How to clean ash from fireplace

How to Clean Ash From Fireplace?

Do you have a fireplace to make your home comfy? If your answer is yes, then probably you know that fireplaces need frequent cleaning from the specks of dirt. The most common type of dirt in a fireplace is ash. But do you know how to clean ash from a fireplace?

As keeping a fireplace clean and tidy is a necessity and not a luxury, everyone should know about the removal procedure. In this article, we shall explain to you the ash removing the process from a fireplace step by step. 

Tools You May Need For This Cleaning Task

Let us first take a look at the necessary things for fireplace cleaning.

  • A medium sized shovel
  • One small broom
  • Some water or coffee
  • A polybag
  • A pair of glasses
  • A surgical mask for protection
  • Small ash vacuum cleaner

Step By Step Procedure: How To Clean Out Ash From A Fireplace

Step 1: Let the Fireplace Cool Down

Before you really start cleaning out the mess, you must let your fireplace cool down. Various fireplaces take different hours to cool the heat down after using it. Usually, a fireplace needs 48 hours to be ready for cleaning jobs. But in some cases, you may need long three days to cool it down, especially if you use coals as your primary foul. Whatever time it takes, be sure it doesn’t remain hot during work. It may cause considerable harm.

Step 2: Gather the Ashes From Fireplace

Gather Ash From Fireplace

Once your fireplace is cooled down, you are ready to start your cleaning task. First, you have to inspect the ash quality and quantity. It is a basic observation before beginning the dirty work. Check if the ash is dusty or grainy. If the ash is grainy or gritty, you just need to collect them with a shovel or similar equipment.

But if the ash is dusty and difficult to gather you need some water or coffee. Throw some water over the ashes and let them coagulate for a few minutes. Then use a shovel to gather them together.

Step 3: Put them Inside a Bag/Bucket Safely

Ash in bucket

After you gathered up all the ashes, you need to put them in a bag/bucket, a polybag if possible. The bag must be water-resistant and elastic enough to take the weight. It shouldn’t contain any leak, for it would mess up everything.

Don’t touch the ashes or coals with your own hand. Use a scoop instead. Carefully put the ashes into the bag. Most of the specks of dust will be put easily with the scoop.

Step 4: Clean Stubborn Ashes

Though using a scoop can help you a lot to collect the ashes, yet there may be stubborn ashes. You need to use your hand now. Wear a pair of synthetic gloves now. Then collect the remnants with your own hand.

You can also use a small-sized broom to gather the ash together. But as a precaution, you have to wear a mask. It is a must precaution if you have asthma or allergy. After collecting all the ashes carefully you need to dispose of them now.

Step 5: Finishing Task

You can use some soapy water to clean out the grate. Take a fresh cloth and succumb it into the soapy water. Any residue of ash will be removed if you wipe the grate with a cloth or sponge. But for tough areas, you can use a solid brush or similar thing to tidy up.

Now you can take the ashes to the nearest fireplace ash dump and throw them. But be careful not to drop anything on your floor or anywhere. It can create some extra nuisance.

Now you have successfully cleaned out the ashes. You should also clean the grate as well on a regular basis. Interestingly, you can use a machine to complete the cleaning up process as well.

Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Cougar+ Ash Vacuum

While thinking of cleaning your fireplace, you might have thought of using a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, your thoughts are good. But the problem is that a normal vacuum cleaner won’t work here. 

You need a special ash vacuum cleaner. Ash vacuums are specially designed with heat-resisting metal holding that can be used with utmost safety and without any danger.

Apart from its heat-resisting ability, an ash vacuum cleaner can scoop up little particles that are impossible to scoop otherwise. That means even unnoticed particles will be stored and cleaned up.

How to Use Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning fireplace with ash vacuum

Ash vacuum cleaner is surely an easy tool to deal with. To use this, you need to ensure a number of things. First of all, be sure that the ashes are cool. You can check it by putting your hand on it.

Then move the bigger particles to one side and remove them first using a shovel or similar tool. Don’t use a vacuum for the coals and large chunks of wood residue. It will clog the cleaner and make it invalid.

Now start the cleaner for cleaning up the mess. Reach the corner with the handle. Give the floor a second cleaning for better performance. Once you tidied up every corner, stop the machine. That’s how you can use an ash vacuum cleaner.

But if the amount of the ash is much bigger you can remove the crevice part and utilize the larger passage. So, in this way you can use an ash vacuum cleaner to avoid smoky dust.

6 Don’ts

  • Don’t touch the ashes if they’re hot. Only touch them while they are cool and safe.
  • Don’t push the ash too hastily while gathering up. It may spread the ash into the room.
  • Don’t clean the mess if you’re an asthmatic patient. But if you are bound to do so, please wear surgical masks.
  • Don’t use any combustible bags to store the dust. It may cause fire easily and bring havoc to the surroundings.
  • Don’t use a normal vacuum cleaner to clean the ashes.
  • Don’t forget to clean the fireplace brick and grate to keep a good outward look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often should I clean ash from a fireplace?

Answer: It is better if you clean a small number of ashes each morning, especially in the coldest part of the year. However, if you feel disturbed to do so, you should clean the fireplace ashes at least once a week.

Can I put fireplace ashes on my lawn?

Answer: Fireplace ashes are a good source of potassium and alkaline. Both of them increase the fertility and pH of the land. Wood ashes help in the growth of the grass as well. So if you want to utilize the ashes properly, you should use them as natural fertilizers. However, too many ashes can make your lawn grasses wilder.

Final Thoughts:

So, removing ashes from your fireplace is an easy but important task. It will make your fireplace neat and tidy. And as a bonus, you shall see your fireplace giving optimum performance and a good amount of cozy heat.

For departing pieces of advice, we would like to tell you that at least once a year, you should clean all parts of your fireplace including chimneys. Obviously, it needs professional hands. But if you have enough experience you can do it yourself.

The most important thing is to be clean and safe. So, clean your fireplace regularly and be safe.