Why Does My Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off Automatically!!

Why Does My Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off Automatically!!

If you are an owner of an electric fireplace, you might breast the basic complication which may force you to stop using your beloved electric fireplace. The most common problem of an electric fireplace that we noticed the majority of customers face is the automatic shut-off. If your fireplace is affected by this problem, it will stop working automatically after running for a few minutes every time you turn it on. Most people will panic if they face this type of issue with their fireplace.  

However, you can fix this problem if you find out the main reason why it is arising. Without having adequate knowledge about electric fireplaces, you can’t troubleshoot them by yourself. Our expert (Mohiuddin Shawon who is a professional electrical engineer) is going to narrate why this auto shut-off problem occurs and how you can fix this issue.

Before going through our main article, take a glance at the potential cause of the auto-shutoff problem. Here we go:

  • Overheating problem of electric fireplace
  • Not getting enough airflow
  • Faulty motor
  • Bad temperature sensor
  • The temperature has reached the preset temperature setting
  • The heating element becomes dirty
  • Inlet and outlet become dusty

Main Cause of Automatic Shutdown Of Electric Fireplace 

Electric Fireplace Is Overheating

Every machine or device produces waste heat energy during its running period. Like other heaters, an electric fireplace also produces waste heat which makes the machine hot. Waste heat makes the machine hot. If an electric fireplace produces less waste heat, it becomes less hot. You can’t avoid your fireplace from being hot. But, there are some heaters in the market that produce waste energy abnormally. Waste heat is very risky for any heater. If you use your electric fireplace although it is generating an unusual amount of waste heat could cause severe damage to your heater. This kind of heating problem of the machine is called overheating. 

If your fireplace is affected by overheating, you may learn your electric fireplace is becoming extremely hot after it is operated for 10-20 minutes. But, remember that not every overheating is dangerous for your fireplace. For example, if you run your electric fireplace continuously for 7-8 hours, it is quite normal to face slight overheating problems. Don’t panic about it. However, unusual will be when it starts overheating after using any 30-60 minutes.

If your electric fireplace becomes extremely hot, it may create serious damage to your fireplace. Most critically it may destroy your fireplace and may cause a dangerous fire hazard in the house.

The good news is that modern electric fireplaces mostly come with overheating protection safety equipment that is integrated inside the fireplace. So, whenever your fireplace becomes blazing hot, the overheating protection safety feature of your electric fireplace will disengage the power supply and shut down it automatically.

How to Fix the Overheating Problem of Electric Fireplaces?

Overheating is considered as one of the main reasons for the electric fireplace automatic shut-off problem.


The overheating of electric fireplace can be happened due to the following reasons:

  • There is a lack of airflow in the room where the unit is installed.
  • The inner fan of the fireplace which assists the heater to cool down is not working properly or running slowly.
  • If your unit becomes too dirty, it may block the heat coming out of the fireplace. This may also cause an overheating problem because the heatwave generated by the fireplace will not get out. Hence, it will begin heating the unit rather than warming the room/space.  
  • Dirt and dust accumulated in the outer casing of your electric fireplace also interrupt the flow of the air coming toward the fireplace. This also results in heating problems.

These are some of the basic causes that can cause overheating problems in your fireplace.

How to Fix:

  • Check if any object, wall, or furnisher nearby to your electric fireplace interrupts the air coming toward the intake vent or blocking the hot air venting out from the outlet vent. We recommend placing your electric fireplace in the middle of the wall keeping at least minimum clearance. If your fireplace is wall mounting, you should avoid placing a TV nearby.
  • Clean your electric fireplace every month. Give extra care to the inlet and outlet of the electric fireplace.  
  • Still, facing the auto shut-off problem due to overheating although you have taken the above two steps to fix the issue? Don’t worry! The ultimate solution to this problem is to reset the fireplace. To reset an electric fireplace, you have to unplug the unit from the power outlet, and next, you have to switch off the master switch. These steps will allow your fireplace to reset as new and possibly fix the problem forever.

The above solution failed to fix the overheating issue? Then there must be some issues with the thermostat or motor. Either your thermostat is not working properly or you have a fireplace with a bad motor.

How Thermostat Shut off Electric Fireplace

Most of the fireplaces nowadays come up with a built-in thermostat device. If you calibrated the thermostat and set it at a low temperature, then your electric fireplace will shut off automatically whenever the room temperature reaches the preferred temperature fixed on the thermostat.

How to fix:

Set the temperature input of the thermostat higher than the temperature of your home. In case, the fireplace still has the same issue, then your thermostat must be faulty. Take your fireplace to a professional to change the thermostat device.  

Faulty Motor

Low-quality electric fireplace models sometimes provide low-grade motors. They may draw more power than a usual motor which results in the circuit breaker tripping off and consequently shutting off the fireplace.

How to Fix This Problem?

This is the most complicated problem with the electric fireplace. We don’t suggest you fix it at home if you are not an HVDC expert. You should take it to the nearby service center. Otherwise, fixing it and wiring it in the wrong way may lead to fire hazards. However, the safest option that you might not encounter this kind of trouble with your fireplace is to go for a fireplace that is manufactured by a reputable company. They will replace or fix this kind of troubleshooting issue very professionally. Only you have to contact the customer service department.

Incorrect bulbs

If the incorporated bulbs of your specific electric fireplace are too powerful, it may cause overheating problems and consequently create auto shut-off problems.

How to Fix This Problem?

This type of problem can only be fixed by changing the inbuilt light bulb of your fireplace. Check the user manual and purchase the recommended light bulb with a lower wattage rating. If you are not confident enough to do this, take it to an expert.

Defective Remote

Modern electric fireplace models available in the market must include a remote control system. This tiny device is very useful to control the fireplace sitting far away from the unit. We found that many users of electric fireplaces complain that their fireplace is shutting down by itself due to the malfunction of a remote control system. This type of malfunction occurs sometimes when the power button of the remote control is stuck or one of the buttons becomes short with the power button. This kind of problem with the remote control system of an electric fireplace may cause an auto shut on/off problem. 

Once in a way, a damaged remote interface can create this problem.

Other Potential Reasons for Automatic Shut Off Problem


  • At times, electric fireplaces draw unexpectedly high amounts of current from the main power supply line. Consequently, it may cause the internal circuit breaker to cut off.  
  • Using an extended cord instead of using the actual power cord that comes with the individual model can lead to a shut off problem.
  • Some electric fireplaces come up with air filters. Dusty air filters can lead to auto shut down problems.
  • Broken heating elements can cause this problem.
  • Bad heat sensors can also govern turn-off issues.
  • If the internal fuse of the electric fireplace burns out, your fireplace will lose its ability to heat.

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Hopefully, you have found out your answer to why your fireplace is turning off automatically. We recommend you not to use your fireplace until you have solved the problem. Unplug it from the power outlet until the problem is solved. If you can’t detect the main cause of it, you can leave us a comment or you can email us at [email protected].