimum two times in a week in winter.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: open the pellet stove door.

Open the door of the pellet stove with your hands or the tool given to open the pellet stove door.

Step 2: Vacuum the burn pot

Plug the ash cleaner in an electric socket. Take the vacuum cleaner closer to ash pot. Press the bottom and clean it thoroughly. Always keep the vacuum with a distance of 3-4 inches for the pot. If you don’t have any ash vacuum cleaner, you can buy it from Amazon or Don’t ever use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean the ashes.

Step 3: Clean the burn pothole

Cleaning RodsAfter cleaning the ashes from the upper part of the burn pot, remove the burn pot from the compartment. Use the metal cleaning rod (what normally supplied by the pellet stove manufacturer) to clean the holes of the burn pot.

Step 4: Vacuum the ash of the burn pot sit

It a good practice to clean the space which holds burn pot. The ashes can accumulate under this space. The same ash vacuum can be used to clean this place.

Step 5: Replace the components

Replace the burn pot in the burn pot sit.


How to clean pellet stove glass?

How to clean Pellet stove glassPellet stoves are now made of self-cleaning glass. Which means the glass will remain always clean. But, it is recommended to clean the glass door once a month.  For safer cleaning, you can use standard household glass cleaner to remove the dust, soil, and soot accumulated in a month.

But you can save some money by making a DIY glass cleaner solution with your household stuff.


Simply Maid suggest us to follow the below method:

First, gently scrub the door glass of pellet stove with a newspaper to clean the grime.

Secondly, mix the water and vinegar with the ratio of 1:1. Then clean the glass using an old clean rag to remove any streaks.

How to Clean the Ash Pan/drawer?

Pellet Stove Ash DrawerCheck the ash drawer of the stove regularly when it is used most frequently. If the pan is filled with ash, you must dump the ash in a safe place. Otherwise, the stove will stop operating properly.

Here is the step you can follow to clean an ash pan:

First, unlock the key of the ash pan and open the ash door. Sometimes the ash pan attaches with the screw. In that case, you need to open the screw with a screwdriver to remove the ash pan.

Secondly, take the drawer in an open space. Then, Dump the ash in a basket.

Finally, replace the ash pan where it has been removed. And lock the key again.

Tips & precaution

  • Always wear a surgical mask to keep you away from the fly ash.
  • Wear hand gloves to keep your hand clean and safe.
  • Before cleaning check that the pellet stove is off.
  • Wait until the inner parts of pellet stove become cool and safe to touch.
  • Always use high-quality pellets.


Pellet stove is the invention of modern technology. Very easy to use and eco-friendly. The popularity of pellet stove is increasing dramatically especially in the United States and Europe. In winter, a pellet stove is one of the necessary things to heat our home. By using it daily, it can be dirty. And the performance hampers for this.

So, it is our core duty to keep up its performance by cleaning it. Try to wash its parts step by step. Maintain all the important parts have discussed above. Wash all the parts carefully and handle them with care. Remember the precautions and stay safe.