Tools You Need to Become a Pro Chef

Top 10 Tools You Need to Become a Pro Chef

Do you love to cook and eat? Or, do you dream of becoming the next best chef in your state? While you might have opted for an online culinary certificate (if you started to work on it during the pandemic), there is a great chance that you might have succeeded at learning a variety of amazing dishes; however, as a pro, you require some additional skills besides good cooking skills. You must also have an excellent range of cooking tools under your belt.

A chef with the right tools in their arsenal works faster and more efficiently while creating their delicious masterpieces. That said, here are ten essential tools that should be part of your kitchen arsenal; especially, if you want to feel like a pro in the kitchen. 

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The Right Set of Knife

If you don’t have a quality set of knives, you are putting yourself at great risk of missing out on one of the essential tools of all time. It doesn’t matter whether you are chopping onions, peeling potatoes, or dicing cucumbers; you need a proper set of knives for all kinds of purposes. 

Kitchen Knife Set

Whenever you purchase a knife set, make sure it is ergonomic and with a sharp and well-balanced blade; preferably, a carbon blade. If you look at the options available to you, always choose a knife blade with high carbon as these don’t lose their sharpness, even after extensive hours of cutting and chopping. 

Once you have carefully invested in a quality kitchen knife set, all you need is proper care and maintenance, and the knife set will serve you for a longer period. Some of the essential tips to clean and maintain your kitchen knives include avoiding washing them in a dishwasher. Proper storage is also essential for safeguarding the blades from rusting.

When it comes to peeling knives, you can also immensely benefit from having a good peeler which can save you loads of time while getting your fruits and veggies ready. With a peeler by your side, you will save loads of time while making those amazing meals. 

A Good Cutting Board

You cannot use your countertops for chopping and cutting and use a quality cutting board instead. No matter how good of a chef you are, you will need a cutting board to prevent your veggies and meat from slipping. However, for the longevity of your kitchen knife set, we recommend choosing a cutting board that is made of rubber. However, a wooden board will also preserve the edges of your knives. Besides, as a chef, you will want to prevent cross-contamination, which is why you must clean the cutting board every time after using it. 

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Blender/ Juicer

If you are a fan of smoothies, purees, and juices, you will greatly benefit from a blender and a juicer. You will find a wide variety of blenders available in the markets and online stores. However, we recommend you choose a blender that has all the right functionalities that serve the purpose. You will also need to assess the size of blenders available and get one that fits your needs. For instance, you might want to mix and blend hot soups, or you might want to make different veggie purees. Whatever it is, make sure that that suits your needs as a chef. 

Food Processor & Grinder

Food Processor

 Depending on which cuisine you prefer, you might need a grinder, especially if you are a fan of Indian cuisine.  A grinder will help you prepare all those lovely spices. A food processor is a kitchen tool that is very much similar to a blender. Still, this tool has its own set of benefits as it includes other attachments that make a food processor a highly convertible kitchen tool that can save you loads of time and effort as you prepare the best food. 

Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

Suppose you have gotten the best kitchen knives, and you are ready to chop some tomatoes. As mentioned before, your kitchen knives are at the top of your arsenal, which is why they should be taken care of. At the same time, you have to ensure that the kitchen knives are kept clean and sharp. 

One of the best ways to ensure your kitchen knives’ long life is to keep the blades sharp. The frequency of the knives sharpening also depends on the usability. Nonetheless, you need a knife sharpener to prevent your knives from getting dull. If you use the knives daily, you might want to use a knife sharpener at least once a week. 

Immersion Blender

If you are a die-hard fan of smoothies and frothy coffee, you need an immersion blender. The immersion blender will make the mundane tasks of chopping garlic, ginger, and onions easier. The immersion blender is also known as the handheld blender. The best part of an immersion blender is that it takes up minimum space in your kitchen. The immersion blender is also cheaper than a big blender, and it is easy to handle and clean after use. Next time you want to blend or chop something, reach out to the immersion blender and have the work done within no time.

Pressure Cooker

If you have been working in the kitchen for quite some time now, you might have understood the importance of a good-quality pressure cooker. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the pressure cooker can be your best friend; however, you need to know how to use one. If you have never used a pressure cooker before, you might ask the seller or manufacturer. Or, you could also look for instructions online and make great use of the appliance. With a pressure cooker on your side, you can also save loads of time and effort.

Wooden Spoon

Many cooking experts prefer using a wooden spoon over a metal or plastic spoon while preparing food. The downside of using a plastic spoon for stirring food during preparation is that the plastic can melt. On the other side, the metal spoon can heat up quickly, especially when the entire spoon is made of metal. You have a variety of wooden spoons to choose from in the markets and online stores; however, we recommend getting a wooden spoon with one flat side as it makes it easier to lift food or scratch the bottom of your pot or pan.  


For obvious reasons, you need pans, and when we say pans, we mean pans of different types, such as non-stick pains or cast-iron pans. It doesn’t matter whether you are frying with grease or without; the food doesn’t stick to the pan’s surface. That said, if you cook loads of eggs, you will find the non-stick frying pan as a faithful companion. You will also want a cast-iron pan in your arsenal as it perfectly conducts the heat.

A Whisk

If you are fond of making cakes and baking in general, you need a whisk by your side. This kitchen tool is perfect for the effective blending and mixing of two or more ingredients. The mixing of ingredients can also be done with a fork or a spoon; however, you will need to beat things for baking, which is where a manual or electric mixer comes in. You can choose between different types of the whisk, such as the whisks with a rubber coating. It is recommended to choose a thin-wire whisk for making sauces as thick wires won’t emulsify the ingredients effectively. 

Final Thoughts

If you strive to be a good cook, you need the best arsenal with you in the kitchen cabinets and on the kitchen counters, such as blender, juicer, the right set of kitchen knives, a spatula, a peeler, grinder, juicer, cutting board, food processor, and so on.  Apart from these tools, you may also think about getting a good thermometer for your kitchen.