How to make an electric fireplace look real

How to Make An Electric Fireplace Look Real

An electric fireplace is no less aesthetic than a medieval wood burning one. However, people often complain and sometimes doubt that being a faux fireplace, electrics don’t look as real as they expected.

If you are among such skeptic folk, this article on how to make an electric fireplace look real can change your perspective in a dramatic way. To be precise, you can make your electric fireplace genuinely aesthetic and as real as a fireplace can be.

To make this happen, however, you need certain changes in your fireplace and its surroundings. What are the changes? You may wonder. The approximate of looking like a real fireplace depends on these factors. Let’s unravel them in detail.

Buying a Quality Fireplace

A well-known proverb goes: Cheap goods are dear in the long run. That definitely signifies the necessity of avoiding lower-grade products even if at a catching price.

Quality speaks for itself. There are many fireplace brands, offering an average fireplace that is too inexpensive but less efficient. They may attract you for being budget bluster. 

But the quality won’t be much tenable for sure. Lower-grade fireplaces are difficult to repair in case of damage. Their service period or longevity is not satisfactory even.

Most importantly, they won’t look as realistic as wood burning stoves. So while you buy your cozy equipment, choose a decent one of flexible quality, so that you don’t regret it afterward. 

One of the most common techniques to buy a quality product is to pick up one with sustainable warranties. Usually, a fireplace with 2 or more years of warranty is considered to be good. However, there are some reputed brands of lesser warranty as well. You need to be squeamish and picky to get a good one.

Choosing a Suitable Place

The position of a fireplace in many ways affects the looks. So if your fireplace is placed in an odd place, you can’t expect it to be appreciated by your fellow and friends. 

Therefore, install your fireplace in the most suitable place. Generally, a fireplace should be at the middle point of a particular wall. However, it is up to you to pick a good position. You can take advice from your spouse in this judgment.

If you can add symmetrical cabinets of a similar color on both sides, the place will look credible and genuine. The cabinets, of course, should be matched properly. Or you can also put baskets or sofas beside the fireplace to give it a realistic shape.

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Making Realistic Flame & Sound

Flame is extremely crucial to make a fireplace realistic, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, it catches the eye of any audience in the first place. 

To make this realistic, you need to put LED flickering flames in your fireplace. Many brands don’t offer a variation on flames, but many brands do. It will be wise to pick the latter. Or simply you can add various flames if your fireplace offers such. 

Make sure that the flame moves and toss. If the fireplace doesn’t contain a rotating mirror for flickering flames, then it’s real trouble. But if new technology provides these flickerings without mirrors then it’s okay.

Moreover, try to add a compatible sound with the flame. There are many available sound systems that can do the job perfectly. The sounds, of course, should be of crackling and burning of the wood. These two can drastically change the whole fireplace look without much toil.

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Decorating the Fireplace

Yeah, here comes the decoration. It can be the best fireplace surround idea that you should probe into. If you can decorate the fireplace and its vicinity with perfectness, the chance of its being perceived as real and genuine will be maximum.

But how can you do so? Follow these instructions.

Put an artistic work or a good-looking mirror over the fireplace to make it realistic. Some people even suggest keeping a TV above it. Whatever may match, you should go for it.

Paint the fireplace structure with a good, matching color. Don’t leave it as an old-looking piece of medieval object. Usually, light grey, whitish, creamy, ashy, or even light black are considered good. Whatever you may end up with, it should match with the wall color.

Moreover, fireplace models generally come with some space for keeping objects on them. You should utilize the place with a vase, flower, or any aesthetic object that might fit. Adding bookshelves near the fireplace is definitely a good option as well. 

5 Don’ts

  • Don’t buy a cheap fireplace having no solid components. Pick up a good one like Empire, Dimplex or Napoleon.
  • Don’t leave any part of the fireplace undecorated. It may lead toward unfolding the illusion.
  • Don’t leave your electric cords visible. Keep them inside where people can’t see it. Or at best disguise it by any means.
  • Don’t add any unrealistic sound. Choose one as if logs are burning and flames are emitting.
  • Don’t make the fireplace structure smaller. Traditional fireplaces are not short. So make your DIY fireplace a bit larger to make it realistic.

FAQ: Can I Put a TV above a Fireplace?

To put it simply, there is no problem with putting a TV above a fireplace. But you have to make sure the heat doesn’t reach or affect the TV anyhow. Electric fireplaces usually don’t emit heat on the upside. So it’s safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace. Nevertheless, check the heat before installing a TV.

So these are the things you should do to make an electric fireplace look real. The realism of a fireplace depends on the above-mentioned tasks. You can apply all of them without taking much toil.

Try your level best to keep your fireplace engrossing and substantially real. Have a good decoration. Adios!