Pros and Cons of Infrared Heater

People may become scared hearing the name of infrared heater since we always a negative point of view on infrared heating. But, infrared heating is completely safe for residential and medical use. The use of infrared technology is booming and now the negative concept regarding the bed effect of infrared rays lessening day by day. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of the infrared heater in details. We will discuss this important topic without being biased. But, before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of an infrared heater, we will talk about what is infrared heating at first. After that, we will go to our main topics.

What is Infrared Heater?

Bringing an best quality infrared heater at home is likely to bring a little piece of the sun at your home. Since it heats and works almost similar to the sun. Like sunlight, we can’t see the infrared light because it’s spectrum is beyond our eyesight limit. Our skins and cloths absorb sunlight and we feel the warmth of sunlight. Sunlight composed of both infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Only the infrared portion of sunlight makes us warm. UV rays are not good for health. They are the main culprit of skin cancer and eye cancer.

How Infrared Heater WorkSimilarly, infrared heating devices radiate a condensed beam of infrared light which heats the human body and other objects like the sun does when it heats us.

For example, if you are walking outside and stand in the sun, you will feel warm heatwave of sun. But, if you stand under a tree shade than you not feel the heat that much, since you are avoiding lots of sun heat, especially infrared portion of that solar heat.

Similarly, infrared heaters will only warm the objects or areas that are in direct contact in front of it. The invisible beam of infrared lights energy radiated from IR heater will be absorbed by our body which means we become warm fast and quick.

Pros of Infrared Heaters

Heats Quickly and Instantly

Infrared heater emits a beam of infrared rays that warms us directly by scattering out a bundle of steady steam heat particles, without losing too much heatwave. If you get inside your home from outside cold, it will warm you instantly and you don’t have to wait for long to warm our body.

Zone Heating

Traditional heaters warm our room by raising heat and warming the surrounding air of your room. Furthermore, when you turn on your conventional space heater, it will work very slowly and the warmest place of your house or apartment will be the ceiling and for there the hot air will circulate across the entire room. What’s why conventional space heater or electric firepalce takes too much time to warm a spot.

On the other hand, infrared heater target objects and warm them, rather targeting surrounding air. You don’t need to wait to warm a room if you have an infrared heater at your home or office.

Quiet in Nature

Like traditional space heater, there is no built-in fan inside the infrared heater, since they emit heat energy in waves. So, they are a perfect heater for your bedroom.


The infrared heater doesn’t add any kind of pollutants in nature. They operate without any kind of carbon footprint, no open flames and no fuel is needed to operate. They don’t take anything from the air and don’t release anything in the air either.

Don’t Dry Air

One of the greatest benefits of the infrared heater is that it doesn’t dry the air of your house. Normal space heaters reduce the humidity or oxygen level content in the house. So, you don’t have to use a humidifier to make up the lacking of moisture in the room, especially, in the winter season. So, no more problem with dry skin and dry sinuses, only you have to purchase an infrared heater.


The infrared heater doesn’t waste heat energy by heating an entire room. We discuss it earlier that IR heater warms only specific zone. Thus, they work instantly. They transfer heatwave almost the ratio of 1:1 because heat directly delivered to the spot where you want or where you are staying. Running an infrared heater is cheaper than other traditional heaters.

Minimal Maintenance

There is no motor, air filter or humidifier inside an IR heater. So don’t need to worry lubricating motor parts or replacing/cleaning the air filter. The only maintenance you have to is to clean the heater casing and reflector to work it properly.

Cons of Infrared Heaters


The heating elements of an infrared heater are normally made of quartz tube or other elements that get extremely hot. It may create a problem if you have pets and toddlers in your home. Nowadays, manufacturers are trying to produce an IR heater that is very safe to touch even though when it is running.

Lack of Warming

If you move one room to another very frequently than you could feel that warming is very limited. In case, there is only one infrared heater in our house. If you cover y­our whole house or apartment using multiple infrared heaters, then you won’t face this problem at all.

Stop Heating When it is Turned Off

We know that IR heater warms a room very instantly, nevertheless, they also stop radiating heat simultaneously when you turn the heater off.  Since it doesn’t warm the air in the room which is pretty much common to a normal space heater. So, your room or house will lose heat promptly.


So, Would You Like to Buy It???

Unlike other conventional space heaters, infrared heaters offer more benefit than any other options available. Without any doubt, it will be a very good asset for home and will make you comfortable in this winter.