Why Is Warm Water Coming Out of Cold Tap?

Why Does Hot Water Coming Out of Cold Tap?

Why Is Warm Water Coming Out of Cold Tap?

Suppose, you are in the washroom or bathroom and you wanna use water to get yourself clean and fresh. But, when you turn on the cold water tap, ironically, instead of flowing chill water, it started fluxing hot and warm water. Which will be very painful, particularly, if it happens very frequently during the summer season. So, why this kind of weird setback is happening with your faucet? Without knowing why warm water coming out from cold tap, you can’t able to fix this problem. Today, we will address some of the prime reasons what’s likely to cause this type of problem. Moreover, our plumbing expert will suggest some solutions that you may follow to avoid this kind of situation.

Some of The Core Reasons Why Hot Water Comes Out of the Cold Faucet

Both The Pipes Are Very Close to Each Other

Most of the bathroom faucets have two knobs: one for hot water and the other one is for cold water. Since it has two different knobs, it has two different pipes that run parallel to each other to supply cold and hot water. Sometimes the plumber places the hot water pipe proximity close to the cold water pipe. So, the heatwave radiates from the hot water pipe will warm the water of the cold water pipe. And you know what is the consequence of this problem. To fix this problem you can contact your plumber whom you have hired for this task and advise them to maintain a minimal gap between these two pipes. Also, you can insulate the pipes so that they can’t radiate the internal water temperature. 

Heats Ventilation Duct

In winter, the ventilation duct is conducted so often as the space heaters and fireplaces are used all day long. It became very hot to touch since the warm air always passing through these pipes. if the pipe that supplies cold water in your house is very much near or touches the vent duct, it may warm the water inside the cold water pipe. Always maintain a fair distance between your water pipes and duct pipes to avoid this problem.

Faulty Thermostat

In some troubleshooting of such kind of problem, we sometimes notice that the above matter can occur if the thermostat of your water heater is faulty or broken. The faulty water heater will overheat the water of hot water and eventually the heatwave radiating from it boil the water of the cold water tap. Gradually, the water that stores cold water will become warm due to the mixture of the temperature.

To avoid this matter, either you can change your faulty thermostat or bring a newer water heater at home.

Effect of Summer

During the peak summer season, when the sun burns almost everything, the water pipe may be heated, thus the water inside the pipeline. This happens usually if you are living in a desert or most hot area. If you install pipes deeper into the ground, it will not make any noticeable difference in the temperature. You may need to use heavy insulation in your pipeline to get rid of this matter. It may cost you lots of money. We will suggest one trick to avoid this kind of scenario. When the outside environment is too hot, you can turn the faucet on for 1 minute and let some water flow before touching it. After some while, the water will become cold enough.

Replace the Rings

If your bathroom faucets become very old, the rings inside the faucet can wear out. It can cause the hot water to come out from the cold water tap. To avoid this scenario, you have to replace the inside rings or buy a brand new bathroom faucet. Home For Relax can help you to find quality bathroom faucets at a very affordable price.

Other Scenarios

  • Water pipes are commonly made of copper and copper is a very good conductor of heat. Sometimes, hot water flowing through the water pipe can heat the entire water line including the cold water line.
  • Recirculating plumbing can be the main cause of this problem.
  • During the installation of your house or building a pipping system, every so often, your hired professional plumber may not have placed the water inlet accurately.
  • Check out if the pressure-lowering pipe or one-way valve is installed in your watering system or not. In case, it is not present in your system, hot and cold water will be mixed up.  

Wrap Up

These are some of the reasons why hot water comes out of the cold faucet. But, the best way to fix this problem is to find and hire a professional plumber locally. They will identify the main issue and fix it instantly. Or you can watch this video below if you have some basic knowledge about plumbing and you wanna fix this issue by yourself.