Best ceiling fan with light

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans with Light For Regular Use

Lights and fans both are the most essential household appliance. Without these two home appliances, it is quite impossible to live peacefully and comfortably in our sweet home. Usually, the majority of people use them separately and connect them to separate place, and also operate them with separate switch; but what happens when we found something that combines these two most essential home appliance together and let you operate as a single appliance?

Would this fan with a light combination feature work fine for us?

Ironically, a lot of people don’t know that technology has blessed us with fans with light; even they are not aware of the advantages of having a kind of specially made machine.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of having a ceiling fan with light, how to maintain it, and common troubleshooting problems regarding it. Also, the expert of The Blazing Home will reveal some of the premium and best ceiling fans with light which got positive feedback and also possess very good reviews from real customers on Amazon and eBay.

Quick Look At Our Top 10 Ceiling Fans With Lights

Review Of Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans with Light

There are a lot of ceiling fans on the market but only a few of them has this special built-in light feature. After doing hours of research, finally, we bring only a top-notch ceiling fan with light. Below you will find the top 10 best ceiling fans with the light of 2022 arranged in a particular order.  

Number 1: Reiga Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Reiga Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Reiga is a very reputed ceiling fan manufacturer company and they are running their business for over 15 years, still counting. Sturdy & quiet DC motor is the leading trademark of Reiga ceiling fans. They did justice with this model also. This ceiling fan model of Reiga comes with LED light of 2000 lumen and this is fairly enough to illuminate a large size room. Although it has additional LED light attached in the centre, it is not a huge electricity consumer since its wattage rating is only 24W. According to the product description on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon, this fan has three different colour temperature settings – warm white (3000K), cool white (5700K), and full light (8700K) so that you can change the intensity of the lights according to your mood. But, our experts have found that there is only one colour temperature setting available with this model rather than three as described in the specification. Moreover, this light will be too much bright for you if you install this fan in a small size room. 

The housing of the fan is made of iron but there is a protective layer of silicon steel and copper to make it more durable. This particular layer protects the fan from moisture making it suitable for humid areas like the kitchen and garage and also perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, we can say this fan is best where the fan will become rustic very fast. 

It has three matching blades along with a light bulb attached to the centre.

The motor of the fan is made of silicon steel. This specially made motor is the main reason why the fan has a longer lifetime and great airflow but is quiet in nature. 

All in all, This Reiga ceiling fan is an ultra-modern fan blessed with winsome technology. It has 6 different speed setting options available to make anyone comfortable in different environments. 

Besides, it has a timer function of 1/2/4/8 hours. A very handy feature for those who forget to switch off the light and fan very often. Only you need to preset the timer, usually, when you are going to sleep or watching a movie on TV, the fan will rotate at an optimal speed for a certain period and shut off automatically whenever it exceeds your preset timing. 

Final Verdict, this Reiga ceiling fan with LED light kit is not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful in design. It can be a statement piece in your house. Furthermore, it is energy efficient and very easy to install. If anybody purchases this ceiling fan, it will not disappoint you with its performance.


  • Aesthetically cool looking fan. You will fall in love with the sleek, simple and clean design of this fan.
  • Come with beautiful remote control and you can control every function including the direction of the rotation.
  • Quiet in operation
  • It cools the room very well, even at a low-speed setting it blows sufficient air which is impressive.
  • You can connect this fan with Alexa so you can control it using your voice also.
  • Excellent customer care service from the manufacturer in case you face any problem.


  • The instruction in the user manual is not great. It will take a huge time to figure out the installation procedure following the instructions of the user manual.
  • Wire caps were not included with it.
  • No hardware included to mount it on the ceiling
  • The light might be too bright for you.

Number 2: Harbor Breeze Mazon Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit 

Harbor Breeze Mazon Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan has a LED light bulb mounted in the middle of the fan that uses 18-watt power only. This lighting setup is sufficient enough to illuminate a 100 sq. ft. bedroom. Moreover, this light is pretty energy efficient. The only downside of these LED lights is that you can’t replace them. So, in case the light stop working or becomes broken, you have to hire a repairman to fix it. However, the good thing is that according to the manufacturer, it will last way longer than a regular light bulb. 

The entire body of this fan is beautifully designed with metal which increases its durability of this fan. The three blades of this fan come up with a 17-degree pitch which helps to increase the airflow to a great extent. The airflow capacity of this fan is 2069 cubic feet per minute which are fairly good to cover a small size room. 

Remember that it is an indoor fan, not suitable for outdoor use.

The diameter of the fan is 44 inches. So, it is fairly small. It weighs 17.66 pounds. So, definitely, it is not the heaviest fan on our list. Compared to other modern ceiling fans it does not cost much, we can say it’s a budget-friendly ceiling fan. 

However, this fan is not for everyone. If you need a fan for the living room or dining room which are usually pretty large, then this fan is not for you. This fan is specially designed for medium to small size bedrooms. Without any doubt, this is a great investment for ceiling fan lovers. If you take care of it, clean it regularly, and do some maintenance, then it will give you service for years. 


  • The motor is powerful
  • Easy to install
  • Compact in size
  • The light is fairly bright
  • You can adjust the brightness of the light to dimmer
  • Come with a good price range


  • The Remote is not good looking. The shape is so weird that you may struggle to hold and use it.  
  • The remote lags. If you give two commands in less than a few seconds, it will take only the first command not the second one. 
  • The light is not durable.

Number 3: Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan 

Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

Well, this ceiling fan with light has received lots of praise from the customer for its elegant design and bright light. The four medium tone rustic wood color blades make this fan look very glamorous. Undoubtedly, this fan is a perfect match for those who are willing to give a contemporary look to their house. You can install it anywhere whether it is standard, low, or even sloped ceiling. You can hang this fan in three different ways. This fan can be mounted with a down rod, angled mount, and flush mount.

The most attractive feature of this industrial ceiling fan is the Edison Bulbs which include three separate E26/B10 LED bulbs of 40 Lumen attached in such a way that they can cover the entire room equally. These three Edison bulbs are held inside the steel mesh drum light. These lights have an eye-catching lifespan of 25000 hours. Amazingly it comes with dimmable light which is very rare for ceiling fans with light. It can be dimmed from 100% to 20% which is great. 

This Honeywell ceiling fan has an AC motor which is quiet and reversible. During the winter you can use this fan to circulate warm and hot air from the fireplace or heater evenly around the whole room. 

This fan is 20.3 pounds. It is modern and sleek looking but it has a rustic charm. You can mount it on the ceiling wherever you like and without any doubt, it will enhance the beauty of your apartment. It can be installed in any room whether or not the room is large or small. Another great advantage is that this ceiling fan with light can be used both in summer and winter. And since is made with high-quality material and top-notch parts, you can enjoy this fan for a long time.


  • Beautiful and unique looking fan.
  • The motor is powerful enough to cover a good size room. 
  • You can install it by yourself if you have a bit of experience with HVAC.
  • The light doesn’t attract bugs since it comes with a down-facing light cover.  
  • Perfect for low profile ceiling
  • Motor is powerful


  • The dimming of the light is a little too fast
  • You must need assistance from an additional set of hands assembling the blades. 
  • Bit noisy

Number 4: Hunter 59243 Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan 

Hunter 59243 Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59243 has the highest wattage-rated LED light bulbs on our list. The wattage rating of this fan light is 60W which is three-time greater than Reiga Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit. Actually, inside the white glass cover of the light, there are two powerful LED lights, not just one. With the lumen output of 800, this light fan can cover large-sized rooms live living or dining rooms which are generally the largest size room. The light is dimmable, but it doesn’t have variable color temperature options like our top 3 ceiling fans with light. The only color temperature is 3000K and delivers mild white light which is very good for the eyes.

This ceiling fan is very easy to mount because of it is small footprint. Furthermore, it is very lightweight. The dimensions of this fan are 44*44*11 inches and it weighs only one pound.

The airflow capacity of this fan is 2591 cubic feet per minute. This fan has four blades, a bit expectation for a ceiling fan because we always see ceiling fan usually has the odd number of blades (3 or 5). We have noticed that adding extra blades rather than three doesn’t give you the extra benefit of cooling. It will only be good from the decorative point of view as your guest will be astounded seeing a ceiling fan with 4 blades as it is very rare for a fan like this.  

This ceiling fan model of Hunter features 13 degrees’ blade pitch optimization. This ensures ideal air movement and peak performance. 

This fan is very small but sturdy. It does not wobble. It comes with a wall-mounted cradle to hold the remote. So, you always know where your ceiling fan remote is and there is no chance of misplacing it in random places. With the remote, you can adjust the brightness of the light and the speed of the fan from anywhere in the room. You have to remember that this indoor fan is best for use in a room with a low ceiling. Because you will not get an extra down rod.

This is a long-lasting fan made with good quality materials. No matter how gorgeous or low profile your house is this fan will suit you perfectly.


  • Very attractive low profile fan
  • Provide good airflow
  • The user manual is simple to read and easy to follow
  • Quiet in operation
  • The functionality of the remote is fantastic. 
  • The light has standard bulb sockets
  • The price is spot on


  • The remote is not useful rather it is a functional joke
  • The lights could be brighter as it only has two light bulbs. As a result, the output is limited compared to a standard light. 
  • The blades are very hard to assemble

Number 5: Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

The Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling fan has a fairly bright LED light of 910 Lumen that will be a perfect match for a medium to small size bedroom. The color temperature of the bulb is 3000K and the wattage is 16 watts. This fan comes with a LED light kit that eliminates the hassle related to changing bulbs when you need to do so. 

The fan has five blades of 52 inches and a high-quality AC motor, both these features of the fan ensure adequate airflow and longer durability. The airflow capacity of this fan is 3589 cubic feet per minute which is fairly enough powerful to cover an average size bedroom.

This fan has two modes. In winter, it can rotate clockwise which will distribute warm air evenly throughout the room. This will also eliminate cold spots and drafts. In the summer, this fan will run counter-clockwise and keep your house cool.

You will get all the necessary equipment to mount this ceiling fan on the roof. It comes with an extra down rod to aid if you need to install it more downward than usual. However, you can install it with or without the down rod as per your bedroom or living room requirement. Do whatever you need to do so that the entire decoration of the room looks aesthetically beautiful.

This fan is of great value for the money. It has a classic design that looks good in any room. It makes no noise and it is energy efficient. It is a remote-controlled ceiling fan so you will not face any trouble handling the fan functionality setting far away from the fan switch. If you are looking for a good quality fan this is it.


  • It has excellent airflow capacity
  • The light is satisfying 
  • Quietest ceiling fan


  • No remote control is available with this fan. You need to buy an additional one.
  • Not very beautiful nor very ugly. Average looking fan.
  • It starts wobbling at a high-speed setting. However, it is free of wobble at low and medium speed settings.
  • Need to hire a handyman to install it.

Number 6: Energy Efficient LED Ceiling Fan

Energy Efficient LED Ceiling Fan

WIth voltage rating of 120 V and power of 17 W, this ceiling fan with LED can cool a medium to large size room pretty easily. This fan can be installed in two ways. Either you can do standard mounting or flush mounting. This fan has a reversible motor that delivers cool air during summer and warm air during winter. The dimensions of this ceiling fan with light are 24×13.25×10.25 inches and it weighs 20.8 pounds.

This is a well-made fan. It does not have all the technology perks like our top-class ceiling fans with light but it does its job perfectly. It has a classic design that goes well with any kind of decoration. This fan can only be used indoors or on open porches. The perfect companion for large bedrooms. Besides, it comes with an integrated light kit. So, you do not have to worry about replacing light bulb if something bad happens. The entire body of the fan is made of high-quality materials. Undoubtedly, it is going to last for a long time. This fan is beautifully designed and it has a rustic charm. Nobody will regret it after buying this fan.


  • It delivers a good amount of air
  • Most energy efficient ceiling fan. It consumes very less power. 
  • Installation is pretty straightforward
  • Cheap in price


  • The light is plenty bright for a large bedroom
  • lights are not dimmable
  • Noisy but not enough to disturb the conversation

Number 7: Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

The award-winning contemporary design of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan will elevate the beauty and comforts of any room if it is installed properly. The dimensions of this fan are 23.8*14.2*10.7 inches and the diameter is 52 inches. It weighs 22.5 pounds. The construction of the fan is sturdy and the manufacturer has built it with durable materials.

This ceiling fan has a powerful AC motor. The best thing about this fan is it creates a strong airflow but it is very quiet. The airflow capacity of this fan is 2050 cubic feet per minute. When ceiling fans make noise it can be very annoying as it can disrupt your sleep or break your concentration. Ironically, the Harbor Breeze fan is completely silent. So, you can enjoy the airflow in peace.


  • Contemporary design ceiling fan. The design is very attractive. It looks fantastic in the living or dining room. 
  • Easy to control as it comes with a remote control
  • Noiseless
  • An extra wall-mounted holder comes with the unit for remote. So, there will be lesser chance of misplacing this tiny device.
  • One of the easiest to install. Installation is almost similar to installation process of traditional ceiling fans. 
  • Good to use in low ceiling


  • LED light is not bright. It should be brighter but perfect for small size room. The light will be nothing but a showpiece if you install it in a large size room. 
  • Not very powerful
  • Fan is not repairable because some boxes inside the fan are permanently fixed.

Number 8: NOMA Scandinavian Ceiling Fan with Light

NOMA Scandinavian Ceiling Fan with Light

The dimensions of this Noma ceiling fan with light are 42*42*10 inches. It weighs 13.2 pounds. It has a diameter of 42 inches. This fan is best suited for medium-sized spaces. The sleek contemporary design of this fan will indisputably elevate the home décor of any type of room. The brushed nickel finish and frosted opal glass light shade make this ceiling fan look so much attractive that anyone seeing it for the first time will like to have it. 

Talking about the performance, the combination of reversible motor and four blades work like a champ as this fan blow air like hell. The built-in light of this fan consumes very low electricity, more importantly, it is dimmable and also, you can control the light temperature with the remote control. 

This fan is perfect for any season. The powerful reversible motor not only provides warm air in the winter but also helps cool body temperature in the summer. This fan has three settings: low, medium, and high speed. So, you can choose any setting according to your comfort level. 

If you have a low ceiling, you can install the fan as a flush mount so that you can get maximum benefit. If you have a high ceiling or vaulted ceiling, you can install the fan as a drop mount so that you can get comfortable airflow. 

There are many ceiling fans on the market. But very few ceiling fan companies think thoroughly about every aspect of customers’ comfort. This Noma fan is perfect for everyone. If you are looking for a new ceiling fan, I highly recommend this one. When it comes to looks or usage, the quality of the materials of this fan is unbeatable.

Number 9: Moon Lighting Retractable Ceiling Fan 

Moon Lighting Retractable Ceiling Fan

This fan is truly one of a kind. This is a three-in-one fan. It is a retractable ceiling fan, LED color chandelier, and music speaker. The ceiling fan is made of stainless steel and plastic. The diameter of this fan is 42 inches. It has 4 blades. It weighs 24 pounds and its dimensions are 42*42*18 inches. 

Its uniquely designed patented blade provides greater wind and less noise. This fan has three-speed adjustments and a built-in timer of 1/2/4/8 hours. You can turn off or on the light of the fan anytime even if you are using the fan for air. 

This ceiling fan has a blue tooth speaker. You can play 3D stereo surround music with your ceiling fan. It is amazing how much technology can achieve in a short time. You can also control 7 colour lighting effects with a blue tooth. This feature will come in handy if you throw a party. Installation of this fan can be a little tricky and you may need to hire a professional for this work. But fortunately, you will find instructions for installation in the user manual. Besides, you will find step-by-step processional video instructions on how to install this fan on YouTube or the manufacturer’s website. The average life of the LED bulb is 50000 hours and it has 2300 lumen

This fan is a modern work of art. You can install it in any room you like. If you own a restaurant, then you should consider installing this fan. It will be very popular among your customers. You can do so many things with this fan. The lights can be used as party lighting and a Bluetooth speaker can be used to play calming music during your children’s bedtime. This fan is one of a kind and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to install it.

Number 10: CO-Z Ceiling Fan with LED Light 

CO-Z Ceiling Fan with LED Light

This ceiling fan has a 15W LED light. This light bulb has three different color temperatures: 3000K, 4500K, and 6000K. The light is not dimmable but it can be changed from white bright to warm to cool light as it has three different light temperatures. The light bulb is protected by an etched opaline glass cover. This light bulb provides a natural white light that is not too harsh on the eye. The panel light is detachable so one can easily remove it for cleaning or replacing the light bulbs in case the light is broken. The LED light panel is 6.8 inches but it is capable of illuminating large rooms. The diameter of this ceiling fan is 52 inches. It has two only 2 blades but they are made of ABS plastic which will last for many years without getting damaged or corroded. 

Wait! You didn’t get what ABS stand for? Well, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, nothing but a special type of non-corroding thermoplastic. This is a completely new kind of technology in the ceiling fan manufacturing industry. A ceiling fan built with ABS material will guarantee you that it will last for a long time even in extremely humid climates.

Reviewing the performance of this fan, airflow capacity of this fan is 4950 cubic feet per minute. Besides, the fan has three-speed selection options that will allow you to maintain air movement according to your ideal comfort level. This fan has a reversible motor. That means it provides a cooling effect in the summer and also helps to distribute warm air in the winter. Even though the motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement, it is super quiet. You can get all the cooling power you want without any noise. Last but not the least, it has a tiny and beautiful remote controller. So, you can operate it setting far away from the main controlling switch and regulator. 

This fan is one of a kind. If you purchase it, you will not regret your decision. It comes with so many attractive features that you can’t help but bring it to your home. Over and above that it does not consume too much electricity. It gives ample airflow and illumination. It looks good in any room. It is perfect for any type of environment. Honestly, there isn’t one reason why you shouldn’t buy this ceiling fan.

Benefits of Having a Ceiling Fan with Bright Light

We can’t live without a good cooling system and light. This most underappreciated device benefits us in many ways that we don’t even realize it’s important what well. But tech gurus know how important is fan and light. So, they have combined these two important devices into one and brought this new tech wonder ceiling fan with light. In recent years people are becoming more interested in ceiling fans with lights. Here are some important benefits of having a ceiling fan with light: 

Energy Efficient

The biggest benefit of having a ceiling fan with light is that it saves electricity. Nowadays, people are becoming more concerned about the impact of climate change. That’s the main reason why most people look for appliances that consume comparatively less energy. Besides, the spike in the utility bills will make your life harder.

A ceiling fan and light combo use less electricity than a regular fan and a regular light bulb in case they are used individually. Most people use light bulbs and ceiling fans every day. So, every day the electricity bill is adding up month. If you install a ceiling fan with light you will be able to save money on the electric bill. So, this is a long-time advantage. One thing to keep in mind, some ceiling fans do not have a light replacement option. So, research different brands of ceiling fans before making a purchase.

Save Valuable Space

In most modern homes, there is a lack of space. If you buy a ceiling fan with a light, you don’t have to install a light and a fan separately. Thus, it will save your ceiling and wall space. You can put something more essential home equipment in the free space. In small homes, this is a great idea. Furthermore, most ceiling fans with light have dimmer. So, if you do not want bright light you can dim them. This gives you more freedom. 

Can Be Controlled Remotely

Almost all ceiling fans with light are remote-controlled. You don’t have to get up every time you want to change the speed of the fan or the brightness of the light. You can seat comfortably in the room and make yourself comfortable.

Elegant Design and Style

Most designer fans are beautiful and artistic. When people buy things they not only look for the brand value, features, and usefulness of that product but they also keep an eagle eye on the design of that product. How it will look in your apartment? Is it color combination will work for you or not? A person’s home reveals a lot about themselves. There are many different kinds of ceiling fans with light in the market. Some of them are sleek and modern. Some of them are rustic and charming. If two fans have the same advantages and perks, then the buyer will choose whichever one he thinks is more beautiful. A beautiful ceiling fan can elevate the beauty of your room. A beautiful ceiling fan with light will also work as a chandelier. But sadly most artistic fans are very costly. So, if you find a good quality ceiling fan with light within your budget then do not hesitate to buy it.

Easy To Maintain

In most houses, a light bulb inside a room is situated on one side of the room. You cannot get optimal illumination this way. If you install a light bulb in one corner of the room, then some parts of the room will be bright and some parts of the room will be dim. The light will not be evenly distributed. Most ceiling fans are installed in the middle of a room. With a ceiling fan with light, you get optimal illumination. When a light bulb is attached to a ceiling fan it can serve the light distribution of 360 degrees. Most of the ceiling fan lights are remote-controlled. So, you can choose the brightness of the light bulb. Once you install a ceiling fan with a light bulb you can see the difference yourself. A ceiling fan with light makes your room brighter and more spacious. You don’t have to ruin your walls to install a light bulb anymore. Most ceiling fans with light come with a light kit. So, you don’t have to worry about changing the light bulb.

Durable LED Light

Most ceiling fans with lights have a LED light. A LED light bulb is durable and has a longer lifespan than a standard light bulb. A LED light bulb can provide a very long lifespan in only one installation. You don’t have to change it every few years. A regular CFL bulb has 20000 hours of runtime but a LED light can run from 50000 hours to 100000 hours. A LED light will last a long time and will consume less electricity. So, in the long run, you can save money with a LED light. Many fans with light have different colours of lights. You can use this feature for a party or relaxation. If you are looking for a new ceiling fan to buy, a ceiling fan with light would be a smart investment.


1. Which ceiling fan with light is the best for me?

It depends on your preference and budget. In this article, we have talked about various brands of ceiling fans with light. All of them are good-quality fans. So, choose the one you think would suit you best.

2. What is the safest way I can install a ceiling fan?

Follow the instructions that came with your purchased fan user manual. Before you buy a fan, read the customer reviews if the real buyer of the fan you wanna purchase has faced any kind of problem installing it. If you are not confident about installing the fan by yourself, then ask for help or hire a professional.

3. What to do if my light works but the fan doesn’t?

If the fan has a light fixture and it is working but not the fan, then know the power source is good. The issue is something else. Check the wiring and fan motor. If nothing is working, then verify you’ve got power getting to the wall switch. Check to see if a circuit breaker has tripped.

4. What is the difference between 3, 4, or 5 blade fans?

There is not a lot of difference between the performance of 3, 4, or 5 bladed fans. It completely depends on the customer which design they like best. It also depends on the availability of the fan. Currently, 4 bladed fans are the most common fan.

5. What is blade pitch?

Blade pitch is the angle of the blade from the motor. It is very important. The airflow depends on the blade pitch. The higher the pitch the greater the movement of air.

6. How do I change the light bulbs in my light?

Some fans do not have any method to gain access to the light bulb for replacement. If your fan is one of these then you cannot change the light bulb. But if you can see any way to access the light bulb (unscrew the glass cover) then you can change the bulb like you would change a regular bulb.

7. How long of a down rod should I choose?

The down rod has a direct effect on the amount of air you feel from your ceiling fan. It is very important for both proper circulation and overall room aesthetics. Your fan blades need to have at least a 3-inch clearance on either side and an 8-inch clearance between the blades and the ceiling. For every 2 inches less than the recommended 8 inches there is a 25% loss in airflow. It is recommended to set your ceiling fan blades between 9 and 11 feet from the floor.

8. How do I know if my electric box can hold a ceiling fan?

The manufacturer has marked the outlet box system to indicate that it is acceptable for ceiling fan installations. Inspecting the brace-joist connection is the best way to make sure that the box was installed properly.

In this article, we have discussed different aspects of ceiling fans with light. Also, our experts have picked the best ceiling fan that also comes with lights which help you to choose the perfect and quality ceiling fan for your house. According to our experts, Reiga Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit will be the best option for you if you are looking for a ceiling fan blessed with some unique features, tremendous airflow ability and excellent customer support. However, you can reckon Harbor Breeze Mazon Mount Ceiling Fan if you are searching for a compact ceiling fan.

Hope you found this helpful and you will be able to pick your best ceiling fan with light.