How to Position Air Circulator Fan

How to Position Air Circulator Fan?

Air circulator fan is a very useful device as it is cheap, portable, stylish and more importantly you can use it both in winter and summer. Though this wonder fan is blessed with many unmatched features, many users moan that they aren’t getting sufficient airflow and cooling from this device, albeit they are running it at full speed. Don’t worry! This is not your air circulator fan problem, rather, it is happening because you don’t have a clear idea where to place it perfectly. Like other fans, your air circulator fan is not intended to blow the air directly toward you to cool your body. Besides, it is intended to circulate air all over the room instead of targeting a specific direction. According to the experts of The Blazing Home, one has to place an air circulator fan in corner of the room directly facing the other corner of the room making an angle of 45 degrees so that large furniture can’t interrupt the airflow.

Besides, there are some other special positions of air circulator fans under different conditions. We have discussed it below.

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Positioning Air Circulator Fan Facing an Open Window

Positioning Air Circulator Fan Facing an Open Window

You can position your air circulator fan facing toward an open window or open door to take full advantage of the mild seasonal breeze of the fall or spring season. The negative pressure created by the air circulator fan will pull the hot air near to it and push the hot air outside through the window.

Since the warm air of the house drag outside of the room, there will be a vacuum inside the room. So, fresh and cool air can easily enter inside through the door.

Positioning Air Circulator with Air Conditioner

Positioning Air Circulator with Air Conditioner

Using an air circulator and air conditioner both at a time in the same room may seem counterproductive because both of them consume lots of electricity. But using them in a tricky way may help you to reduce the consumption of electricity to a great extent.

For that, you need to place it properly. Place your air circulator fan on the same wall but in the opposite corner where you have mounted your air conditioner. Then tilt your air circulator fan making an angle of 45 degrees with the floor and point it toward the opposite corner as we demonstrate in the diagram. This kind of tricky placement helps to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Also, this will help your air conditioner to circulate the cool air all over the room.

Using an air conditioner and air circulator at a time has the potential to reduce the temperature to 5 degrees cooler than normal. That means if you are comfortable at 70 degrees Fahrenheit thermostat setting of the air conditioner without any air circulator, you can enjoy the same level of coolness by setting the thermostat at 75 degrees Fahrenheit if you place an air circulator following the instruction we suggested.  According to the Department of Energy, 5 degrees increase in the thermostat of the air conditioner can reduce the utility bill by approximately 10%.

The cold air tends to stay settled in a certain place, especially, closer to the floor rather than circulating all over. Air circulator shatters the settled cold air and accelerates it so that it can move every corner of the house. On the other hand, hot air uses to trap the ceiling and if you have an attic it uses to trap there and makes your entire house very hot. The air circulator helps to break this trend of hot air by pushing the cool air of the air conditioner into entire room.

How to Position Air Circulator When Sleeping?

How to Position Air Circulator When Sleeping?

Many asked us questions: how to place an air circulator fan when he is sleeping? Is it safe to use? Yes, it is completely safe during sleeping. Place your air circulator fan in front of your bed. You have to set it parallel to the horizon. This is because cool air usually tends to stay near the floor. So, there is a huge probability that cool air may settle beneath the bed. Allowing the airflow of the air circulator under the bed will force the cool air trapped under the bed to flow toward the ceiling of the bedroom. This technique will reduce the room temperature to a few degrees and avoid the cool wind to blow directly towards your body which is very bad for your health according to professional doctors.

How To Use an Air Circulator in the Winter?

Use of Air Circulator With Heater

There is a myth that a fan can only assist us to circulate cool airflow in the house. But, this myth is not true. You can use a fan during the harsh cold weather. But, not all the fan is intended to use in winter. Air circulator fans are specially made to use both in winter and summer.

As we discussed earlier, according to the law of thermodynamics warm and hot air of a house rises to the ceiling because hot air is lighter than cold air. Hot air usually creates a layer on the cold air particles and lowers the density of the air particles. Since the density of the hot air particles is low, they want to the ceiling of the room which is the highest point of a house. With the help of an air circulator, you can manipulate this warm air direction toward the point where you need it most. Place your air circulator fan in the centre of the house and direct the air upward creating an angle of 90 degrees with the floor. This technique will help to replace the cold air around the floor with warm air that is trapped on the ceiling of the house.

You can also use your air circulator fan along with your heating sources like a wood stove, fireplace, basement heater, or electric heater to circulate the heat. The heat of the heater tends to concentrate toward the highest point of the house. This behaviour of warm air causes a lot of heat waste. To get rid of this uneven distribution of heat, you need to set your air circulator opposite the direction of the heater making an angle of 45 degrees with the floor.  This trick increases the energy efficiency of your heating system by balancing the warmth of the heat all around.

So, we have discussed how to place a circulator fan so that you can get full advantage of it. Now, it’s your turn to apply these tips and tricks when you are using them. Applying these tricks when you are using your air circulator fan will help you save energy and a good amount of money all season.