PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum review

PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum Review

The PowerSmith PAVC 101 is a powerful ash vacuum that is specially designed for fireplaces and stoves. It offers outstanding performance. And the best part of this machine is it can handle warm ash. Its powerful motor, heat-resistant ash filter, and metal canister make it an ideal beast for ash vacuuming. It can use as a shop vacuum, but it is not ideal for wet dust. If you are looking for a dry vacuum, it could be the best option for you.

So, is it the right ash vacuum cleaner for you or not?

To get the answer, don’t stop reading this PowerSmith ash vacuum review. Here I will discuss every detail of this vacuum.

Let’s begin.

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KEY Features Of PowerSmith PAVC 101 Ash Vacuum

  • It is designed exclusively for cleaning warm and cool ash. It can clean warm ash up to 140-degree Fahrenheit.
  • The ash filter is heat resistant. It is also washable and replaceable.
  • The canister and hose are metal-made, and both are heat resistant.
  • The canister size is five gallons and can hold up to three gallons of ashes.
  • 10 Amp powerful motor.
  • Additional accessories such as casters and 16 feet cord allow you to use it as a regular shop vacuum.
  • It can work as a blower.
  • Top handle for easy carrying.
  • Onboard accessories storage.

What Includes With This PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Cleaner?

PowerSmith PAVC101 doesn’t come with a lot of accessories. But it comes with a few necessary pieces of equipment, including brush nozzle, turbo nozzle, ash filter, metal nozzle, two extension wands, wheeled base, and metal hose. Moreover, it features additional accessories like Casters and 16 feet cord. If you need more accessories, you can buy them from third-party manufactures.      

Our Experts Rating On Different Aspects PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Cleaner


Rating: 4 Out Of 5

PowerSmith PAVC101 provides reasonable performance for the money. Considering its price, it provides performance like other premium ash vacuums that cost two times more than its price.

It builds for cleaning ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and barbeque grills. It cleans fine ashes perfectly, thanks to its suction power. After cleaning, you won’t see any trace of ashes. However, when it comes to larger ash particles, it can’t clean them because of its hoses small diameter. To clean large ash particles, you have to break them first.

For cleaning outside ash of stoves, PowerSmith PAVC101 comes with straight extension wands. But it is made with plastic, although it cleans ash and dust effectively.  

It is a dedicated ash vacuum. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about warm ash. PowerSmith PAVS101 can clean warm ash up to 140-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, its metal canister won’t catch fire. This canister can hold ash up to three gallons. Thus, it increases productivity.

Suction power is an important fact for every vacuum. The cleaning power of a vacuum directly depends on it. The suction power of PowerSmith PAVC101 is good enough. You won’t face a lack of suction while cleaning ash.

When it comes to noise, the PowerSmith PAVC101 is quiet. It produces 79 decibels of noise.

As far as portability is concerned, it is a highly portable machine. It weighs only 10.8 lbs. Thus, you can move it with one hand.

So, if you consider its overall performance, you are getting solid performance in less money.    


Rating: 4 Out of 5

As I said earlier, good suction power is a very crucial feature of any ash vacuum because an ash vacuum with average suction capacity can’t able to clean ash perfectly, furthermore, it takes more time to clean.

And suction power comes from the motor. Suction power is proportional to the RPM of the motor. That’s why a good quality motor is so important for vacuum.

PowerSmith PAVC101 features a 10 Amp motor, and it is powerful enough for fine ash and small dust. But it is not good enough for large particle ash.

The motor isn’t quiet at all, it produces around 96 decibels of noise. This noise level is unexpected from this vacuum cleaner.

The motor heated quickly. You will need to stop the vacuum cleaner after five minutes every time.       


Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5

The design of this vacuum is different from the traditional household vacuum cleaners. PowerSmith uses thin metal for the tank so that it does not become heavy and one come to hold it for a long time without any kind of hand pain.

However, it doesn’t catch fire while vacuuming warm ashes. On top of the vacuum, it has a power switch and wind exhaust. You can use it as a blower if you connect the wind exhaust with a hose. In addition, there is a handlebar for smooth movement.

Metal hose is short compared with other vacuums, but it has 16 feet cord that helps to overcome hoses shortness. The wheels provide greater mobility. Though it is tricky to mauver, it will be easier after some time.

The Interior of this vacuum is simple. The inner part contains ash filtration system, a motor and a basket to hold ash.


Rating: 5 Out Of 5

It is not a pricy vacuum cleaner. You can get this ash vacuum cleaner for $70-$100. If you spend another $30, you can get an ash filter and some small accessories such as a cleaning kit, brush nozzle, pellet stove hose, etc.

Note: This price range is what I have seen in different stores. It will vary from store to store.


Rating: 4 Out Of 5

Regarding the durability of this ash vacuum, PowerSmith didn’t compromise here. Most parts of this vacuum are made from durable material. Therefore, it will last long. The canister is thin, but it is durable. In addition, metal hoses and nozzles are also made with durable material and won’t damage in day-to-day operation. 

The filter of this ash vacuum is safely kept inside the vacuum. This ash filter is very effective, heat resistant, washable, and replaceable. If you use this PowerSmith ash vacuum cleaner regularly for a season of winter then the filter may last for 3-4 months at the lowest. Since it is replaceable, you don’t have to worry. If the filter gets damaged, you can buy it from third-party dealers and you can replace it without sending it to the nearest customer care.      

Brand Value

Rating: 4 Out Of 5

PowerSmith is a new company compared to popular vacuum brands, but it has a great reputation. Their customer service also has a positive reputation. If you face any issue, they will solve it quickly.

PowerSmith has been in the vacuum business for a while, and they won’t disappear soon, as it happens for some new Chinese brands.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Its solid performance, powerful motor, heat-resistant canister, and ash filter makes it an ideal candidate for 5 stars, but I give it 4 stars for a few shortcomings. One of the major issues of this vacuum is its motors overheating. However, it is not a serious issue because you won’t operate it for a long time.

Another minor issue of this vacuum is its short hose, though its 16 feet long cord makes up for this shortcoming.

Final Verdict

The PowerSmith PAVC101 is a powerful ash vacuum. It is exclusively designed for ash vacuuming, not for traditional vacuuming tasks. However, it can handle minor households vacuuming tasks. It is a great vacuum for handling small warm and cool ash. But it is not ideal for large particle ash. If you want to buy a vacuum for removing ash from fireplaces, stoves, and grills, then you can’t go wrong with this vacuum.