How to Clean Dirty Kitchen Windows

5 Tips To Clean Dirty Kitchen Windows

Most of us clean our houses daily and organize our clutter regularly but we often miss the nooks and crannies as gunk and dust stuck in window frames. 

With time, due to pollution and weather fluctuations, dust particles stick to the windows. They look dirty which gives an untidy look and gets difficult to clean if neglected for a longer period. Keeping your house clean and decluttered all the time is already a difficult task and when tasks like this pile up, it’s even more trouble! Thus, it should be a regular practice to thoroughly clean your kitchen windows in a week or at least a month depending on the weather condition of the place you live in and how much dust the windows gather over time.

Things You’ll Need

Window cleaning might be a long process but it isn’t a tough one. You can clean the window with off-the-counter things which you’ll most probably already have in your house. If you have the following things at home, you are good to go for mission Dirty Kitchen Windows: 

  •  Long handled brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • A bucket of water and soap (you can also use cleaning solutions)
  • Dry pad or a piece of cloth  

All these things are readily available so getting them won’t be a problem. Once this is sorted, then comes the cleaning part.  While doing it, you can consider these 5 tips at every step of the cleaning to get the best results:

How to Clean Dirty Kitchen Window At Home (Step By Step Instructions)

1. Start With Wiping Off The Dust

First and foremost, you need to remove the dust from the surface of the window using a long-handled brush or broom. If you think it is not working and there are layers of dust stuck on the surface then wash it with clean water first.

Similarly, remove dust from the sides of the windows as well and clean it thoroughly from both sides. This step ensures less work in the next cleaning phases so make sure to dust off the windows as best as you can.

2. Make The Cleaning Solution At Home

It is quite an easy (And cheap)  job to make a cleaning solution at home by mixing soap in water and adding a little amount of vinegar in it for better cleaning action. But if the windows are looking a bit too dirty, then you need a strong chemical to clean them. You can get a cleaning solution from any store nearby. Just make sure you get a cleaner that is not too harsh and toxic. Otherwise, the fumes from it will cause irritation to the skin during the cleaning process.

3. Start From The Top

Once you have soaked your sponge in the cleaning solution and are all set for mopping, start from the top of the window and work it towards the bottom. This method will not only make the cleaning process easy to manage but will use less product since the solution will drip from top to bottom.

Wipe and then repeat the step in all directions until there is no dry area left on the glass. 

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4. Don’t Skip The Edges And Frame Of The Window  

While cleaning, many people often overlook this step and once they are done, that small dirty corner bugs them. In order to avoid that feeling, always remember to clean the edges of the windows. It can get a little difficult since dust gets stuck in the edges most and with a bigger brush and sponge, it can be difficult to get all the dustout.

To tackle this, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any dust particles that are stuck in the window frame and corners. After the scrubbing, use a sponge to clean the edges properly to give the windows a neat and tidy look. Do this until all the stains are removed.

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5. The Final Touch

In the final steps, take a clean cloth and dissolve it in plain water and use it for rinsing the solution off the windows. Repeat this step twice or thrice until there is no solution left on the glass surface. Then take a dry cloth and again clean the window with it to remove the excess water. This will give you a shiny glass surface.  

These are some of the simple and practical tips you can follow while cleaning the windows of your kitchen every once in a while. These tips will ensure a clean and fresh look of the house. 

Lastly, a bonus tip for the ones who live in a big house with a lot of windows, if this seems like a daunting task, try doing 2 windows a day and in about a week, all your windows will be cleaned.