Why should you buy a stove for heating your home rather than electric heater? Well, stoves are very powerful and also have a very high capacity range. They are the best for the temperature below the frozen point or extreme cooling weather. People become confused which type of stove to purchase. Which stoves are cost-efficient, money saver and eco-friendly? Pellet stove vs. gas stove is now a hot topic in today’s economic world.

Here come the battles between two most popular stoves: pellet and gas stove. Before the main battle of pellet stove vs. gas stove, first, you have to know the actual definition of both stoves.

Pellet Stove

An environment-friendly stove that creates sustainable energy. Best Pellet stove uses minimal pellet and creates lots of energy. It warms your home and other living places. The burning process is clean and eco-friendly home heating alternative system. Very powerful heating system, for which you don’t need to buy any other heating stuff. Mainly wood pellets are used in this kind of stoves.

Wood pellets are cheap and very easy to buy from local market or groceries. These pellet stoves are certified by EPA. That means it saves lots of energy (73% to 85%). You can create your home warm, luxurious and friendly with a pellet stove from Amazon.com

Gas Stove

A gas stove is a blazing source to warm your home. Mainly gas stove runs on natural gas or propane gas. Natural gas has been a great source of energy and heating source through the decade. A gas stove can warm home and other living space like a mobile home, small cabin. It can create huge BTU, which can create enough heat to warm your home and other living spaces. There is no need for electricity in this stove.

Gas stoves are mainly made from cast iron. No need of cleaning like other stoves because there will be no ash to clean. It only runs from the flame of the stove. Modern comes with remote control system. So, you can control the system from far. Don’t have to worry about the flame. if you have enough budget, the gas stove will be the best option for you

Pellet stove vs gas stovePellet stove VS gas stove

It is a tough decision to choose between a pellet stove and gas heating stove. Each of them has unique and different benefits according to your choice. However, there are some drawbacks associated with them as well. So, you have to keep in your mind what kind of heating solution you need in your house. Here are some points below from which you can understand what your ultimate choice is.

Freedom of location

Location of a stove is an important thing for a stove. If you want to spend time in your room, keep the stove in this specific room. Stoves are of two kinds: freestanding and insert. Pellet stoves and gas stoves both come with two kinds of variation.pellet stove vs gas stove

For small room or cabin, free-standing pellets can be the best choice. You have to put the stove in such a place where you can easily fit chimney with your stove. It’s easy to set up a pellet stove without any special attention. But gas stove needs the help of professionals to set up. Both need professional support to set up the chimney.


The price range of a pellet stove differs from model to design. It depends on heating space, BTU and hopper capacity. Best pellet stoves will give you heat between 35,000-50,000 BTU around 1500-2500 square feet. Most pellet stoves are budget friendly. The cost of a pellet stove comes around 1000$-3000$.

On the other hand, gas stoves price comes with the range between 1000$-5000$. There is also installation fees and venting process, which is not very budget friendly. Gas stoves are not for small family or those who live in a cabin or other small places.

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Cost of ventilation system

The ventilation system of a stove is one of the most important things. To run the stove perfectly, a good ventilation is a must need. The ventilation system of a pellet stove is very easy and simple. You have to make a small hole in the wall. Connect a pipe with the stove. By this gasses and smoke will conduct through it in the open air.pellet stove gas stove

To set up a gas stove a chimney is a must thing. Setup a chimney cost you money. You may need the help of professionals to set up the chimney. You can also directly vent the air.

Fuel cost and source

Gas heating stove runs on natural gas or propane. Natural gas is a kind of fossil fuel. Natural gas mainly comes from the gas field. These gas fields are under the control of the government of the country. They supply gas through a pipe into houses. The hourly rate of the gas is between $0.10 to $0.50 per hour of use. This can vary if you can’t control the flame of your stove. If you use propane cylinder you have to buy monthly. Pellet stoves are less expensive.

Typically, wood pellets are made from wood waste like as wood shavings, sawdust, roadside scraps, paper and other materials. This unit can be controlled thermostatically. Pellets are sold in a 40 pounds bag that cost 4$ to 10$. If you buy in a huge amount, the price may become low.

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Power source need for stoves

Gas stove mainly runs on natural gas or propane gas. So, the stoves don’t need extra power to run the stove

To run the stove pellet stove needs a small amount of electricity. The hopper, bowler fan and smart controllers need continual electric supply. We calculated that this may cost you 9$ per month. If there is no electricity, the stove cannot maintain its operation and there will be no heat. So, you should buy a backup power source to continue its operation.


Without natural gas or propane gas heating, a stove cannot be operated.  It emits less smoke and gases. Though it runs on fossils fuel, which is non-renewable. That’s why it’s not eco-friendly than other alternatives.pellet stove vs gas stove

Pellets are carbon neutral and eco-friendly. Pellets are made from sawdust and other renewable materials. They produce less smoke and gases, which don’t contribute to the greenhouse gases.

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Efficiency of stoves

Generally, a pellet bag contains 40 pounds of pellet. Per ton, it can generate 13.6 million BTU, which is more than enough efficiency. Pellet stove can operate up to 65 hours. Most pellet stoves are certified by the EPA. The efficiency of a pellet stove is between70%-90%, certified by EPA.

Gas heating stoves can generate 20,000-80,000 BTU per hour. You can also generate more heat by using propane gas.  The efficiency of this is good enough to serve. Gives you clean and hot air.

Safety factors

The previously invented gas stove has many flaws. Modern gas stoves are safe to use. They produce in such a way that nobody can harm by it. But you always have looked an eye on the gas line or propane cylinder. If there is any leakage in line, may cause a massive explosion. Damage your house, lives and cost you money.pellet stove vs gas stove

Freestanding pellet stoves are made of cast iron. The burning section is protected by glass. So, the spark does not come out. Very safe and clean burning. There is no pipeline needed to burn fuel. So, it is very safe to use. Keep in mind to not touch the self-glass in bare hands.

Storage of fuel

There is no need of storage for a natural gas burning stove. It comes directly from your house through a pipeline. But you generate heat through propane, you need propane cylinder. And you have to store cylinders for emergency situations. For this you need extra space in your home and or you can store this in your basement.

The size of wood pellets is very small and cylindrical. They burn very clean and hot air. You can easily store them in your house and doesn’t need extra space. They don’t bring pests to your house.

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Gas stove

  • Gas stove needs special attention to maintain. The chimney always has to be clean, otherwise, it will not vent air properly. It must be checked annually by professionals. Will cost you money between 75$ to 150$.
  • You always have to look an eye on the pipeline. If there is any leakage, you must take help of professionals. This may cost you money

So, gas stove needs much more attention and the maintenance is high.

Pellet stove

  • Ash pan, burn pot and fire extinguisher must be cleaned daily or once or twice in a week. The cleaning is very simple to do. No need of professional help. Just take 2-3 minutes in your hand and clean it.
  • Always keep an eye on the blower fan as it is the main part of a pellet stove. Check monthly or weekly on motor and blower fans. Instruction and guideline will be given on user manual.
  • if there is a major problem like heavy sound in the blower fans, must take help of professionals. Many companies give 1-2 years of warranty on pellet stoves. So, you can make it free under warranty.

The maintenance of pellet stove is very simple.

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Wrap it up

You should choose the best stove according to your need. Gas heating stoves and wood pellet stoves will cost you money. Most people said that pellet stoves are budget-friendly and very easy to use. On the other hand, gas stove is costly than pellet stove and need maintenance fees.


Pellet stoves are good for our environment. It keeps our nature clean and emits a little amount of gas and smoke. It doesn’t help greenhouse gases. The gas stove does not emit any kind of smokes. Pellet stove flame look natural and comfortable. Some said that they miss the smoke and flame of real fire in the gas stove. So, you should choose correctly when you buy a stove. In our opinion pellet stove are the best for you and your family according to budget.