How Infrared heater works

How Does Infrared Heater Work?

If you are a student of science, you must have a sound knowledge of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave. For sure, you also should hear about infrared radiation, shouldn’t you? You may learn from your study that they are very dangerous for human beings and they can do damage like ultra-violate (UV) light. Nowadays, you may see many products are manufactured using infrared technology which may surprise you as you have learned they are very dangerous for humans. But to be honest, you have learned wrong or you haven’t understood the science behind infrared technology and their wavelength and light spectrum of Infrared radiation very well. Today we are going to figure out how infrared heating works in a brief so that you shouldn’t worry about using an appliance that uses this technology.

Infrared light is in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum and the wavelength of this light is ranging from about 700 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimetre (mm). So we can say, its wave is longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves. It is in between these two wavelengths. See the image below you will get a clear idea of what we are saying.

How Infrared Heater Work

Obviously, it is impossible for a human being to see infrared light since it is beyond the range of spectrum humans can see. Let clear it more, infrared heating product light that is invisible for us. You may ask the question “How light can heat our body?”

Let us clear this.

Suppose, you and your friend are gossiping outside. You are sitting in the sunshine and your friend is sitting under the shade of a tree. Who is going to feel warm in this situation? Without any doubt, it will be you. Because, the light of the sun will warm your body and clothes, and make you warm. You will feel more heat if you wear black colour clothes. On the other hand, as your friend is sitting under the shade of the tree, he/she will not feel that much warmer because the light is not reaching your friend.

Now, you don’t have any confusion about how light can make us warm.

So kind of mechanism used by infrared heater. It uses the concept of visible light.   

An infrared heater has three parts:

  • Infrared light bulbs that generate the infrared light.
  • Heat exchanger is made of copper or other good conductors of heat so that heat can absorb quickly by this part.
  • A blower fan that flows air in the heat exchanger unit to generate more heat.

When heat is produced by an infrared heater, it doesn’t target the air or open space. Rather, it targets colder objects like walls, furniture, persons and other materials that are in surrounding the heater. As infrared heater warms surrounding, it always ensures perfect thermal comfort where other heaters fail to do so.

How Infrared Heater Works ( In Video)

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Infrared light can penetrate the deep of the human body very easily and quickly. And it also warms the surrounding very fast. You will feel warm in anything you touch.

Talking about fuel, many infrared heaters use propane, gas, and electricity as fuel. But among them, the electric infrared heater is very popular as they are more efficient and consume less power than a conventional heater.

An infrared heater can be used where ever you want or like to use. It’s perfect for residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor. The infrared heater heats directly wherever it finds an object. It doesn’t dry the air like a conventional space heater. So, it doesn’t dry our skin either and doesn’t create a problem if you have a skin disease. It’s a very useful and essential heater what anyone can trust.

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