Best Fireplace Tool Set

10 Best Fireplace Tool Set For Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace is one of the most beautiful and functional places inside your home because it is an essential area that provides warmth as well as a place to lounge and talk with friends and family. To be able to beautify and maintain your fireplace, you must first have an excellent set of tools that you can use.

Having the best quality fireplace tool set not only makes everything more relaxed and more convenient, but you can also finish whatever fireplace, fire pit, and stove maintenance task you need to do in minutes. Although maintaining the fireplace can sound like a drag to some, the task becomes more bearable once you find the best set of tools that suits your preferences.

Why Do You Need Fireplace Tool Set?

A premium quality fireplace tool set ensures overall safety for you and your fireplace also, allows you to build a sustainable and long-lasting fire, as well as build an aesthetic for the area.

Unfortunately, some people don’t see the importance of buying an all-around fireplace tool set because they don’t fully understand its benefits. However, it’s never too late to change perspectives and start being smart about fireplace maintenance.

So, how are you going to find the best products in the market? Allow this review to enlighten you and give your ideas about which items to choose.

Most Common Accessories Usually Include In Fireplace Tool Set


It is also known to us as stoker. Poker is one of the most essential accessories of any fireplace tool set. It is nothing be a simple fireproof iron rod holder with an insulated carry handle at the end so that the user doesn’t hurt themselves while using it. It is used for multiple tasks like pushing, racking, and hooking raw burning materials in the fireplace or fire pit. Also, you can use it to move extremely hot coals from the fireplace. We always recommend using a poker that comes with a long handle and rod to keep yourself safe from fire hazards.

People who use a gas fireplace, stove or insert must keep a poker available in their house otherwise you may burn your body while adjusting the position of the logs or coals.    


If you don’t have an ash vacuum cleaner, you must have a brush. Otherwise, you can don’t need this tool. A good quality fireplace brush must come up with a full and thick head. This feature ensures easy cleaning of remaining fireplace ash without facing too much trouble. Furthermore, a modern fireplace broom includes a long handle so that you can clean each corner of the fireplace without bending your body that could make you uncomfortable.


It is usually made of iron or metal that can tolerate fire heat. Shovels are mainly used to remove ash from the fireplace. But, you can also use it as a poker if you don’t have poker available. Using it when the fire is dying out will keep the flame of your fireplace alive.

Log Grabber

It is also called tongs. It is used to operate burning logs inside your fireplace or firepit. With this fireplace tool, you can lift and move large size logs and reposition the logs which are blocking the air supply in your fireplace to ensure adequate oxygen supply. 

Top 5 Best Fireplace Tool Set Picked by Our Editors

You don’t have to waste time browsing or checking online shops so that you can find a good fireplace tool set because this article already has the top ten best products. See the reviews below and pick the one you prefer.

Number 1: Pilgrim Home And Hearth Fireplace Tool Set

Pilgrim Home And Hearth Fireplace Tool Set

Pilgrim Home and Hearth is the number 1 brand in the USA. They produce quality fireplace tools, fireplace screens, hearth rugs, and other fireplace accessories. Their products are trusted by millions of families. For over 65 years, the company has been producing exquisite products.

If you want to upgrade your fireplace aesthetic, then Pilgrim Home and Hearth fireplace tool set is for you. This nice fireplace tool set will ensure you maintain the cleaning work of fireplace without getting injured.

The set includes a poker, shovel, tongs, and brush that are all of very high quality. There is also a stand that holds all the items, as mentioned earlier. The product has three finishes to choose from, such as stainless steel, burnished brass, and natural iron, all of which ensure the longevity and lifespan of the product. But, remember that this tool set is not recommended for outdoor use. It is only designed for indoor fireplace maintenance work.

Also, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for all buyers, which ensures that their customers get outstanding service overall.


  • Made in USA.
  • Average price
  • They have fantastic customer support
  • Perfect for heavy duty
  • Full set is made of excellent quality materials


  • It is not waterproof

Number 2: Enclume Fireplace Tool Set

Enclume Fireplace Tool Set

The Enclume fireplace tool set has a design built for both convenience and style. Its handles have a bent, curved structure that users can easily hang. You will get 6 different options with the combination of different fireplace tools. You can choose your perfect match Enclume Fireplace Tool Set according to your need. Among the 6 options, the 4 piece fireplace tool set includes a shovel, a log poker, log tongs, and a fireplace broom that are all made of hammered steel – exclusively handcrafted and created by blacksmiths in Puget Sound, Washington, U.S.A.

Enclume is a brand that boasts of high-quality, long-lasting products. You are sure to get your money’s worth with the heavy-duty items included in this set. Overall, this product only aims to please and satisfy the needs of buyers.


  • High quality piece
  • Aesthetically wonderful design
  • Very solidly made
  • No assembly needed
  • Made in USA


  • Expensive

Number 3: Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tool Set

Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tool Set

Manufacturers of the Amagabeli fireplace tool set ensure that their clients receive the best quality of products by making sure their products have the following features: practicability, durability, aesthetics, and ergonomic handles.

Also, owners won’t have a hard time assembling this set because the product provides a simple sequence that anyone can follow.

The products’ materials are of brass iron and coated with modern powder to ensure that it’s heavy-duty and sturdy. Also, sellers of the Amagabeli toolset offer 100% commitment when it comes to customer service. So, if you have queries or comments, they’d be more than happy to entertain them!


  • Easy to assemble after using any tool from the set.
  • It looks amazing after you put together all the tools unboxing it.
  • The stand is pretty solid.
  • Ready to use after few minutes of installation.


  • It is not design for heavy use.
  • The base nut may be too large for you if you have limited space.

Number 4: Amagabeli Garden & Home Black Tool Set

Amagabeli Garden & Home Black Tool Set

This product is a variant of the earlier mentioned set and has the same manufacturer as well. However, some features differ because the Amagabeli Black toolset is, well, black and is of wrought iron that can withstand the heat of the fire.

The tools have a finish that ensures its durability and long lifespan, along with an overall rustic look. Because of the easy assembly, this fireplace set is 100% convenient for everyone, even first-time users.

Overall, the toolset is a suitable choice for clients who wish to maintain the fireplace thoroughly as well as make the product part of the overall design.


  • The overall design of the tool set is outstanding
  • Study construction
  • Space saver
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use


  • Need some assemble
  • Many complain the base is uneven and wobbly.
  • Some complain that they didn’t received the full set. Some parts are missing.

Number 5: WBHome Fireplace Tool Set

WBHome Fireplace Tool Set

For aesthetic purposes, the WBHome tool set comes in two colors: black and brass. The product items are of cast iron material, which is a black iron fire set coated in modern powder.

This feature contributes to the product’s overall durability and strength to withstand flames. The toolset works great with other products such as log holders, grates, and ash buckets. Moreover, the universal design makes the set easy to pair with any fireplace, be it an old or contemporary design.

On top of everything else, the manufacturers are ready and willing to replace any defective items for one year.


  • Perfect for any small space
  • Very study construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Traditional style fireplace tools


  • Poker is not durable
  • Horrible boxing
  • Many complain they didn’t receive all the tools.

Other Fireplace Tools Set You Can Look Up

Number 6: Plow & Hearth Fireplace Tool Set

Plow & Hearth Fireplace Tool Set

This set includes a broom, tongs, shovel, and poker that are all made of steel with a black powder coat. Also, the design makes it more convenient because the space between the tools can be an additional area for other materials. The non-scratch footpad is also a great addition.

Number 7: Minuteman International Shepherd’s Fireplace Tool Set

Minuteman International Shepherd’s Fireplace Tool Set

This product is of wrought iron that has a black powder coat finish. The Shepherd’s fireplace toolset includes the essential pieces: a poker, stand, tongs, shovel, and brush. Its manufacturers also offer different sizes and heights so that it can fit in an aesthetic that the owner chooses.

Number 8: Panacea Fireplace Tool Set

Panacea Fireplace Tool Set

The Panacea toolset has a black base color and a bronze paint over it, making it look rustic and authentic. And the overall design looks like it came out of a fairytale. Also, the whole set doesn’t take up too much space.

Number 9: Uniflame Fireplace Tool Set

Uniflame Fireplace Tool Set

This product is of black wrought iron, which ensures its durability and strength to last for many years. It has a vibrant, black color plus a traditional style that can go with any fireplace that you have at home. Also, it includes the four essential tools that you can hang easily on the stand.

Number 10: Panacea Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set

Panacea Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set

Last but not least, this set lets you have that homey, rustic feeling because of its color and design. The wrought iron material makes it an excellent and durable product that can last for several years. Overall, the simplicity of the Panacea set makes it easier to use and position by the fireplace.

Final Words

Now that you’ve gone through the top 10 best fireplace tool sets, purchasing one, surely, won’t be a tedious task. Instead of wasting resources on cheap, low-quality products, buy the products mentioned above instead. You won’t regret it!