Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style Pellet Stove

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Review

Pleasant Hearth is a well-known manufacturer of pellet stoves. They really produced some good quality pellet stoves. Their pellet stoves are specially designed to use in large apartments and mobile homes.

They have two different models of pellet stoves. One is a cabinet-style pellet stove that has a heating capacity of 50,000 BTU. Another one is small in size and heating capacity is low. Both of them got very good customer feedback on Amazon, eBay, and Homedepot, since they have very decent heating efficiency and large hopper capacity. As this stove is portable and lightweight, you can shift or move this cabinet-style pellet stove to any room without any trouble. Without further ado, let go for the in detail Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Review.

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove

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Salient Features of Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove

Pleasant Hearth pellet stove comes with a vast range of features that will amaze you in every aspect of your daily life.

High Heating Capacity

The heating capacity of this pellet stove is amazingly high. Its BTU rating is 50000, which is more than enough to heat up a room of 2200 square feet. 

Large Pellet Storage Capacity

Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove has the largest pellet storage capacity among all the pellet stoves available. The storage capacity of the hopper is 120lb and you will not find any other wood pellet stove at this hopper size. So, you can store a huge amount of wood pellets on the stove. One-time refilling of the hopper with pellets can heat up your room for 24 to 70 hours without any intervals. You don’t need to be tense about replenishing pellets in the hopper too much frequently.

High-Efficiency and EPA Approved

Pleasant Hearth pellet stove is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It has an 85% efficiency rating. Consequently, it will warm up your home without losing too much energy.

Automatic Ignition System

The automatic ignition system is a wonderful addition to this pellet stove. This feature makes this stove more convenient to use. Because you don’t have to waste more time in lighting the wood pellets to start the pellet stove running in full swing. The automatic ignition system of this pellet stove will light the wood pellets in the burn pot automatically. Only you have to press the Automatic Ignition bottom.

Outside Air Kit

Most of the pellet stove doesn’t include outside air kit with there units. You need to buy it at an extra cost of 60$. Luckily, the outside air kit is included with the primary product price. The outside air kit helps to generate the combust air throughout the chimney so that chimney cannot make contact with any burning stuff inside your house and makes your house safe. 

Convection Blower

Pellet stoves are the classic way to generate heat properly in the house. The convection blower continuously operates inside the stove so that heat produced by the stove distributes inside the whole house or room more effectively. Moreover, the blower operates quietly although they are very powerful. So, this stove will not disturb you while you are sleeping, working, or watching TV.

Comfort Control System

Pleasant Hearth Control System

It comes with a user-friendly control knob so that anyone can operate it without any difficulties. 

You can easily set a heat level with the help of 1 knob and the system will automatically work by itself to maintain the level.

Long-Time Warranty

It comes with 5 years of warranty. If any disturbance happens within these 5 years warranty period, they will repair it free of cost. The customer service is really good and customer-friendly. One phone call is enough.

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Our Editor’s Rating of Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove


Rating: 5 out of 5

The price of the Pleasant Hearth pellet stove is reasonable compared to other top pellet stove brands. The variation in features makes it the most suitable pellet stove for your family or your mobile home. After all, nobody will regret buying this pellet stove.


Rating: 4 out of 5

You will not regret buying this stove since it is the best functioning pellet stove. The pellet stove is quite efficient, very easy to clean, and easy to load. Hopper is large so you have to fill it more frequently. You can use all kinds of wood pellets on this stove. But if you use a premium-grade wood pellet, it will burn clean and create low ash.

Some may find the sound of the convectional blower fan a little bit louder because of the rubber bushing but it’s not noisy. The green light of the dialer stays until you move the dial. For the great functionality of the stove, you have to do the maintenance task properly and regularly.


Rating: 5 out of 5

The durability of this product has never been questioned by any customers. The body of this pellet stove is made of solid cast iron. So it’s durable than any other pellet stove in the market. The body is heat resistant and safe for children and older people in the family. It comes with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer. So don’t worry and use the stove as long as you want. The customer service is always one call away.


Rating: 4 out of 5

The design of this product is no different than any other product in the market. The only available color for this pellet stove model is black. A large glass viewing window gives the stove a nice look but you have to wash the glass window if you want to enjoy the view. Digital comfort control system is another interesting thing at this stove. Sometimes the color of the pellet stove becomes rustic easily. But if you have the warranty then you don’t need to become worried. You can contact the Pleasant Hearth Customer service department. They will fix any kind of problem until the warranty card is valid.

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  • One of the best and good looking pellet stove
  • It can heat up your room easily with a short amount of time.
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Easy to control
  • Size is not big and takes a space of 3 inches.
  • Blower is powerful
  • Easy to install and clean
  • User manual is easy to read


  • The sound of the convection blower may become loud at sometimes because of rubber bushing inside the stove.
  • You have to wash the air pan daily for great heating.



What kind of pellet should be used in this stove? Can this unit burn small logs or cut up wood pieces?

Only wood pellets should be used in this pellet stove. For better heating and less smoke, a premium grade pellet is highly recommended to use for burning. This stove is only run by the wood pellet stove. Don’t ever use normal wood or logs instead of wood pellets.

Does this unit have a convection blower?

Yes, it has a built-in convection blower inside the stove.

Is an outside air kit required for this stove?

This model of pellet stove already includes an outside air kit. So, you have to purchase an additional air kit for this stove.

Does this unit need electricity to run?

Yes, this unit can’t run without a power supply. So, you need to connect the pellet stove to a nearby power outlet. Nevertheless, it doesn’t consume a very high-power-like space heater so you don’t have to think out the utility bills.

Where can you find the extra parts?

Contact the customer service department of Pleasant Hearth.

Final Verdict

After reading this Pleasant Hearth Pelle Stove Review, you have got the answer “Why is this pellet stove best?” And why it is one of the best-selling pellet stoves of this year. It has got very good feedback from real customers and our experts also. But don’t buy this pellet stove if your home or apartment is small in size, rather you can go for Pleasant Hearth Medium Pellet Stove

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